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    Volume 29,2020 Issue 2
    • SHEN Yang, RUI Xiaoxi, WANG Lu

      2020,29(2):1-7, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.001

      With the new technology and new economy, it is necessary and urgent for the civil engineering specialty upgrade to emerging engineering education from a traditional engineering major. In order to promote training system for new talents in the field of civil engineering, a unique professional organization communication platform is built up by College of Civil and Transportation Engineering of Hohai University which is based on principle of discipline integration and cross-border cooperation. This platform that is known as ASCE-ISG Hohai University branch, consisting of international organization, international annual meeting, lecture system and three high system, it is built on the thesis of comprehensive development of people, modern cognitive learning, constructivism, career development and etc. It can stimulate potential of student and promote construction of emerging engineering education.

    • WU Qiaoyun, XIAO Rufeng

      2020,29(2):8-15, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.002

      Starting from the existing engineering system in China, with the guidance of civil engineering talents training under the background of the emerging engineering education, analyzes the problems existing in the traditional engineering system at the present stage and proves the necessity of emerging engineering education, according to the development needs in China, expounds the theoretical teaching system, practice teaching system and other aspects, puts forward the talent training reform program and specific measures, aimed at cultivating the comprehensive civil engineering talents for the society. At the same time, the profound significance of civil engineering talent training by emerging engineering education is elaborated from the aspects of talent training program, teaching system reform, and civil engineering discipline development.

    • FENG Xing, LI Runing, MA Lin

      2020,29(2):16-22, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.003

      Under the background of emerging engineering construction, new requirements are put forward for traffic engineering specialty. Airport construction project management and construction technology is the core course of traffic engineering specialty. The paper introduces the status and characteristics of the course, analyzes the shortcomings of the course in teaching, and puts forward the student centered learning and the importance of students' innovation ability training under the background of emerging engineering education. And from the aspects of teaching program, teaching content, teaching methods, curriculum assessment methods, curriculum evaluation, teaching materials construction, the teaching reform measures for the airport construction project management and construction technology course are put forward.

    • LI Congbo, LIN Lihong, TANG Baoping, JIANG Guiyun

      2020,29(2):23-28, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.004

      Based on the new talent training mode of emerging engineering education, learning from MIT talent thinking, the existing teaching content of technology foundation of mechanical manufacturing needs to be updated. Teaching methods are mainly subject to teaching. Engineering training in the teaching process, systematic practice teaching and practice assessment of course evaluation are lacked. So new ideas and cultivation objectives of technology foundation of mechanical manufacturing are put forward, a curriculum system integrating the theoretical teaching, experimental teaching and practice teaching is built, and the student-centered teaching method and curriculum assessment are constructed. Effective ways of curriculum construction are explored actively under the background of emerging engineering education, the teaching quality is improved continuously, and high-quality innovative talents are cultivated.

    • 专业建设与人才培养
    • ZHANG Jingxiao, PU Si, LI Hui, WANG Hainian

      2020,29(2):29-40, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.005

      Under the background of the reform of undergraduate education mode of classified enrollment and discipline split-flow, there is no empirical data analysis in practical level for the engineering management discipline split-flow. In order to accurately locate the development direction of engineering management discipline split-flow, it takes the university of engineering management major in the whole country as an example. Firstly, the statistical methods were used to summarize schools of engineering management major, and then the social network analysis theory and Ucinet6.0 software were used to quantitatively study and visualize the current situation of discipline split-flow from three aspects: centrality analysis multi-dimensional scale analysis and cluster analysis. The results show that the central analysis initially found that most universities have set up engineering management and civil engineering majors in the same school, and the multi-dimensional scale analysis further shows that more than half of the universities set up engineering management majors in the context of engineering disciplines. The GN algorithm cluster analysis clearly shows that engineering management major is split-flowed to engineering and technical schools in more than 60% universities, and to economic management schools in nearly 35% of universities. The research results show the current engineering management discipline split-flow in a comprehensive and clear way, which provides a basis for the undergraduate engineering management discipline split-flow and major setting and provides reference for the quantitative analysis of other comprehensive discipline split-flow.

    • YAN Qing, CHEN Kunlun, LIU Xiaoqiong, GUO Yuqi, LYU Zhihang

      2020,29(2):41-49, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.006

      With the increasing demand for planning talents in the society the major enrollment of human geography and urban-rural planning in various universities has also attracted widespread attention. From the perspective of geography, this paper analyzes the spatial and temporal characteristics and influencing factors of the enrollment of human geography and urban-rural planning majors in Hubei provincial colleges and universities from 2013 to 2017 and found that: From the perspective of time, during the study period, the overall enrollment of this major showed a downward trend, with a large decline from 2013 to 2015 and a slight recovery in 2016. From 2013 to 2017, the planned enrollment of this major in other provinces was on the rise, but it did not affect the overall trend. From the perspective of space, the enrollment of human geography and urban-rural planning major generally shows a pattern of more students in the west and less in the east, with the middle part in the middle and the northeast not distributed based on geographical features, whereas shows a pattern of more students in the southern region and less students in the northern based on the division of Qinling mountain-Huaihe river. From the perspective of change trend the enrollment of eastern regions is on the rise and then on the decline while that of central and western regions is on the rise. The main factors affecting the temporal and spatial distribution of the major enrollment are population factors economic development level and policy differences. In addition to the above factors, social factors, cultural factors will also have a certain impact on the spatial and temporal distribution of the major enrollment.

    • SHI Weixiu, SUN Fangtian, WANG Ruixiang, XU Shuhui, YAN Quanying

      2020,29(2):50-57, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.007

      In view of the shortcomings of the current traditional talent training mode in international talent training, the paper discusses the differences between the two talent training mode of the energy and power engineering specialty under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative. From the perspectives of training programs reform, construction of bilingual courses, improvement of teachers' teaching ability and internationalization,innovation and internationalization of students, the internationalization path of talent training of energy and power engineering specialty is explored, which can improve the students' interest in learning and comprehensive practical ability, enhance students' professional international quality and develop new international talents that meet the needs of society.

    • WANG Dong, QIAN Fuping, LU Jinli, HUANG Zhijia

      2020,29(2):58-63, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.008

      The purposes of Excellent Engineer Educating and Training Program and Engineering Specialty Accreditation (Evaluation) are both to improve the quality of engineering education talents in China based on international standards. The two programs complement each other and promote mutually. The paper introduces the talent training mode of building environment and energy application engineering specialty in Anhui University of Technology. With the depth integration of two programs, the school constantly improves the condition of running schools, standardizes professional construction, optimizes the structure of specialty and trains the students' abilities of innovation and entrepreneurship. Based on the industry and regional characteristics, the compound talents training mode of two integration and four levels is built in order to improve the quality of talent training.

    • 专业学位与研究生教育
    • JIANG Yajun, FU Haiying, ZHAO Jumei, GUO Chun, LENG Biao

      2020,29(2):64-71, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.009

      There are still some problems to be solved in the training of full-time professional degree postgraduates in China, especially the training effect of students' practical ability is often limited. The paper focuses on the full-time postgraduates in the fields of architecture and civil engineering, discusses the components of the practical ability of full-time professional degree postgraduates, analyzes and summarizes the main methods of practical ability training, and establishes the corresponding training mode of practical ability in order to improve the training results of the full-time postgraduates in the fields of architecture and civil engineering.

    • HE Shoukui

      2020,29(2):72-80, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.010

      Training innovative professional degree postgraduate is the urgent requirement of national implementation of innovation-driven development strategy. Combined with the current situation of engineering innovation ability of professional master graduate students, this paper uses the survey data of innovation ability of professional degree graduate students and structural equation model SEM to study the influencing factors of innovation ability and the action mechanism of related factors from three dimensions.The research shows that the external conditions of innovation ability have the greatest weight among the influencing factors of innovation ability, teaching factors and tutor ability are important factors, the input of funds is positively related to the quality of training management process, professional practice environment conditions are positively related to the degree of achievement of innovation goals, the incentive policy has a direct positive impact on the supporting conditions for scientific research the performance evaluation system and psychological drive are the important elements of the motivation of innovation. Hope to put forward some suggestions increase investment in the cultivation of innovative ability of professional master postgraduates and raise funds for talent cultivation in a diversified way, perfect the professional practice training system for professional master postgraduates, scientifically set up professional practice projects and actively cultivate a good practice environment, establish a long-term mechanism and assessment for innovative practice to improve the evaluation supervision and management system for the cultivation of innovative talents.

    • WEI Bowen, XIE Bin, BAO Dandan, YUAN Dongyang, CHENG Yingxin

      2020,29(2):81-88, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.011

      The quality evaluation of postgraduate training is a very important task in the high-level talent training system. The evaluation results reflect the country's ability and quality of postgraduate training. Based on the current situation and basic requirements of high-level talent comprehensive quality training, in order to improve the quality of water conservancy postgraduates in the new era, water conservancy postgraduate education quality evaluation system which is dynamically coupled with theoretical foundation, professional literacy, innovation ability and comprehensive application ability is proposed. Combined with the cloud model evaluation method, the indicators in the proposed quality evaluation system are quantitatively analyzed, and the corresponding quality improvement strategies for water conservancy postgraduates are formulated based on the connotation development, which provide a basis for the improvement of the comprehensive quality training of the masters of water conservancy engineering and the optimization of the personnel training evaluation system.

    • 中外建筑教育比较
    • GU Yin, LUO Surong, ZHANG Ting

      2020,29(2):89-94, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.012

      With the growth of science and technology, the competition for talents has become increasingly fierce. The higher education is an important key to talent development. The status of higher engineering education in Germany is introduced. The training objectives, professional curriculum setting, learning simulation and evaluation system of civil engineering specialty in Germany are elaborated. The civil engineering education under the engineering certification in China is compared with the system in Germany. The gap between the international engineering certification targets is proposed. The suggestions for training mode and evaluation system are proposed.

    • YOU Zhensheng, RUAN Xiaohong

      2020,29(2):95-100, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.013

      The United States of America is one of the countries with the most developed higher education system, and its mode of financing can be a model in the world. Universities in America are always trying to explore diversified sources of financing. Meanwhile, they persist in the core principle of taking students as the foremost, in the whole process of financing and using the funds. Federal, state and local government appropriations centered on meeting students' needs of development. The revenue from voluntary social supporters attaches great importance to ensure the quality of students. In addition, the funds raised through their own efforts place great emphasis on promoting students' professional development. In face of the reality of educational fund shortage, it is of great importance for us to explore the factors underlying the successful practice in financing and using funds in American higher education and provide a referential example for the reforms in China.

    • 课程建设与教学改革
    • PAN Yi, LIU Hao, LIN Yongjun, ZHOU Yi

      2020,29(2):101-108, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.014

      Taking the seismic design of building structure course as an example, according to the problem of "teacher-centered", this paper carries out teaching reform that focused on the shortcomings of the current teaching and combined with the characteristics of the course such as more content, fewer class hours and greater teaching difficulty from teaching contents, teaching methods, practice links and evaluation system, based on the "student-centered" teaching concept. First, adjust the teaching mode and teaching methods, encourage and guide students to learn independently after class to solve the problem of less class but more content. Second, use a variety of means to assist teaching to stimulate students' interest in learning. Third, pay attention to practice teaching and enhance students' comprehensive application ability and innovative practice ability. Fourth, perfect the teaching evaluation system, introduce the process index into the evaluation system, and evaluate the teaching work at the same time to form a benign interaction between teachers and students. According to the comparison of teaching effects before and after the teaching reform, the analysis results show that the reform measures based on SC not only fully mobilize students' learning enthusiasm, enhance their autonomous learning ability, improve students' learning achievement, but also promote teachers' teaching level.

