Practice and exploration of architecture education in local universities under the background of “emerging engineering education”: Taking Hebei University of Technology as an example

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    In order to actively respond to a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, support a series of national strategies such as service innovation-driven development, the ministry of education actively promotes the construction of "emerging engineering education". Compared with the construction idea of"emerging engineering education", currently, education of architecture in local colleges and universities has the following major deficiencies. The major is independent and the talent export is single; The training mechanism lags behind and the industry adaptability is low; School positioning is similar, the service place is insufficient. Taking architecture major of Hebei University of Technology as a case study, this paper proposes solutions in breaking down professional barriers, building a "big design" platform, making use of social resources, strengthening the integration of production and education, positioning scientific education, serving local construction and other aspects, so as to provide reference for similar colleges to carry out "emerging engineering education" research and practice. Finally, expand professional cognition, "wide caliber" talent export; Deepen the integration of industry and education, and build a education community; This paper clarifies the type orientation, carries on the path analysis to the local college architecture development "emerging engineering education" construction from several aspects including the education school characteristic.

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