Comparison, improvement and enlightenment of the five evaluation index systems of world-class university

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    World-class university is a diachronic and synchronic concept. Responding to the standards of world-class universities is the fundamental problem of building first-class universities. Building world-class universities not only has the meaning of marking advanced universities in foreign countries, but also embodies the fundamental goal of laying the foundation for the development of Chinese universities, surpassing and leading the development model of future universities. Five high-reputation evaluation systems such as ARWU, THE, QS, RCCSE, and USNWR were selected, and an analysis was conducted through eliminating the value preference of primary indicators in the evaluation system and comparing the weights of indicators in secondary indicators and global comparable indicators. The study found that, domestic evaluation system has not formed an evaluation understanding with Chinese characteristics, different evaluation systems at home and abroad take global comparable indicators as important criteria of first-class university, quantitative comparable indicators are more concerned, qualitative and subjective evaluation indexes have cultural differences, and attention to level of education and reputation of school are gradually increasing. In the course from leap development to connotative development of Chinese universities, the evaluation index system of China's double-first class construction should pay more attention to the coordination between international standards and Chinese standards, between objective evaluation and qualitative evaluation, between university quality and internal logical rationality, between scientific research ability evaluation and educational function evaluation, and between strong and weak utility evaluation. In the course of building world-class universities, we should be vigilant about the statistic-only and ranking-only thinking, keep our differences as the university's essence, and take into account the academic market and the university revolution.

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