    • XIAO Yimin, GONG Zhuo, GAO Xiangkui

      2020,29(2):109-115, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.015

      The course of fluid transmission and distribution pipe network is one of the core platform courses for the major of building environment and energy application engineering. It has both strong theoretical and close integration with engineering practice. In order to understand the effectiveness and shortcomings of the construction and teaching methods of this course, a questionnaire survey is conducted. The questionnaire consists of 20 questions. These questions relate to the understanding of the course, the purpose of the study, the way of learning, teaching effectiveness, and opinions on teaching books, homework and teaching methods. The survey shows that the undergraduates are not aware of the importance and necessity of the course, and generally lack good preview habits and low participation in the classroom. In addition, it is suggested to enhance the readability of textbooks, guide students to learn independently and combine teaching with practice. The results mainly reflect the problems existing in the teaching and learning processes of the course, and the corresponding suggestions and improvement directions has been put forward, providing references for the educational reform.

    • ZHUANG Xiaomin

      2020,29(2):116-121, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.016

      Based on the new normal background of innovative entrepreneurship education, this paper analyzes the influence of the social environment on students' active learning in the new era, and the higher education confronts in unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Taking landscape architecture education as an example, the paper explores the TDC teaching mode of special subject of landscape architecture design in architecture colleges to cultivate students' correct view of major, puts forward the teaching of "theory-design-construction" in order to enable students to participate in learning with a more positive attitude, integration learning, and introduces the teaching resources in different fields, so that the students can master the skills of innovation and entrepreneurship.

    • ZHONG Botao, WU Haitao, TAO Chanjuan, LUO Hanbin, SUN Jun

      2020,29(2):122-129, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.017

      Engineering ethics education is an indispensable part of higher engineering education reform. The research on engineering ethics education gets more attention under the background of emerging engineering education and the construction of beautiful China. Based on the knowledge graph, with the support of metrological visualization tool, this article analyzes 184 research articles collected in CNKI. Through documents co-citation network and keywords co-occurrence network, this paper points out the theoretical basis, hot topics and development trends in this domain and summarizes the features of domestic research. It has three features "seriously affected by policies" "gradually refined research content" and "imperfect curriculum education system and education method". Finally, this paper proposes some suggestion to facilitate the engineering ethics education in term of country society and universities.

    • LU Li, PANG Lang

      2020,29(2):130-138, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.018

      As a compulsory basic course of civil engineering specialty, material mechanics course is one of the core mechanics courses in the talent training program, and its importance is self-evident. Comparing the teaching contents and teaching methods, this paper analyzes the similarities and differences of material mechanics course between Chongqing University and Taiwan Chung Hsing University. By learning from the teaching experience and teaching method of other universities, promote the teaching reform, strengthen the students' ability training, constantly improve the teaching quality of material mechanics course in civil engineering specialty of Chongqing University, realize the connotative development of higher education.

    • LI Minzhi, ZHAO Xiaoying

      2020,29(2):139-151, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.019

      With the acceleration of globalization, international exchanges and teaching cooperation between universities have become increasingly frequent. Especially in the field of architecture disciplines, it is very common to carry out joint design teaching with urban design as a multi-disciplinary, open and inclusive topic, which has become an important way to explore urban design education and professional talents. International urban design workshop of Tokyo Tech with a long history. Among them, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tongji University, Southeast University and South China University of Technology are the core members. Each year, another university (usually the university in the city where the design base is located) is invited, based on the teaching traditions and characteristics of each school, teachers and students around the real city market area, from the perspective of urban design and architectural renewal, for a total of three stages, three weeks of teamwork training of urban design. The process emphasizes the collision and game of different concepts, the expansion and innovation of design thinking, and the improvement of design expression ability. Based on personal experience and results, this paper explores the academic exchanges and development paths of Tokyo Institute of Technology and South China University of Technology, summarizes and compares the similarities and differences between the design objectives, methods and characteristics of urban design teaching in various universities, and proposes the teaching reform and innovation of urban design. The conception provides a diversified perspective for the current development of urban design education in China.

    • 实践教学与创新教育
    • LIU Yongjian

      2020,29(2):152-157, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.020

      Urban underground space engineering is one of the special professions of professional catalogue. Due to the short opening time, the phenomenon of heavy theory and light practice directly affects the quality of talent training. On the basis of investigating the problems faced by new professional practice teaching for urban underground space, Guangdong University of Technology takes advantage of regional economic development to cultivate application-oriented innovative underground space engineers, integrates various teaching resources inside and outside the school, and implements teaching reform and innovation of cooperative education. A series of measures were adopted, including a four-year continuous practice teaching system, a multi-level practice teaching platform, a practice teaching mode combining engineering simulation and practice, diversified scientific and technological activities and innovative experiments. Innovation education is integrated into the whole process of talent cultivation, and comprehensively enhances the engineering practice ability and innovation ability of college students.

    • LIU Chao, XU Boqiang

      2020,29(2):158-163, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.021

      Production internship is a bridge for civil engineering students from theoretical study to engineering practice. The traditional production practice mode generally have problems such as low efficiency and poor results. Based on new media methods this research studies the principles, implementation and effects of refined management and evaluation through production internship teaching cases, analyzes the pros and cons through survey feedback and proposes improvements to the new mode. The refined mode enriches the teaching content and improves the teaching quality. The formed ideas and methods can provide a reference for the management and evaluation modes of other professional courses. It is also useful for exploring the refined management mode evaluation mode and evaluation standards in the virtual teaching process.

    • ZHANG Zheng, LI Xueying, PAN Qinfeng, WU Chen

      2020,29(2):164-169, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.022

      In recent years, the colleges and universities in China pay high attention to the innovation, entrepreneurship and creation education, and continuously explore how to promote the implementation of three creativity education in a more effective way. It's an important approach to achieve the goal of the higher education under the background of emerging engineering education by combining three creativity education with the professional education. Currently, the colleges and universities have made great progress and accumulated a lot of experiences in the three creativity education, but also exist many other problems. The paper expounds the connotation of three creativity education and the professional education and the relationship between them, emphatically analyzes the principle issues faced by three creativity education and the professional education. In addition, we put forward the specific countermeasures in order to implement three creativity education.

    • 现代教育技术与应用
    • TENG Jiaying, WANG Wan, WANG Xiaojing, GAO Yang

      2020,29(2):170-176, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.023

      This paper takes BIM information technology application as education innovation of architectural universities, and makes a research on the induction factors of the BIM education innovation in four aspects: education technical support, innovative resources network, teachers' teaching ability and absorptive capacity of students, 24 induction factors are taken into consideration. The Structural Equation Model (AMOS) used to reveal the inter-relationships among those factors and used to construct an induction factors model of BIM education innovation, and then crucial induction path and 13 crucial induction factors are proposed. Results suggest that education technical support and absorptive capacity of students separately has maximum direct and total effects on BIM education innovative behavior. Finally, the appropriation induction strategies are proposed. This study provides model and practice guidance for improving BIM education innovation in architectural universities.

    • WAN Ling, FU Chunli, LUO Dehai

      2020,29(2):177-183, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.024

      Graduation design is the link to test students' learning ability and practical ability in the last semester of university. The introduction of BIM technology into graduation design can fully improve students' understanding and mastery of the whole process of engineering management and effectively improve students' cross-disciplinary learning and practical ability. Taking Cunjin College of Guangdong Ocean University as an example, the paper researches on the application of BIM technology in engineering management specialty, puts forward the basic thinking of graduation design based on BIM technology, explains the basic process of graduation design with BIM technology application, and analyzes the problems of graduation design of engineering management specialty. Through the comparative analysis of the effects before and after the reform, explains that the graduation design based on BIM technology is scientific and reasonable. Finally, the concrete implementation method of graduation design of engineering management specialty based on BIM technology is proposed.

    • XU Ya, ZHANG Gejuan, CHEN Xiaoyu

      2020,29(2):184-193, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1005-2909.2020.02.025

      This paper analyzes the use of computer graphics and hand drawings in landscape architecture site design courses in universities. Most computer graphics respondents draw some hand-drawn drawings before completing the final design. The hand-drawn respondents will not use the computer to draw part of the drawings before completing the final design draft. The number of drawings between hand-drawn and computer-drawn respondents is equal at different stages of the design process, meaning both types of respondents still follow the same design process. Most of respondents who use the software find it very useful and helpful to improve the overall design quality.

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    • Transparent soil model testing on ground settlement induced by parallel tunnel excavations

      LiuHanlong, ZhongHaiyi, GuXin, XiangYuzhou, ZhangWengang

      Parallel tunnels are generally constructed in urban subway to facilitate the traffic in the modern cities. Common solutions for predicting settlements induced by two parallel tunnel excavations are based on single tunnel case and utilizes the simplified superposition method to generate the deformation profile without considering the interaction between two tunnels. In this study, the transparent soil model tests are performed to visualize the surface and subsurface settlements induced by the excavation of two parallel tunnels in sandy grounds. Several key influential factors are investigated, including the spacing between the two tunnels, the volume of ground loss and the buried depth on parallel-tunnel interaction as well as the surface and subsurface settlements. Then the relationship between volume ground loss and the settlements is built up. It is hoped that this study can provide guidelines for design and construction of urban parallel tunnel excavations.

      • 1
    • Simplified method of passive pile with lateral displacement caused by tunneling

      feng guohui, Dou Bingjun, Zhang Gaofeng, Ding Shilong, Xu Changjie

      At present, the studies on pile foundation deformation caused by adjacent tunneling are generally based on one parameter Winkler foundation model or two parameters Pasternak foundation model, few study is considering in three parameters Kerr foundation model with greater computational accuracy. Based on Kerr foundation model, The governing equation of horizontal deflection of passive pile is established. Combining with the horizontal additional stress imposed by shield excavation, the analytical expression of the mathematical matrix of tunneling on the adjacent pile foundation is obtained by using the different method, and then the horizontaldeformation displacement solution of the passive pile is obtained. Comparing the solution in Winkler, Pasternak foundation model with two solution above, the results of kerr foundation model are closed to the result of two actually measurements. The results of parameter analysis shows that the horizontal displacement increase with the diameter of the tunnel increase. With the increase of the passive pile diameter, horizontal displacement of the passive pile decrease. Passive pile displacement decrease with the increase of the horizontal distance or vertical distance between the passive pile and tunneling in the condition of the tunnel excavation under the pile bottom.

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    • Numerical study on vibration reduction effect of barrier holes

      Zhao Rui, Li Yashi, Peng Qi, Zhu Jianbo

      The explicit dynamic FEM-based code AUTODYN was used to study the effect and law of barrier holes on blast-induced stress wave propagation and attenuation, as well as the dynamic response of adjacent underground opening and ground. First of all, by comparing with the results of blasting model test, the effectiveness and accuracy of AUTODYN in simulating the process of underground opening explosion and stress wave propagation are verified. Then, the effects of barrier hole parameters on peak particle velocity(PPV) of the adjacent chamber and ground, and the vibration-isolation rate of measuring points before and after barrier holes, were analyzed through the numerical simulation method,to investigate the influence law of barrier hole parameters on vibration reduction effect. The simulated results indicated that barrier hole diameter, hole spacing, the distance between hole and explosion center, and hole row have effects on PPVs of adjacent underground opening and ground and the vibration-isolation rate of measuring points before and after barrier holes. With increasing barrier hole diameter and barrier hole row, or decreasing barrier hole spacing and distance between barrier hole and explosion center, PPVs on the adjacent underground opening and ground show a decreasing trend and vibration-isolation rate of measuring points before and after barrier holes shows a great increasing trend, that is, the vibration reduction effect of barrier hole increases. In addition, with the change of barrier hole parameters, the vibration-isolation rates of the measuring points before and after barrier hole and the measuring points before and after rock mass between barrier holes show great differences. The former is obviously larger than the latter, and the difference between the two increases first and then decreases with the increase of hole diameter, and decreases rapidly with the increase of the distance between hole and explosion center, and doesn’t change significantly with the increase of barrier hole row. The change of barrier hole spacing could affect the relative position of the measuring point and the barrier hole, thus determining the vibration-isolation rate of the measuring point. These research results can provide a certain reference for the arrangement of barrier holes and disaster prevention and reduction in actual blasting projects.

