Teaching mode innovation and construction of general education Golden Courses of engineering on the overall layout of education process

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    The construction of Golden Courses is a quality guarantee of higher education and an important link of higher education overall construction. It is urgent to innovate from education idea, training program, curriculum setting, teaching mode, etc. General courses play an important role in higher education to cultivate students' overall quality such as humanistic literacy, moral sentiment, and social responsibility. Based on the characteristics of different majors' general courses, combined with the Golden Course construction, to improve the teaching effect of general courses of civil engineering, the limit of traditional teaching mode based on major courses should be broken and the teacher-centered teaching should be transformed into student-centered "learning". Taking the construction of "Double First-Class" universities and Golden Courses as an opportunity, and trying to transfer students' attention on mobile phone into the classes, combined with the current social environment and the focus of students' attention, the paper focuses on the innovation of curriculum setting and teaching mode, and takes advantage of every possible measurement such as entity mode, engineer practice, mobile network, social platform, network video, traditional excellent teaching methods, etc. Taking the civil engineering general course "bridge aesthetics" as an example, the paper gropes a teaching method of Golden Courses for engineering majors which can be referred to by peers.

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梁艳,唐茂林,何畏.着眼教育全过程 改革教学模式 打造工程类专业通识“金课”[J].高等建筑教育,2020,29(1):38~44

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