Study on the multi-governance model of rural ecological environment governance from the perspective of rural revitalization strategy

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    The implementation of rural ecological environment governance and rural rejuvenation strategy is the premise and foundation of each other. Rural ecological environment governance is an important way to realize rural revitalization,and the implementation of rural revitalization strategy provides a new opportunity for the governance of rural ecological environment. The problems of rural ecological environment can be attributed to absence of related subject responsibility,including local governance role absence,and some local enterprises' environmental disruption or pollution. In addition,some farmers' weak awareness of environmental protection,and non-governmental organizations' poor ability in participation can't be ignored. To achieve all-round revitalization of rural society,local governments should play the leading role,local enterprises should strength social responsibility,the farmers should strengthen the subjective consciousness,non-governmental organizations need to improve their ability in participation,and rural communities should full play the advantages of participating. Only by giving full play to their own advantages and cooperating with each other,it is possible to realize the all-round rejuvenation of the rural society.

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