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    • Effect of corroded surface morphology on ultra-low cycle fatigue of steel plate


      Corrosion is one of the most typical form of durability degradation of steel bridge and the corrosion morphology takes significant effect on the strain distribution of the structural surface. In order to investigate the characteristics of steel corrosion morphology as well as the effect of the corrosion on the structural ultra-low cycle fatigue(ULCF) performance, this paper takes the steel kind of Q345 as the study case, conducting 2D and 3D profile measurements on four groups of steel plate samples of different corrosion conditions. Quantitative analysis on 2D profile data were performed with the methods of surface roughness, fractal dimension, and power spectrum density function. Meanwhile, precise finite element models of corroded specimens were established on the basis of 3D profile data. On the basis of the improved cyclic void growth model (CVGM), the ULCF cracking theory is taken into deep investigation, and the issue on the key factors leading to corrosion samples cracking are discussed. The research results indicate that: the corrosion rates of the artificial acceleration corrosion tests are significantly affected by the thickness of the rust layers. However, the surface roughness, fractal dimension, and power spectrum density function are unable to differentiate the corrosion degree. According to the numerical calculation results, the stress triaxiality and equivalent plastic strain on the corrosion pits are much higher than that of the other zones, such that corrosion pits have critical impact on the steel ULCF cracking.

      • 1
    • Large deformation finite element analysis of cone penetration tests in calcareous sands

      Pei Huimin, Wang Dong, Liu Qingbing

      The cone penetration test (CPT) is widely used to determine the mechanical properties of cohesionless soils. Most of the existing correlations were established in terms of silica sands, while the data for calcareous sands are limited. Calcareous sands are featured with higher peak internal friction angle and the variation of friction angle and dilation angle with strain in calcareous sands is also different from silica sands. In this paper, a large deformation finite element approach, the Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method is used to study cone penetration in calcareous and silica sands. Frequent mesh generations are conducted to avoid distortion of soil elements around the cone tip. A modified Mohr-Coulomb constitutive model is introduced to describe the mobilized strength varied with plastic shear strain in calcareous and silica sands. The elastic and plastic parameters are determined by bender element tests and drained triaxial tests. Numerical results of cone tip resistance agree reasonably well with the existing data from centrifuge tests. It demonstrates that the established numerical model has potential to capture the cone penetration in calcareous sands.

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    • Effects of particle shape on shear behaviors of interface between coarse-grained soil and geogrid

      Liu Feiyu, Zheng Qiting, Wang Jun, Ying Mengjie

      In order to study the effect of particle shape on shear behaviors of interface between coarse-grained soil and geogrid, the gravel and glass beads with the same particle size distribution were selected as test materials, and a series of monotonic direct shear, cyclic shear and post-cyclic direct shear tests were carried out using a dynamic direct shear machine. The monotonic direct shear characteristics of reinforced gravel and reinforced glass beads interface at normal stresses of 30, 60, and 90 kPa were analyzed. Then, the cyclic shear behaviors of two reinforced interfaces under cyclic loading with displacement amplitudes of 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 mm were discussed, and the similarities and differences of monotonic shear characteristics of two reinforced interfaces before and after cyclic shear were compared and analyzed. In the monotonic shear tests, the shear strength and maximum dilation of gravel-geogrid interface at each normal stress are greater than those of glass beads-geogrid interface. In the cyclic shear tests, the cyclic shear behaviors of gravel-geogrid and glass beads-geogrid interfaces under the effect of cyclic loading with different shear amplitudes are not exactly the same. In the post-cyclic direct shear tests, the interfacial shear strength of gravel-geogrid interface after cycling is greater than that of the interface with no cyclic loading, except for the interface at amplitude of 15 mm, while the corresponding value of glass beads-geogrid interface at all amplitudes is degraded.

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    • Probabilistic analysis of shape memory alloy modeling

      li jin peng, chen cheng, hou he tao

      Shape-memory alloys (SMAs) have the super-elasticity therefore presents promising application in vibration control of buildings and bridges subjected to seismic loads. The model parameters of SMA are often determined through optimization and treated as deterministic for dynamic analysis of structures with SMA based devices. In this study, the modified Metropolis-Hasting algorithm – DRAM algorithm, which is a combination of delay rejection and adaptive sampling, is utilized to characterize the uncertainties in modified Graesser & Cozzarelli SMA model parameters. A series of SMA bars with the same geometric size and heat treatment were tested under cyclic loads. The Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method is applied to analyze the uncertainties of SMA in terms of model parameters and energy dissipation capacity. The analysis provide insight into the underlying mathematical form of a model, suggest simplifications or modifications and begin to indicate the relative significance of individual parameters, based on a limited set of experimental data. Besides, research shows that the energy dissipation of the SMA bar could have up to a relative error of 20% and 10% corresponding to the CDF of 15% and 85%. The resulted probabilistic characterization offers insight into future uncertainty quantification of SMA based devices in seismic vibration control.

      • 1
    • Research on the judicial standard of artificial intelligence product defect


      compared with ordinary products, the biggest difference of artificial intelligence products lies in their autonomy, which is mainly reflected in the more complex operation mode of artificial intelligence products and the more diversified harm subjects of product infringement. The existing judicial standards for product defects are difficult to apply and the defects are not typed.Standardize the judicial practice of defects of artificial intelligence products.In the framework of product liability, the defects are divided into design defects, manufacturing defects, warning defects and tracking defects, which is conducive to the agreement of the principle of imputation and the corresponding elements of tort liability.Artificial intelligence product defects judicial cognizance standard should be combined with the subject of duty.Specifically, design defects of artificial intelligence products adopt the "risk-utility" rule, manufacturing defects adopt the standard of "deviation from the expected design", warning defects adopt the standard of "reasonable and sufficient", and tracking and observing defects adopt the principle of "case identification and comprehensive judgment".

      • 1
    • The coagulation effect and floc characteristics of different forms of algae

      Yao Juanjuan, Gong Dan, Fang Yanjuan, Zhang Zhi

      The coagulation effects and floc characteristics of M.aeruginosa, Synedra and Anabaena were studied, respectively, by using ferric chloride and aluminum sulfate coagulants. The results show that the ferric salt has better coagulation and removal effect on the three algae species than that of aluminum salt, and the optimal dosage of ferric salt coagulation is also greater than that of aluminum salt under different dosages of ferric and aluminum salts coagulant.The M.aeruginosa has the worst coagulation effect, and Synedra has the best under different dosages of ferric and aluminum salts. Compared with the use of aluminum salt, the three algae flocs coagulated by iron salt are denser and have larger fractal dimension. The fractal dimension value of Synedra is the largest(the maximum value:1.72) and that of M.aeruginosa is the smallest(the maximum value:1.17), indicating the effect of algae morphology on the flocs structure. The particle size(d50) of the three algae species when coagulated with ferric salt are larger than that of the flocs using aluminum salt, and the strength and recovery factor of the ferric salt flocs are smaller than that of the aluminum salt flocs. The maximum value of d50 of M.aeruginosa floc(632μm) is smaller than that of Synedra floc (765μm) and Anabaena floc(777μm) when using ferric salt. Synedra has the largest recovery factor of 26.54%, and Anabaena has the smallest recovery factor of 11.04% when using ferric salt. When the three algal flocs reach the isoelectric point, the dosage of ferric salt is greater than that of aluminum salt.The zeta potential of algal floc can be used to analyze the dosage corresponding to the optimal removal rate of algae coagulation. The M.aeruginosa flocculation is mainly electroneutralized, while the adsorption bridge and netting may play a more important role in the flocculation of Anabaena and Synedra.

      • 1
    • Recent advances on the adsorptive removal of antimony from water by various adsorbents

      Xu qinghua, Fan peng, Dong hongyu, Guan xiaohong

      In recent years, antimony pollution in water has drawn more and more attention. Studies on the antimony removal have been increasing year by year. Due to its high efficiency, economy, and ease of operation, adsorption technology is considered to be one of the most promising and practical water treatment methods. In this review, we summarized the application of various adsorbents, such as activated carbon, activated alumina, silicate minerals, iron (hydr)oxide and composite materials, for antimony removal. The main removal mechanism of antimony on these adsorbents of these adsorbents were introduced. Furthermore, the reaction conditions and corresponding maximum capacity of antimony removal in the literature were compared. Combining previous studies in this field, the future research needs were put forward. This study aims to provide a theoretical reference for the treatment of antimony pollution.

      • 1
    • Exploration on the Teaching Model of Urban and Rural Safety and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Planning under the Territorial Space Planning System

      wang wei

      With the development of the national space planning system, the new requirements have been imposed on the education and teaching of urban and rural safety and disaster prevention and mitigation planning. Based on the current status of the construction and development of the urban and rural safety and disaster prevention and mitigation planning specialty in China, we comprehensively analyze the characteristics of the current urban and rural safety and disaster prevention and mitigation planning specialty and the impact of land and space planning on urban and rural safety and disaster prevention and mitigation planning, and explore the teaching objectives, content and form of the curriculum for urban and rural safety and disaster prevention and reduction majors in the context of the reform of the territorial space planning system, break the original planning teaching thinking mode, and establish a teaching framework that is suitable for the requirements of the territorial space planning system in the new era. These studies can make efforts to train new types of professionals in urban and rural safety and disaster prevention and mitigation planning.

      • 1
    • Exploration on the wisdom teaching reform of tunnel engineering course under the construction of emerging engineering and double tops education

      DUAN Shuqian, SHI Gang, YAN Changbin, XIONG Jiecheng

      Wisdom teaching reform led by the appropriate application of teaching wisdom, has gradually become a key measure to realize and deepen the reform of higher engineering education under the strategy of emerging engineering and double tops education. As for tunnel engineering, a comprehensive, theoretical, interdisciplinary and practical core curriculum of civil engineering, the traditional teaching concepts, models and curriculum content can no longer meet the demand for high-level innovative engineering talents in urban rail transit, resource development engineering and the Belt and Road construction. The current teaching status and the existing problems of tunnel engineering course are systemically elaborated first, and then a creative wisdom teaching reform method is proposed. The student-oriented method fully integrates teaching ability intelligent upgrading, teaching content intelligent updating, multidimensional teaching mode and learning-oriented intelligent autonomy, taking discipline education as the criterion. Good practice indicates that the method could be a beneficial exploration of wisdom teaching reform and can effectively promote both wisdom teaching and learning of tunnel engineering course, making it possible for teaching from single knowledge to multiple wisdom.

      • 1
    • Development of Virtual Experimental Teaching Platform for Mechanical Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members

      song xiao bin, zhang wei ping, Huang Qinghua, Ren Xiaodan, Zhu Peng, Chen Bao

      In response to the Ministry of Education's call to further promote the deep integration of information technology and experimental teaching of higher education, and to continuously strengthen the development and application of high-quality resources for experimental teaching in higher education, and to substantially improve the quality of experimental teaching and practice of talent education in higher education, the College of Civil Engineering of Tongji University, supported by the platform of the Civil Engineering Experimental Teaching Center of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, has developed a virtual experimental teaching platform for the mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete members. The platform focuses on the entire testing process of concrete members, including experimental design, specimen preparation, loading, measuring and data analysis, combined with the undergraduate course " Basic principles of Concrete Structures" as to achieve a mutual supplement between virtual and physical testing. It is expected that the physical experiments can be then complemented, expanded and improved. Meanwhile, the platform guides students, via intelligent guidance and assistance, to expand the application, prediction and verification of theoretical knowledge and to stimulate students’ interest in further exploring.

      • 1
    • Constructing a curriculum ecosystem of graduate students' international academic communication ability: Taking the curriculum system of related ability training of a western research-based university as an example

      Zhang Yu Xin, Li Xiaohui, Zhang Caizhi, Li Mei

      With the increasingly frequent international academic exchanges, it is more and more important to improve the international academic exchanges of postgraduates. The three courses of "professional foreign language", "scientific paper writing" and "graduate academic English" can improve the international communication ability of graduate students to different degrees, but these three courses do not form a joint force and fail to achieve the best effect of education. This paper makes a comparative study of the three courses from the aspects of teaching content design, teachers' background, postgraduate tutors and postgraduate after-class feedback, and explores a way to improve the international academic communication ability of postgraduate students.

