Exploration on BIM curriculum system construction of water supply and drainage science & engineering

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    The domestic BIM education system for engineering management and civil engineering has been increasingly improved, but the BIM education for mechanical and electrical majors such as water supply and drainage started late, and employers are in urgent need of BIM mechanical and electrical talents. Based on the experience of BIM technology education in domestic colleges and universities, the graded BIM course system of water supply and drainage major is established. In order to cultivate basic BIM talents, courses such as BIM application technology and BIM case analysis are set in the original training plan, and BIM technology is integrated into the original professional course teaching, At the same time, BIM software operation is added into the practical course system. For senior BIM talents, after learning basic courses, improvement training will be conducted to enable students to master the current mainstream BIM application management software. Meanwhile, students will be encouraged to participate in BIM competitions and students with strong abilities will be provided with 3+1 off-campus cooperative enterprise practice opportunities. Through the implementation of graded BIM curriculum system, a large number of BIM comprehensive applied talents have been trained for the society and enterprises, which can provide reference for the training of BIM talents for water supply and drainage.

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