The supply system of wartime military supplies and livestock in northwest China in the early Qing Dynasty: Taking the supply of livestock for transporting army provisions in the Junggar war as an example

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    To ensure the transportation of army provisions during the war fighting against Junggar,the Qing government attached great importance to the supply of livestock for transporting army provisions. During Emperor Kangxi's war against Gardan,livestock were mainly supplied directly from state-run pastures. In the late Kangxi period,to solve the problem of insufficient livestock for transporting army provisions,the Qing government began to set up special pastures to graze and breed livestock in some important military transit areas and on the northwest front. The Qing government also ensured the supply of livestock through purchasing,hiring or leasing,donation,and grain carriers' self-supply. Generally,the sources of livestock for transporting Qing army provisions in the Junggar War were diversified,and the effect was good,but the emphasis of supply was different at different stages. The Junggar War objectively promoted the development of animal husbandry in northwest China and provided a reference for the Qing government to develop large-scale state-run animal husbandry in Xinjiang.

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