      • 1
    • E-SPOC engineering talent teaching mode based on “Ability Tree”

      LIU Ai-fang, DU Bin-bin, REN Xiao-yu

      With the rapid development of Internet technology, information technology and engineering education are deeply integrated. In order to meet the training needs of engineering talents, this thesis analyzes the ability structure of engineering talents, and constructs the "ability tree" of engineering talents meeting to the graduation requirements of engineering education, and develops Engineering Education-Small Private Online Course (E-SPOC) engineering talent teaching mode based on "ability tree" docking classroom education and continuing education with information technology, carry out basic theoretical research of teaching mode, and discusses the application of E-SPOC engineering talents teaching mode in engineering education teaching and ability training from the aspects of teaching content, teaching process organization and teaching evaluation mode, and according to the "ability tree" to explore the implementation path of E-SPOC engineering talent teaching mode.

      • 1
    • Research on local colleges characteristic governance under the perspective of inheriting regional culture

      FANG Qian-Sheng, PAN He-Ping

      Local colleges have long been under the influence of regional culture, it is the foundation of the characteristic development of local colleges. The paper explore the main problems existing in the process of characteristic running, analyzes the main influence of regional characteristic culture. It is based on ecological niche theory, research local colleges how to be absorbed regional cultural elements in the process of cultivate distinctive talents,and improve the quality of education through inheriting regional culture. Local colleges should renew the concept of talent training, reconstruct the characteristic curriculum system, expand the way of characteristic education, build the characteristic education platform, implement the characteristic education model.

      • 1
    • Research on the optimization of training program of Civil Engineering Specialty under the background of "excellence program" 2.0

      jiangfei, yangqianqian

      In order to meet the challenge of the fourth industrial revolution, China has implemented "excellence program" 2.0, and continuously promoted the development of engineering education. As a traditional advantage engineering specialty, civil engineering needs to take the initiative to connect with "excellence program" 2.0 to realize the upgrading and transformation of traditional specialty. The talent training program reflects the goal of running a school, the specification of talent training and the curriculum system, which is in the top-level design important position in the process of talent training. This paper makes a comparative analysis of the talent training programs of eight universities, including Changsha University of science and technology, South China University of technology, Xi'an University of architecture and technology, with the guidance of industry standards and clear positioning of talent training objectives; with the guidance of "big engineering concept", it enriches the form of interdisciplinary integration; introduces foreign high-quality education resources, explores the way of international talent training; and strengthens practical teaching, We will expand ways and means of cooperation between schools and enterprises to optimize personnel training programs.

      • 1
    • Research on the Cultivation Mode of Mechanical Engineering Talentsfor Intelligent Manufacturing

      RAN Yan, ZHANG Ding Fei, LI Cong Bo, TANG Bao Ping, XIAO Gui Jian

      Intelligent manufacturing is the main trend in manufacturing today, and talent is the primary resource. Colleges and universities, as the export destinations of a large number of talents, face huge challenges. Aiming at the problem of engineering application ability cultivation of domestic college mechanical engineering students, this paper proposes new requirements for the talents of mechanical engineering professionals in the context of intelligent manufacturing based on the training objectives and the needs analysis of the corporate society. Based on the analysis of the status quo of the training of mechanical engineering professionals in some local undergraduate colleges, a new multidisciplinary cross-integration training model suitable for mechanical engineering professionals is proposed, and the teaching implementation under the new multi-disciplinary cross-fusion training model is discussed Compared with the traditional interdisciplinary teaching program, the program has obvious universality. Provides reference suggestions for cultivating high-quality intelligent manufacturing application talents that meet the requirements of enterprises.

      • 1
    • New Challenges and Teaching Reforms of the National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center under the Emerging Engineering Education Background

      WU Chen, MA Sheng-lan, ZHAN Jin-wu, WANG-Zhanliang

      The national virtual simulation experimental teaching center is the product of the in-depth integration of disciplines and information technology, and it is also the development direction of experimental teaching. From the perspective of global industrial development, Chinese new economic development, and the transformation of engineering education paradigm, it is responsible for the national virtual simulation experiment teaching center to promote “intelligence + education” educational productivity. The new challenges currently facing the center and the preliminary reform exploration in Fujian University of Technology are introduced. Finally, some suggestions are given for the continuous construction of the national virtual simulation experimental teaching center.

      • 1
    • Exploration of case project teaching method of building structure seismic course

      ZHENG Xiao-fen, LI Kai-yang

      Seismic design of building structures is a strongly comprehensive professional course of the structural engineering division which covers disciplines such as steel and concrete structures, structural mechanics, geology, and seismic engineering. Compared to other professional courses with rather singular knowledge systems, this course requires much more for the integrity of a student's knowledge. The article focuses on the case project teaching approach, explaining why the method was proposed, its characteristics, and its specific requirements. It also provides some advice about the application of this new approach on actual courses. We sincerely hope that this article can be of help in the widespread application of the case project teaching approach.

      • 1
    • BIM design competition for college students under the background of new engineering The influence of engineer's ability training

      niyanling, panshuang, lvda, tuchunxing

      Abstract: since the promotion of new science and engineering construction, the education management system of engineering students has been comprehensively improved, more and more attention has been paid to the cultivation of engineers, and the training methods of engineers are becoming more and more perfect and diversified. The organization of large-scale college students' competition has also become a means of engineers' ability training. However, in terms of the current situation of civil and Engineering Management College Students' competition, the competition between At this stage, the education system is not suitable. Based on the experience of professional competition, this paper explores the influence of BIM design competition on the ability training of College Students' engineers, analyzes the main problems in the ability training of College Students' engineers, and puts forward corresponding solutions to the school and society.

      • 1
    • Climate and Population: Investigation and Reflection on the Basic Clues of the Study of the Farming-Pastoral Ecotone in the Perspective of History


      In the past studies on the farming-pastoral ecotone and related issues in the historical period, climate and population factors are two basic clues. However, through the study of the transition between agriculture and animal husbandry in the space-time dimension, it can be found that the effects of climate and population factors are different. It is biased and the degree of influence varies in different periods. Therefore, on the basis of investigating the influence of climate and population factors on the changes of the farming-pastoral ecotone in the historical period, this paper believes that there are three key points that should be paid attention to: First, we must treat the degree of influence of climate and population factors in different historical periods. Second, pay attention to The core area of the agro-pastoral ecotone is “Boundary Zone”; Third, the relationship between the choice of agriculture and animal husbandry and the change of environmental landscape and ecosystem change in the agro-pastoral ecotone.

      • 1
    • Reinventing the Frontier: Forestry Development, Negotiations and Frontier Order on the Right Bank of the Yalu River

      Chi Xiang

      Since the 17th century, the rulers of the Qing dynasty, influenced by the closing-off policy and the Qing-Chos?n tributary relationship, have preserved a large area of forested land between the Willow side and the Yalu River. One of the purposes of preserving the forest area was to maintain a buffer zone by isolating the residents on both sides of the Yalu River, thus demonstrating the Qing emperor’s benevolence. However, in the late nineteenth century, the forests of the Changbai Mountain and Yalu River became the site of global rivalries and competition. Under pressure from Tsarist Russia and plagued by internal famine, the Qing government resorted to a series of new policies to encourage immigration and open the Yalu River forest for commercial logging. Meanwhile, Japan’s victories in the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) and the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) consolidated its position in Northeast Asia paved the way for its military control and resource management in the forests of the Yalu River. With the establishment of the Sino-Japanese Yalu River Logging Company in 1908, Japan took control of forestry development on the Sino-Japanese border. This paper focuses on the relationship between forest development and frontier formation. It attempts to re-examine the process of modernization of the northeast frontier from a forest perspective, discussing how forest-related commerce, negotiation, and conflict have been internalized into labor disputes and thus reshaped the history of forest boundaries.

      • 1
    • Improved Particle Filter Vehicle Tracking Based on Vision and Radar Sensor Fusion

      ZHANG Xiang, ZHENG Ling, LI Yinong, ZHANG Zhida

      In order to solve the problem of target loss due to size change in visual tracking, an improved particle filter vehicle tracking algorithm fusing visual and millimeter wave radar is proposed. First, genetic algorithm is used to improve the problem of particle degradation and resampling induced by standard particle filtering. The dynamic adaptive genetic cross probability is calculated according to particle degradation degree, and using gaussian function instead of mean distribution to calculate fitness. Then, the HSV histogram features are combined with the improved particle to achieve vehicle multi-target tracking. Finally, the location and size of the tracking bounding boxes are modified by the range information from radar. The experimental results show that compared with the standard particle filter, the improved particle filter algorithm significantly improves the multi-object tracking accuracy (MOTA) and multi-object tracking precision (MOTP) by 22.1% and 21.1% respectively. Compared to visual tracking algorithms, the tracking algorithm that fused radar data can improve the precision by 9.2% again.

      • 1
    • The seepage characteristics of sandstone subjected to acid corrosion

      huorunke, qianmeiting

      In order to broaden the research?of the microscopic characteristics between acid medium and sandstone, based on the digital core model and lattice Boltzmann equation, the paper carried out the simulation test of the acid corrosion process of sandstone, and analyzed the seepage characteristics of the sandstone under different acid environmental circumstances. Firstly, the structural changes of the mineral components in acid-corroded?sandstone?were studied by CT scanning.?Then, The seepage model of sandstone subjected to acid corrosion?was constructed?by the method of combining the digital core of acid-corroded sandstone?which is established by the visual image processing software Image J,?Avizo and the lattice Boltzmann theoretical equation, the change rules of the internal pore structure and seepage characteristics of sandstone in the process of acid corrosion?were analyzed. The results show that?the mineral composition,?pore distribution of sandstone?and the corrosion degree of sandstone by acidic solution?could be revealed by CT scan tests. The depth of penetration increases with the increase of porosity, the rate of increase is fast at first while slow when the porosity is large, finally it tends to be stable, it indicates that the seepage model based on Boltzmann equation is applicable?to simulate the?acid corrosion process of sandstone.

      • 1
    • Damage Constitutive Model of Coal Gangue Concrete under Freeze-Thaw Cycles Basing on the Acoustic Emission Technology


      Considering the influence of coal gangue coarse aggregate replacement rate (0, 20%, 40%, 60%), this article conducts freeze-thaw cycle test, uniaxial compressive constitutive test and acoustic emission detection test to study the damage constitutive model of coal gangue concrete (CGC). The research result indicates that the relative peak strain of CGC with different substitution rates has a high correlation with the freeze-thaw damage value. The resulting equations of freeze-thaw damage value and relative peak strain provide effective parameters for the establishment of constitutive models. The acoustic emission characteristics of CGC are closely related to its load damage development, mechanical properties, and stress-strain curve. Therefore, based on the acoustic emission characteristics, this paper uses parallel bar system (PBS) to establish the freeze-thaw damage constitutive relationship of CGC, and the calculation results are in good agreement with the test data. This model can accurately reflect the overall process damage characteristics of CGC under freeze-thaw and load damage. Moreover, it can provide a theoretical basis for the durability evaluation and life prediction of CGC structure in cold regions.

      • 1
    • ——From the perspective of modernization of social governance capacity

      Wen Chen, Fangming Zou

      The evolutionary context of youth volunteer cultural values and the deep impact of voluntary service on youth cultural values since the Reform and Opening Up, are researched and compared, which will help to re-examine the deep influence of the times on youth values and the cultural value function of volunteer service. Inglehart"s World Value Survey and Q Methodology was used to survey 13,000 young volunteers across the country, which results were compared with the data from Ingelhart’s surveys in 1984 and 2007 in China. The study shows that the young volunteers of post-80s and post-90s pursued both of the cultural values and happiness values, but among them the post-90s volunteers pursue happiness values more than that of post-80s volunteers, and it is found that the volunteer behavior significantly affected the development and change of youth cultural values. Volunteering can help the youth to improve social cooperation, expand social networks, enhance social integration and explore social innovation. Furthermore, Volunteering can help the youth in the new era to cultural values of mutual aid, friendship, openness, tolerance, harmony and participation, and can also help the modernization of social governance from "hard governance" to "soft governance" so as to improve the efficiency of social governance.

