High level evaluation research on the sino-foreign cooperative schools in Jiangxi based on “The Belt and Road”

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    With The Belt and Road Initiative, foreign cooperative education center of Universities in Jiangxi shifted to the cooperation with the countries along with "The Belt and Road", so the urgent need is to change the evaluation criteria for sino-foreign cooperative school. In this paper, the structural equation model is used to establish the influence paths of the various influencing factors of sino-foreign cooperative education and the weights of each influencing factors are obtained, thus obtaining a high level evaluation system of Chinese-foreign cooperative running schools and applying them to the universities in Jiangxi. Based on the analysis of factor analysis, the general influencing factors of the first 5 colleges were obtained, and the corresponding suggestions were given. Through the empirical analysis of 8 colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province, the paper obtains the more important influential factors in the high level sino-foreign cooperative education, and provides a feasible method for improving the operation quality of the sino-foreign cooperative school project.

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