      • 1
    • Preparation of In(OH)3/g-C3N4 catalyst containing oxygen vacancies for photodegradation of pollutants in water

      Zhao Zhiwei, Liu Jie, Fan Junyu, Zheng Huaili


      • 1
    • Development and optimization of abrasive water-jet directional slitting machine for coal mine

      LU Yi-yu, QIN Xu-qian, TANG Ji-ren, ZHANG Wen-feng, LING Yuan-fei, LI Qian

      The N00 method is a highly efficient and resource saving mining method, witch a key step is to quickly separate the gob roof and the roadway roof by making a slit between them. Based on the water jet theory and technology, a new idea of using abrasive jet directional cutting roof is proposed. The structural composition and working principle of the abrasive jet directional cutting system are studied, and the water jet nozzle, cutting nozzle, orienter, conveyor, abrasive are designed. Through experiment, the working parameters of the abrasive jet directional cutting has been optimized, and the roof cutting test was carried out on the S1201-II working face of a mine in Shaanxi. The results show that under the conditions of jet pressure 25MPa, nozzle diameter 1.5mm, abrasive type yellow sand / quartz sand, abrasive concentration 3.5%, cutting speed 4.4mm / s, the developed system is able to make slits at the same time in 4 holes of 7000-8000mm deep within a cycle time (50min).

      • 1
    • AAHT-Based Truck Load Simulation Model and Its Influence on Bridge Fatigue Damage

      LIU Lang, YANG Hong

      The recorded traffic data shows that traffic loads have been increasing. In this study, based on the long-term health monitoring data collected from Anhui Province, the annual average hourly traffic (AAHT) is defined to take into account the periodical and seasonal change of traffic volumes, furthermore, an autoregressive moving average model (SARIMA) is established to simulate truck loads in the future. At the same time, several truck load models are developed with the statistics of the key parameters of truck data, and then loaded one by one on the finite element model of a T-bridge, to calculate the fatigue damage induced by the non-stationary increases of truck traffic. The results show that the AAHT-based SARIMA model is accurate and efficient for predicting traffic loads, moreover, the non-stationary increase of traffic loads will significantly jeopardize bridge structures due to the fatigue damage caused. Specifically, the fatigue damage will be increased by about 50% when considering this kind of non-stationary increase.

      • 1
    • Real-time risk assessment of distribution network based on comprehensive failure rate

      Fangjian, Lin Xiang, Wang Hongbin, Zhang Min, Fang Min, Li Shengnan

      In view of the problems that the existing failure rate calculation models can not take into account the influence of equipment operation status and grid structure on equipment failure rate at the same time, and that the risk assessment model of distribution network can not effectively reflect the real-time state of equipment, a real-time risk assessment method for distribution network based on comprehensive failure rate is proposed in this paper. The synergy between the main fault factors is considered, and the original state evaluation model is improved. The accurate equipment failure rate is replaced into the real-time failure rate model based on health index, and the undetermined coefficient is obtained by fitting. The failure rate of the equipment under the influence of gradual factors is calculated according to the on-line monitoring data. According to the real-time intensity of the sudden factors in the environment of the distribution equipment to be evaluated, as well as the equipment level and grid structure level,the sudden potential failure rate and comprehensive failure rate are calculated. The feeder partition method is used to calculate the real-time outage probability and risk of each load point, and the weak links of distribution equipment and load points are found through the analysis of an example in the city of Guangzhou.

      • 1
    • Investigation on correlation between energy dissipation and fractal characteristics of fragments of preflawed sandstone

      Liuxianghua, Zhangke, Wuwenyuan

      The uniaxial compression tests on preflawed sandstone with different flaw inclinations were conducted. The energy evolution characteristics of preflawed sandstone during loading were analyzed. Based on fractal theory, the size distribution characteristics of fragments after final failure were quantitatively characterized. The correlation between the energy dissipation and fragments fractal characteristics were investigated. The study shows that the compressive strength and dissipation strain energy of specimen first decrease and then increase with the increase of flaw inclination, the data fitting results showed that there was a positive correlation between them. The fragment size distribution of fragments under the uniaxial compression tests has obvious fractal property. The fractal dimension of specimens with different flaw inclinations are in the range of 2.58 ~ 2.64. The trend of fractal dimension with flaw inclination is similar to that of compressive strength, and they have a linear correlation. This is because the higher the compressive strength of the specimen, the more the dissipative strain energy during failure. At this time, the more severe failure the specimen is, the greater the proportion of micro and fine particles generated, resulting in the increase of fractal dimension. The regression analysis shows the relationship between the dissipation strain energy and fractal dimension can be expressed by a linear model.

      • 1
    • Precise motion control design of three-wheeled mobile robots

      WEN Xiangrong, ZHOU Yusheng

      At first, the non-holonomic and holonomic constraints of the three-wheeled mobile robot were clarified by means of its geometric relation. Then, its dynamical equation was deduced by using the Euler-Lagrange equation of non-holonomic mechanical systems. In order to make the three-wheeled mobile robot move along a given trajectory curve accurately, the target trajectory curve was transformed into a speed form. After that, the speed target was converted to a form approximated to the actual initial speed by introducing a differential homeomorphic transformation. In this case, the initial speed error and cumulative position error of the controlled systems can be decreased as far as possible. Finally, the trajectory tracking control of the three-wheeled mobile robot was designed by using optimal control and integral sliding mode control. Simulation results show that the proposed control method can compel the three-wheeled mobile robot to move along a given trajectory curve accurately with a certainty of robustness.

      • 1
    • An accurate orientation technique by removing MEMS gyroscope’s noises in real time

      He Haochen, Zhang Danhong

      MEMS-IMU includes a tri-axial gyroscope and a tri-axial accelerometer, in which gyroscope’s noies lead to MEMS-IMU’s orientation inaccurate and result in external accelerations presenting errors. Based on the problem, a method of removing gyroscope’s noises in real time is proposed. The third column of direction cosine matrix and gyroscope’s bias are taken as state vector so that gyroscope’s noises could be obtained online. Both the external accelerations and measurement noises of accelerometer are regarded as measurement residuals so as to measure the gravity vector in any trajectory. A Kalman filter is utlized to fuse the measurement results of gyroscope and accelerometer, in which the former results is used to estimate the state vector and the latter results is aimed to calibrate the state vector. The feasibility of this study is verified by comparing orientation and external accelerations when MEMS-IMU is in arbitrary quasi-static. Experimental results show the maximum errors of pitch, roll, yaw and external accelerations are 0.5°, 0.2°, 2° and 0.2 m/s2 respectivity, which are much better than that only based on gyroscope.

      • 1
    • Design of a new dehydration tube based on bionics and its dehydration law

      ZHANG Aiqing, WU Aixiang, WANG Yiming, LI Jinyun

      The type of dehydration tube is one of the key factors influencing the dehydration technology of filling. The paper analyzes the water absorption model of plant roots, designs new dehydration tube and related test devices based on bionics, studies the dehydration efficiency, effect of the new dehydration tube and the dehydration law of unclassified tailings non-cemented filling. The test results show that the root-like design of the dehydration tube can increase the water passing area and reduce the seepage distance of the dehydration tube. Compared with the ordinary dehydration tube, the new type reduces the dehydration time by 20%, and the cumulative dehydration volume increases by 10.3%, which improves the dehydration efficiency. The tailings loss was introduced to evaluate the dehydration effect of dehydration tube, and the new type dehydration tube has a 45% reduction in tailings loss compared to the conventional dehydrating tube. The unclassified tailings non-cemented filling and the inner surface of the test device form a large number of uniformly distributed pore water-conducting zones, which is one of the reasons why the new dehydration tube can improve the dehydration efficiency. The dehydration process of the unclassified tailings non-cemented filling can be divided into three stages: rapid, steady and gentle flow zone. The steady flow zone is the key to improve dehydration efficiency.

      • 1
    • Design and Analysis of a novel type micro-dispensing mechanism with large displacementLi Xuan1, Ding Bingxiao1*,Zhou Shuangwu1, Li Yangmin2

      Li Xuan, Ding Bingxiao, Zhou Shuangwu, Li Yangmin

      To solve the issues of low speed and limited stroke of micro liquid delivery system, this paper proposes a novel micro-dispensing mechanism with large stroke based on piezoelectric actuator. To compensate the stroke of piezoelectric actuator, hybrid amplification mechanisms were integrated with the flexure-based mechanism design. Referring to the operation principle of three typical amplification mechanisms, the magnification ratio was derived. Based on Lagrange’s theorem, the stiffness model of the mechanism was established. In addition, the natural frequency of the mechanism was derived. To validate the correction of theoretical analysis, simulations were performed via ANSYS Workbench demonstrated that the errors of the stiffness model and magnification ration were 8.5% and 7.2% respectively. The proposed mechanism can be referred to design the high performance liquid micro delivery system.

      • 1
    • Architectural History and Heritage + Design Education of Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment of Delft University of Technology

      Chen Dan

      Renewal /reuse of buildings (built environment) has become a very important and common work in the contemporary architectural designing/urban planning spheres. The transformation from new building to reusing and from protection to revitalization also puts forward new requirements for current architectural education. Department Architecture and Built Environment (BK) of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has made a long-term exploration through reforming the history courses and embedding heritage value oriented architectural design minors, etc., and has accumulated mature and edge-cutting experiences: integrating theoretical history education and designing education by regarding design as the goal of history education, while taking heritage value evaluation as the guide and judgment standards of designing, to cultivate the capabilities of students to do designing / planning in the historical and socio-cultural context. The course contents, teaching characteristics and specific processes are fully analyzed in this paper to provide a reference for the innovation of domestic (architectural) education.

      • 1
    • The Built Heritage Protection Dimension of Basic Design Teaching

      SA Ying, WANG Xiaoyun, LI Zhiying, LONG Ye

      The rapid development and progress of information technology, it has affected the spatial composition of cities and buildings, and has penetrated into and integrated into urban planning, urban design and architectural design. In this paper, it is focus on the idea of architectural heritage protection in basic design teaching. Meanwhile,it includes three aspects of teaching analysis, teaching construction, research and teaching. The purpose is the foundation for the protection of the engineering science from the course of the basic design of the undergraduate.

      • 1
    • Comparison of Calculation Methods of Curriculum Weight Coefficient Based on Engineering Certification Standard

      Yang Wansheng, Liu Lin, Gao Yunfei, Wang Zhangyuan, Yan Biao, Wang Xiaoxia, Zheng Ruiyun

      Construction environment and energy application engineering is a major with strong engineering applicability, which mainly trains students to be able to engage in industrial and civil construction environment control and energy supply. According to the requirements of engineering certification, the graduation requirements of construction environment major control index points each factor should be calculated according to the training objectives and Curriculum system. At present, due to the short time of engineering certification in our country, professional teachers still lack the knowledge, understanding and grasp of the calculation method of relevant weight coefficient, which is not conducive to the development of teaching under the goal of professional engineering certification, and does not meet the professional development requirements of engineering certification. On the basis of engineering certification standard, this paper analyzes the relationship between graduation requirement index points and supporting courses of Jianhuan major. By using AHP, the judgment matrix of index points and supporting courses is established, and the weight coefficients of each index point factor are calculated and analyzed, and the weight coefficients of different index points of graduation requirement are obtained At the same time, the weight coefficient obtained by AHP is compared with that obtained by credit method, and the advantages and disadvantages of each calculation method are pointed out, in order to promote the engineering certification of construction and environmental protection specialty.the construction environment and energy application engineering is a major with strong engineering applicability, which aims to train students to be able to engage in industrial and civil construction environment control and energy supply. According to the requirements of engineering certification, the graduation requirements of the construction environment major should control all factors of the index points according to the training objectives and curriculum system to calculate the weight coefficient. At present, due to the short time of engineering certification in our country, professional teachers still lack the knowledge, understanding and grasp of the calculation method of relevant weight coefficient, which is not conducive to the development of teaching under the goal of professional engineering certification, and does not meet the professional development requirements of engineering certification. Based on the engineering certification standard, this paper analyzes the graduation requirements index points and their factors of the major of constructi030.03.662on and environment, establishes the judgment matrix by using the analytic hierarchy process, and calculates and analyzes the weight coefficients of the factors of each index point, and obtains the weight coefficients of different index points of graduation requirements The calculation results are analyzed and discussed in order to promote the engineering certification of the construction and environmental protection specialty.

      • 1
    • Synthesis and properties of magnetic carboxymethyl chitosan absorbent microparticles

      li hong, tan zhong xuan, zhao yuan ting, zhao rui, ning ruo yan, zheng huai li

      Due to the serious threat of dyeing wastewater to human health and water environment, it is urgent to develop economical, efficient and convenient adsorbents for its treatment. In this work, the magnetic carboxymethyl chitosan microparticles (MCCs) were synthesized by the cross-linking reaction of carboxymethyl chitosan with glutaraldehyde and the magnetic nanoparticles, ferroferric oxide, was successfully packed. The analysis of infrared spectrum and magnetic hysteresis loops suggested that MCCs had a large number of active functional groups and good magnetic properties. The experimental results showed that the adsorption capacity of MCCs for crystal violet (CV) increased with higher pH in water, and it had a stable and efficient adsorption performance between pH 5.0-10.0. Adsorption isotherm and kinetic data of MCCs were well fitted by Langmuir isotherm and pseudo-second-order kinetic model, respectively. And the maximum adsorption capacity at pH 8.0, 25 ℃ was 942 and 1144 mg / g at 35 ℃. After 5 cycles of regeneration experiment, MCCs still maintained high adsorption capacity, which indicated they had superior performance of regeneration and reuse. MCCs have the advantages of low cost, high efficiency and environmental protection, hence they have great application potential in water treatment.

      • 1
    • Pseudo static test of seismic performance of rubber bearing plate under aging and eccentric compression

      Huang Haixin, li xuangang, li fan, Cheng Shoushan

      The aging and eccentric compression of plate rubber bearings are very important for the seismic safety of bridges.The elastic modulus of plate rubber bearing was measured by indoor aging test. According to the degree of aging and eccentric compression. The quasi-static test is divided into 16 cases, and the seismic performance indexes and change rules of the bearings under thermal aging, eccentric pressure and coupling are compared and analyzed .The results show that the hysteresis curve of the bearings under eccentric compression is relatively narrow. The area and equivalent damping ratio of the hysteresis curve decrease, and the horizontal equivalent stiffness of bearing increases. After aging, the shear deformation of the bearings decreases, the hysteresis curve is fuller with the increase of slip ratio for the given displacement amplitude,and the corresponding equivalent damping ratio increases.Under the condition of aging and eccentric compression, the slope of hysteresis curve is more gentle, and the energy dissipation capacity of bearing is obviously weakened.It is found that the common plate rubber bearing has the risk of falling off due to the excessive unidirectional accumulative slip in earthquake.It is suggested that in bridge maintenance, a limit device should be set on the underside of the bearing and timely adjust the bearing with severe eccentric compression.

      • 1
    • The study of growth and functional traits in filamentous algae responding to temperature

      gaojing, Cao Jing, Chu Zhaosheng, Hou Zeying, Yang Yongzhe

      In view of the frequent blooms of filamentous cyanobacteria in recent years, the response of growth to temperature and the relationship between growth and functional characteristics of three common filamentous algae were studied. The results showed that when the temperature increased from 15 ℃ to 30 ℃, the specific growth rate of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii increased from 0.28 d-1 to 0.70 d-1, the photosynthetic activity (Fv/Fm) fluctuated within the range of 0.40 to 0.61, and the consumption of dissolved total nitrogen (DTN) and soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) per unit algal cell also increased by 6.36 mg-DTN/mg-Chl.a and 0.15 mg-SRP/mg-Chl.a. The specific growth rate of Pseudanabaena sp. increased from 0.12 d-1 to 0.60 d-1, the Fv/Fm reached a minimum of 0.12 at 15 ℃, and the consumption of nitrogen and phosphorus per unit of algal cell increased by 21.72 mg-DTN/mg-Chl.a and 1.71 mg-SRP/mg-Chl.a. The specific growth rate of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae increased from 0.20 d-1 to 0.44 d-1, the Fv/Fm was less affected, and the nitrogen and phosphorus consumption per unit algal cell increased by 12.29 mg-DTN/mg-Chl.a and 0.83 mg-SRP/mg-Chl.a. Then, the increased temperature will promote the growth of three filamentous algae. The Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii is easy to form an advantage when the temperature higher than 30 ℃. The Pseudanabaena sp. has a wide range of temperature adaptation, but when the temperature is belower than 15 ℃, its growth will be inhibited. The optimal temperature of the Aphanizomenon flos-aquae is 25 ℃, and it can also achieve advantages at a lower temperature of 15 ℃, and has strong low temperature resistance. In addition, filamentous algae can maintain the growth advantages at different temperatures by balancing the physiological characteristics of algal cells. This study will be helpful to inhibit the growth of typical filamentous algae (Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii, Pseudanabaena sp., Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) and produce water bloom by means of temperature regulation.

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    • The Effects of Domestic Wastewater Treatment by Micro-aerated Hybrid Constructed Wetland


      The traditional constructed wetland is considered to have a low natural oxygen enrichment rate and low removal efficiency of N and P nutrients. Therefore, a micro-aerated constructed wetland was designed and developed to enhance the removal of C, N and P from domestic sewage in constructed wetlands. By changing the aeration amount (gas-water ratio) and detecting the effect of the constructed wetland on domestic sewage treatment under different temperature conditions, the COD, TP and various nitrogen pollutants along the system in the artificial wetland enhanced by the micro-aeration system were analyzed in detail. The results show that the micro-aeration system can significantly enhance the treatment effect of wetland on domestic sewage. With the gas-water ratio rising from 0:1 to 4:1, the COD and TP removal rate in the wetland increased from 80% and 60% to 93% and 79%. TN removal rate decreased after reaching the top of 75% at gas-water ratio of 3:1 condition. The low temperature also shows a great impact on the removal of carbon and nitrogen. Compared with high temperature, the remove rate of COD and TN decreased by 7% and 8% in the low temperature. The change of pollutant concentration along the wetland shows that the removal process of pollutants mainly occurs in the second wetland system.

      • 1
    • The impact of dam construction on the partial pressure and release of CO2 in a tributary situated in the end of the Three Gorges Reservoir in summer

      Xu Qiang, Li Hong, Bai Xiaoxia, Cheng Cheng, Li Kun, He Qiang

      To investigate the impact of dam construction on CO2 partial pressure and CO2 water-air interface release of rivers in summer, the Yulin River, one of the dam-building tributaries in the end of Three Gorges Reservoir was sampled in August 2019. The key physical and chemical environmental factors were measured in situ, the CO2 partial pressure (pCO2) and water-air interface diffusion flux (Flux(CO2)) were calculated by headspace equilibrium method combined with Henry"s law and thin boundary layer theory. The results show that the surface water pCO2 of the Yulin River in summer is 54.55 ~ 336.73 Pa, with an average of 206.68 Pa, the Flux(CO2) is 1.65 ~ 67.84 mmol.(m2.d)-1, with an average of 39.01 mmol.(m2.d)-1, which is the source of atmospheric CO2 emission. The emission level of CO2 from Yulin River is significantly higher than that of the tributaries in the middle and lower reaches of the Three Gorges Reservoir area. In summer, the Yulin River is greatly affected by dam construction. The near reach of the upstream of the dam is lake-type"s water (velocity < 0.05 m.s-1), while the far reach of the upstream and downstream are transition-type"s water (velocity: 0.05 ~ 0.2 m.s-1). The pCO2 and Flux(CO2) of lake-type"s water are significantly lower than that of transition-type"s water, and pCO2 increases rapidly with the increase of water depth. Correlation analysis and multiple stepwise regression analysis show that pCO2 and Flux(CO2) in the Yulin River in summer were significantly affected by physical and chemical environmental indexes such as water temperature, pH, DO and Chl-a, and Chl-a is the most important factor affecting pCO2, while pCO2 is the most important factor affecting Flux(CO2).

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    • Fault diagnosis of multi-sensor signal with unknown composite fault based on deep learning

      XING Li-wen, YAO Wen-kai, HUANG Ying

      Deep learning has been widely used in the field of fault diagnosis, among which convolution neural networks (CNN) and long short term memory networks (LSTM) are typical models. As a common method of multi-sensor signal fault diagnosis, CNN can obtain better diagnosis effect, but it can not realize the diagnosis of unknown composite fault. In order to solve this problem, a CNN-LSTM-FCM (fuzzy C-means) model is proposed. LSTM is more sensitive to the time signals with the connection between the front and the back. By using this feature, LSTM and CNN are combined to realize the diagnosis of unknown signals. The decoupling of composite fault is realized through the probability classification output. The CNN-LSTM-FCM model itself has optimized parameter design, which further improves the diagnosis accuracy. The chemical process fault measurement data is used for experiments, the results show that the diagnostic accuracy of CNN-LSTM-FCM model can reach 97.15%, which is superior to CNN model and LSTM model, and has a high application value.

      • 1
    • Characteristic analysis of multipoint input seismic response of RC frame structures supported by stepped foundations

      Liu Liping, Li Ruifeng, LiWeisi, Jiang Wei, Li Yingmin

      There are some differences in earthquake motion of foundations supported by different levels of mountainous buildings. And the influence of these differences on the seismic response of mountainous buildings needs to be studied. Based on the topography of Zigong observation array, four RC (reinforced concrete) frame structures supported by steeped foundations were designed in accordance with Chinese code for seismic design of buildings. The ground motions of Wenchuan earthquake of Zigong observation array were selected, and three conditions of uniform input of ground motion at upper foundation, uniform input of ground motion at lower foundation and multipoint input of ground motion were designed. The ratio of the uniform input response to the multi-point input response of the structure was defined as the difference coefficient of the seismic response of the structure. Both linear and nonlinear finite element models were developed to analyze the influence of multipoint input on the seismic response of RC frame structures supported by steeped rock foundation by comparing the differential coefficient, seismic response and failure characteristics. The results are as follows: In the analysis of linear model, for the RC frame structures with long basic period, the coefficient of difference is between 0.85 and 1.12. For structures with short basic period, the coefficient of difference is between 0.38 and 1.22. Therefore, it may be unsafe to adopt uniform input seismic design for short-period RC frame structures supported by steeped foundations; In the analysis of nonlinear model, the seismic response along the slope of RC frame structures supported by steeped foundation with both long and short periods under multi-input is obviously different from that under uniform input. And the minimum difference coefficient can reach 0.27. The failure state of the bottom floor under multi-point input is more serious than that under uniform input under the extremely large earthquake. Proper seismic strengthening should be carried out for the step part and the first floor above the sill of the RC frame structure supported by steeped foundation.

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    • Experimental Study on Simply Supported Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams of Topology Optimization Design Method

      zhang hu zhi

      The genetic bi-directional evolutionary structural optimization (GBESO) of separated elements model adopts the evolution mechanism by generation probabilistic eliminate and reactivation, which can obtain the optimal topology based on uniform stress distribution by optimizing the steel bar element, and provide a new idea for engineering reinforcement design of two-dimensional components such as deep beam. According to the GBESO and the empirical design method recommended by the Chinese code, a group of reinforced concrete simply supported deep beam reinforcement contrast static test was completed. Results show that the component designed by GBESO consumes less steel bars, has higher ultimate bearing capacity, better cracks distribution, and better energy dissipation ability in the process of destruction, the reinforcement design approach is more conform to the mechanism of the component due to the oblique steer bars reinforcement of the oblique section. To sum up, the capability and reliability of t separated elements model GBESO in the design of deep beam reinforcement have been confirmed, which can be used as a reference for future engineering design.

      • 1
    • A state-of-the-art review on displacement-dependent earth pressure formulations of rigid retaining walls using mathematical fitting functions

      zhang chang-guang, shan ye-peng, gao ben-xian, wu kai

      Variation laws of earth pressure accounting for the displacement of a retaining wall can be described by a mathematical fitting method. The mathematical fitting method is usually based on the earth pressure at rest or the active and passive earth pressures to illustrate the displacement-earth pressure of retaining walls through constructing various mathematical functions. This study subdivides displacement-dependent earth pressure formulations into six categories according to different functional forms. These six categories are: trigonometric function, exponential function, hyperbolic function, power function, sigmoid function and other ones. Characteristics and deficiencies of displacement-dependent earth pressure formulations are summarized, and future research focuses are provided. The findings of this study show that main differences of mathematical fitting functions are attributed to choosing function forms as well as different undetermined parameters and their magnitudes, which results in the diversity of mathematical fitting functions and the universality of research. A reasonable and practical mathematical fitting function of displacement-dependent earth pressure has three features: boundary condition and initial value satisfied, parameters with clear meaning and representing the interaction between a retaining wall and soils. In terms of test studies, it is necessary to perform targeted researches on different movement modes of a retaining wall, and model tests of earth pressure are conducted on clay, unsaturated soil, collapsible loess, expansive soil, among others. In terms of theoretical calculations, displacement-dependent earth pressure formulations using different mathematical fitting functions are compared to explore their rationality and applicability as well as to reveal intrinsic mechanisms between earth pressure of a retaining wall and its displacement. Displacement-dependent earth pressure of a retaining wall in unsaturated soil needs to be extendedly paid more attention. The choice and measurement of different parameters are improved and validated by model tests in order to accelerate the process of engineering applications for mathematical fitting functions.

      • 1
    • A review on the recycling of the low activity concrete slurry waste with complex components

      gaoyingli, duankairui, hebei, zengwei, xuyishen, butao, longguoxin

      Abstract:Concrete slurry waste, CSW is a unique unhardened construction waste which is rich in silicate minerals generated from concrete ready-mixing plant. However, its recycling has always been greatly restricted owing to its complex composition, high water to solid ratio, hazardous and corrosion. The large-scale recycling methods of CSW are comprehensively reported and commented in this paper, including recycling as aggregates, fillers, cementitious materials (wet grinding technology), additions in concrete and raw materials for cement clinker production; preparation of new type of concrete products and lightweight aggregates by carbonation and cold bonded pelletizing technique; the development in “one or two” part alkali-activated materials (AAMs). The promising research directions of CSW in the future are pointed out as follows: 1. Pre-treatment regeneration technology and active excitation technology with low energy consumption; 2. Carbonation technology; 3. Long term leaching behavior of heavy metals and durability.

      • 1
    • Exploration on civil engineering material course reformation according to the standard of “golden course”

      LI Hongying

      Under background of reconstruction of the military college system and systematic course reformation of the army college, according to the standard of "golden course", This paper explores and studies the course reform of civil engineering material. The main problems existing in civil engineering materials courses are analyzed , such as the lack of accurate docking of talent training objectives, the lack of optimization and reconstruction of teaching content system, and the lack of integration and innovation of teaching methods. Ideas and principles of civil engineering material course reform are established, the teaching goals of starting point to meet post capacity and the potential capacity for long-term development are established, the reverse transformation path is designed, the basic teaching design principles of course are the principle of subjectivity by students" effective participation and the basic principle of learning content optimization. Measures including course structure, teaching content, teaching method, practice platform, examination method, innovation competition, etc.are put forward to promote the course reformation , to eliminate "water course" and create "golden course".

      • 1
    • Exploration and practice of personnel training in urban underground space engineering by university enterprise cooperation

      Yuwei Zhang

      The development and utilization of underground space is the key development direction of the country in the future. Urban underground space engineering is a new subject which combines theory and practice closely. At present, the talent cultivation of various schools is still in the initial stage of exploration, which is out of line with the talent demand of enterprises. Combined with the urban underground space project of Xi'an University of architecture and technology, this paper puts forward some measures such as setting up Research Institute, laboratory, practice base and network platform by combining school and enterprise, establishing talent incubation pool by using the teaching resources and enterprise engineering practice of colleges and universities, giving full play to the respective advantages of colleges and enterprises, and putting forward the school enterprise cooperation training model from the perspective of talent training and enterprise development needs In this way, the school students can enter the practice base to improve the engineering practice ability, and the enterprise employees can supplement the theoretical knowledge through the network platform, so as to realize the win-win goal of the school and enterprise personnel training. This paper analyzes the feasibility of school enterprise cooperative training mode from the perspective of universities and enterprises, and discusses the significance of school enterprise cooperative training mode to universities and enterprises. The results show that the school enterprise cooperative training mode is of great significance to the teaching reform and the long-term development of enterprises.

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    • Research on flipped classroom teaching mode of《digital architecture design I》 from the perspective of mobile Internet

      Huang Li

      In the era of digital economy, students can learn online autonomously through the amount of learning resources on the Internet in their spare time. In class, teachers and students can learn offline through questioning and discussion. The combination of online and offline learning in different ways will constitute the most efficient learning method at this stage. The course of 《digital architecture design I 》attempts to take the design, discussion and practice of a series of experimental project cases as the main line of teaching process, and use mobile app, course wechat learning group and "rain class", "enterprise wechat", "Tencent class" and "Tencent conference" and other real-time online interactive technologies based on mobile Internet to build online and offline deep integration flipped course Classroom teaching mode. This paper attempts to build an active learning mode of thinking in practice and asking questions in practice with students as the center, so as to cultivate the technical talents who are good at asking questions and thinking, good at digital design conception, understanding the implementation steps of the project, familiar with the operation process of the project, and have the ability of innovation and hands-on practice.

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    • Bridge and architecture interdisciplinary construction and innovative engineering talent cultivation

      xu Li-ping, Zhang Jian-long, Xiao Ru-cheng

      Considering the new demand of bridge aesthetic art in urban construction at home and abroad, it is difficult to copy or directly use the existing relevant courses between architectural structure, architecture and architectural aesthetics, because of the particular relationship between bridge structure and form. Bridge and architecture interdisciplinary emerges as the time requires. The curriculum construction includes the compilation of teaching materials, the reform of teaching syllabus and personnel training mode, among which the teaching material development is the core and the leader.The theory and aesthetic creation of urban bridge architecture is based on the theory and engineering technology of bridge structure, the theoretical system and technical route of architecture, the research object of bridge structure technology, function and shape and their internal relationship, and the interdisciplinary subject of theory and creation of urban bridge, comprehensive technology and art.By elaborately arranging the syllabus, teaching contents, teaching methods and assessment methods of undergraduate and graduate courses, Tongji University has successively set up the interdisciplinary elective courses of graduate major and undergraduate excellent general courses, realizing the connection of undergraduate and graduate courses, and the connection of interdisciplinary and the two colleges' own major courses.The reform of curriculum construction and training mode will promote the engineering design from pure technical thinking of bridge structure to the comprehensive thinking and creation of bridge technology and art. The goal is to systematically cultivate the technical creativity and aesthetic creative quality of students majoring in bridge structure and architecture and urban planning.

      • 1
    • Application of virtual reality in architectural space cognition

      GUAN Hui-qing, XU Jing-feng, GONG Cheng-jin, GAO Lu

      Virtual reality technology in such aspects as spatial cognition and design thinking training has unique advantages, and spatial cognition is an important index of the basic education of architecture. At present, the application cases of virtual reality technology in architectural design education mainly focus on the description of teaching process and decomposition of technical process, while the evaluation of teaching results still needs further practice and verification. This paper expounds the basic definition, form and evaluation factors of space cognitive. It also takes the virtual reality technology as part of an Architectural Essentials teaching reform course, to extract the space scale cognitive factors of spatial cognitive ability, in the form of a questionnaire for junior student of spatial cognition ability to improve conditions for quantitative analysis. The experimental results showed that after the intervention of virtual reality in the teaching process, students" cognitive ability of building spatial scale increased by 11.2 percent to 68.7 percent, while the understanding of the windowing scale showed limitations. In addition, students who have been taught by virtual reality pay more attention to the sense of experience, indicating that the way of spatial thinking is influenced by teaching methods, and virtual reality makes the relationship between visual representation and spatial thinking more close.

      • 1
    • Competency of guiding?teachers of technology competitions for Chinese college students toward global engineering education accreditation

      zhangqi, dingxin, wangqiuping

      Engineering education accreditation is considered fundamental reforming orientation to the institutional constructions of talent cultivation for engineering majors, while technology competitions for college students are also considered important approaches to achieve the educational objectives and graduation demands by engineering education accreditation. On the understanding that guidance to technology competitions is dealt with in the light of 3 core ideas of engineering education accreditation, including student-centered, comprehensive ability outcome-based and continuous improvement, the structural equation model (SEM) of the competency of guiding?teachers is established with competency concepts and principles. Moreover, assumptions of SEM model are proved and formation mechanisms of the competency of guiding?teachers are analyzed through a case study of NACtrans. It is suggested that the competency of guiding?teachers is consisted of 3 dimensions, including topic selecting, works producing and team managing. While there are 10 characteristic vectors related to the 3 dimensions and 5 of them have more obvious direct influence on these dimensions according to SEM of NACtrans case. The hierarchical differentiation of colleges is the main reason for topic selecting performances of their guiding?teachers through indirect interference of intermediate variable in SEM of NACtrans case, as well as regional differentiation of colleges for works producing performances. Countermeasures to improve the competency continuously can be raised by both effects achieving in the short time and connotation constructing in the long run discussed above.

      • 1
    • Perception and practiceAnalysis on the new mode of undergraduate education of architecture in local universities

      XU Jian-he, YAN jun, OUYANG-guohui, HE chuan

      Based on the background of the new engineering, combined with the social demand of new technology and new business form for architectural professionals, through the understanding and training of the concept of Education to build a local university characteristics and reflect the characteristics of the times of strong practical ability of the undergraduate education system of architecture, aiming at innovative consciousness and practical ability, this paper explores the mode and overall reform scheme of undergraduate talents cultivation of architecture specialty in local universities, and constructs a cooperative cultivation system and curriculum system oriented by the goal of strengthening design and practical ability, combining with the current situation of local colleges and universities, we strive to achieve the goal of training talents of compound and applied architecture for local economic construction.

      • 1
    • The dilemma and countermeasures of the construction of grassroots party organizations in major emergent public crisis events

      JIANG YANCHUAN, Zhang Yan, Yang Li-hua

      Major emergencies in public crises are closely related and closely connected with the construction of the grassroots organizations of the Communist Party of China. With the development of network information, the current major public emergencies are greater than any challenge to the social order. The grass-roots organizations of the Communist Party of China, as the main body involved in the handling of the incident, should adapt to the new challenges and continuously improve the organization in the face of new challenges. Construction level. In the process of responding to major emergencies, it is necessary to take precautions and make emergency contingency plans; strengthen the foundation and strengthen the credibility of grassroots party organizations; dare to act and play the role of the vanguard of the party members; take a two-pronged approach and pay attention to both spiritual and material security. In practice, the ability of grassroots party organizations will be improved to win victory in the handling of major public emergencies.

      • 1
    • Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Major Training Objectivein Higher Engineering Education Based on Multi-subject and Multi-factor

      WU Chen, WANG Zhan-liang, MA Sheng-lan

      In higher engineering education of China, the rationality evaluation of training objectives provides the foundation for objectives revision, and the achievement evaluation is an important basis for the continuous improvement in teaching. However, the current evaluation method is usually abstract and macroscopic, which affects the evaluation effectiveness. Under the background of emerging engineering education and big data, a new evaluation system based on multi-subject multi-factor is proposed for basic data collection. The fuzzy mathematic theory is adopted to evaluate comprehensively the rationality and achievement of major training objectives, which lays a foundation for the continuous improvement based on the concept of outcome -based education.

      • 1
    • Research on the "3+1+1" education model of college-enterprise cooperative in the viewpoint of integration between production and education for urban and rural planning

      WANG Baojun, JIANG Yun, PANG Bo, XIA Hongjia, TAO Chunhui

      The nation clearly considered integration between production and education as the major steps of the reform and development of higher education. In this context, for the problems of college-enterprise cooperation in urban and rural planning major from application-oriented institutions, this paper puts forward the college-enterprise cooperation of urban and rural planning Multinity Integration including teachers, students, enterprises, local governments, vocational training institutions in the perspective of integration between production and education. Depending on central platform of integration between production and education, the research built up cooperative education environment, optimizing the curriculum system and practical teaching system by revising the program of cultivating talents with college and enterprise cooperation, optimizing and innovating the “4+1” in urban and rural planning college-enterprise cooperative talents cultivating model, finally building up the talents cultivating model of integration between production and education of “3+1+1” in urban and rural planning and college-enterprise cooperation.

      • 1
    • Research on the Construction of High-level Universities with Industrial Characteristics in Jiangxi Province——Taking "East China Jiaotong University" as an Example

      Wang Yong-xiang, Wu Tao

      The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for the development of education in Jiangxi Province states that it would arrange financial funds to build a number of high-level universities with special characteristics. In order to clarified the way and direction of the construction of high-level universities with industry characteristics in Jiangxi Province, taking East China Jiaotong University as an example, five universities with the characteristics of rail transit were selected as the reference samples for the study. By obtaining actual official data, the correlation coefficient analysis method was used to The core competitiveness of the research sample was analyzed and compared. The results show that the core competitiveness of East China Jiaotong University in the sample universities is in the third echelon, which is far from the high-level universities with industry characteristics of the first echelon. Finally, it proposes strategic measures for the construction of East China Jiaotong University as a high-level university with industry characteristics.

      • 1
    • Reformation of postgraduate training mode based on “Double First-Class” construction: Taking the major of Bridge and Tunnel Engineering in Harbin Institute of Technology as an example

      GAO Qing-fei, WANG Yan-fang, MA Qi-lu, LI Jun, WANG Qi

      Based on the strategic demand of "traffic power" put forward in the report of the 19th national congress of the CPC, combined with the background of "Double First-Class" construction, the quality of master training in bridge and tunnel engineering is particularly critical. Based on the analysis of the current training mode of the masters in Harbin Institute of Technology in the past 10 years, and the comparison with other typical universities in terms of training years, curriculum and student-teacher ratio, some suggestions on the reform of the training mode of the masters in bridge and tunnel engineering are put forward. Academic master and professional master should be trained by classification. The course setting, training years and assessment requirements should be truly differentiated, such as optimizing the course setting, reducing the credits of compulsory courses, increasing the credits of optional courses and enhancing students' learning initiative. In addition, it is also very effective to continue to strengthen the process management, improve the corresponding system, increase mutual supervision between teachers and students, and implement the end elimination system.

      • 1
    • Seismic performance of prefabricated pier with replaceable damper

      zhangjing, shenyanli

      Abstract:In order to reduce the plastic seismic damage of prefabricated pier with grouting sleeve and resume the function of the pier in a timely manner, the concept of the prefabricated pier with damper grouting sleeve was proposed. A conventional prefabricated pier with grouting sleeve and pier with grouting sleeve and replaceable damper were finite element analysis using numerical modeling method. Two models were established to compare the seismic performance between conventional pier and bridge pier with replaceable damper, respectively. It is identified that the horizontal bearing capacity and energy dissipation capacity of the replaceable dampers are improved. The replaceable viscoelastic damper can effectively control the structural dynamic responses, reduce the prefabricated pier damage.The result shows that the horizontal bearing capacity and cumulative energy dissipation of the prefabricated pier with replaceable damper are 10% and 27% higher than conventional bridge pier. The maximum residual displacement of the prefabricated pier with damper decrease by 19%. The damper can effectively control the structural dynamic responses, reduce the prefabricated pier damage.

      • 1
    • Solid Mechanical Simulation and Pore-scale Modelling of Reconstructed Carbon Felt for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

      XIAO Liu-Sheng, LUO Ma-Ji, ZHU Li-Jun, DUAN Kang-Jun, Roswitha Zeis, SUI Bang-Jie

      X-ray computed tomography (XCT) reconstruction technique, finite element method (FEM) and pore scale modelling (PSM) were employed to investigate the displacement distribution and its effects on transport properties of vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) carbon felt under compression at pore-scale. Contact, friction, extrusion and bending were considered between carbon fibers. Micro-structure of a carbon felt was reconstructed by XCT first, then the displacement distribution of the microstructure in 3D (X, Y and Z direction) with different compression ratio (CR) were investigated, and last the relationship between the displacement and transport properties was quanlificated. The results show that the carbon fibers’ displacement in the Z direction (through plane) under compression is more noticeable. As CR was increased to 30%, the displacement change in Z direction is -59~+5μm, and in XY directions (in-plane) is -25~+ 16μm, the diffusion coefficient of the vanadium ion in XY direction is decreased by 15.4%, and in Z direction is decreased by 24.2%. The conductivity in XY direction is increased by 102.1%, and in Z direction increases by 46.2%. As CR is increased from 20% to 30%, the diffusion coefficient and the conductivity change faster.

      • 1
    • Research on the governance education of western universities under the background of


      The Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee emphasizes the significance and requirements of advancing the entrepreneurial education governance system and capabilities, which are the intent of promoting the national governance modernization. A questionnaire survey was conducted to know about the current status of entrepreneurship education governance in western universities. Problems including little attention to entrepreneurship education, vague and general entrepreneurship courses, poor entrepreneurial atmosphere and utilitarian education goals exist in some western universities. Several suggestions are put forward, including changing the concept of talent training, improving the level of teachers, carrying out "theory and practice", a multi-disciplinary entrepreneurship curriculum system and entrepreneurship training programs and enhancing the cultural atmosphere in campus, to improve the governance ability of innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities, break through the weak links in the reform of entrepreneurship education, and enhance the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability of college students.

      • 1
    • Research on differential protection of the distribution line based on 5G communication and dynamic time wraping algorithm

      huangfuquan, wangyanfeng, zhanghaitai, liuzijun, liguodong

      The access of distributed new energy generation device in modern distribution network makes the traditional three section current protection difficult to realize. The differential protection needs to lay optical fiber, which has high cost of construction and maintenance and is difficult to be widely used. Through 5G ultra-low delay service, the data transmission channel of differential protection in the power grid is realized, which is helpful to solve the problem of high cost of optical fiber. However, the uncertainty of delay and jitter of 5G communication has a negative impact on the calculation accuracy of protection action criterion. In order to solve this problem, this paper uses the dynamic time wraping (DTW) algorithm to tolerate the time delay and jitter, and constructs a differential protection criterion based on DTW distance to eliminating the influence of transmission delay and jitter on calculation and comparison of differential protection. Finally, the influence of parameter selection on the result is analyzed by simulation, and the validity of differential protection criterion algorithm based on DTW distance is verified.

      • 1
    • Teaching practice of flipped classroom integrated with PBL in the course of urban planning principles

      WangTing, LI Wenting, Yang Wenyue

      Through the problem-based flipped classroom to solve the problems existing in the traditional urban planning principles course. The teaching contents of the course of urban planning principles are various and complicated. And the traditional teaching method is mainly based on teacher's narration, which leads to students' passive learning and poor teaching effect. In combination with PBL's flipped classroom, the traditional classroom will be flipped with the guidance of questions, forming a student-centered and teacher-directed ability training teaching. This paper introduces the concrete teaching practice plan, the practice includes modularized reconstruction of teaching content based on flipped classroom, and building learning platform on WeChat Subscription. It also clarifies the specific methods and steps of PBL flipped classroom before, during and after class, as well as the way of examination and evaluation. Through practical research, it is concluded that the teaching of PBL flipped classroom makes teachers more clearly understand the weak links of students' curriculum learning. Students' abilities in autonomous learning, communication and cooperation, summary and induction, and language expression have been greatly improved, and the teaching effect is improved.

      • 1
    • Design and practice of blended teaching mode for civil engineering

      zeng xueqin, WANG Liwen, LI Pengbo, LI Xiongwei, DING Chuan

      Innovative teaching and learning is an important way to improve the quality of talent cultivation. Based on the needs of talent training in the era of Education Informatiozation 2.0", this study analyzed the necessity of blended teaching reform of civil engineering courses. Then based on the internet plus curriculum construction mode and the reverse instructional design theory, this study constructed a blended teaching mode based on "SPOC+ MOOCs classroom" from the aspects of teaching goal setting, teaching object analysis, teaching resource construction, interactive teaching activity design and diversified assessment system. Taking the course of civil engineering construction organization as an example, the results indicate that the blended teaching mode improves the students" driving force and problem-solving ability in autonomous learning to some extent, increases the students" sense of acquisition, and promotes the cultivation of students" engineering practice ability.

      • 1
    • The exploration and expansion of ideological and political origin in practical teaching of architecture specialty


      Based on the experience of architecture major turning to application in shenyang university of technology, also with the curriculum of practice teaching reform, To explore the thought and method of ideological and political origin, put forward a new model of education that named the "1234..." which combines professional education with ideological and political education: Creating a real-time updated architectural practice teaching platform; Two ideological and political teaching lines should be established to promote social values from different historical time lines and multiple perspectives; Constructing "three time and space" ideological and political teaching environment; Promoting the orderly penetration of "four-in-one" teaching links, and ensure the full range of personnel involved in the course. After three years of practical experience, the teaching effect is remarkable, which can provide the foundation and construction direction for the ideological and political work of the relevant professional courses.

      • 1
    • Exploration on the practical teaching system of civil engineering specialty facing to emerging engineering education

      ZHANG Xue, QI Yong-zheng, ZENG Wen-jie, CHEN San-bo

      The new and higher level requirements for the training of engineering talents in colleges and universities has been put forward according to the requirements of the construction of "emerging engineering education". The reform of practical teaching system has to be explore for the traditional civil engineering specialty in the situation. The practical teaching system of civil engineering specialty was explored focusing on the connotation of emerging engineering education and the training goal of civil engineering in this paper. Based on the analysis of the situation of practical teaching, all kinds of experimental courses and practical training of the specialty were reorganized; the innovation concept of "emerging engineering education" was integrated; and a practical teaching system of civil engineering with "one main line, four platforms and three levels" was constructed. It is aimed to provide reference for the cultivation of innovative, cross and compound high-quality engineering and technical talents.

      • 1
    • Discussion and practice of innovative capability cultivation in civil engineering graduation dissertation

      WANG Jingjing, OU Zhihua, ZHENG Yuqiang

      University graduation dissertation for civil engineering students in China is considered to have wide-ranging contents, heavy workload, and full of difficulties. Incorporating innovative capability cultivation into graduation dissertation meets the needs for improving students’ overall quality and providing high-end engineering talents. Issues exist in current graduation dissertation including outdated topics, negative learning attitude, passive education mode, and lacking of practice. To address these issues, instruction methods including offering more types of dissertation topics, updating design contents up to practical engineering, motivating students’ proactivity, playing the guiding role of teachers, making reasonably in-depth instruction plan, and emphasizing more on practices are proposed. Those proposed methods are expected to contribute to the enhancement of graduation dissertation.

      • 1
    • Study On the construction of architecture specialty system in local Universities Based on national professional education evaluation standards and Fujian regional cultural characteristics——Construction practice of architecture major in Xiamen University of Technology

      Huang Zhuangwei

      Since 2000, with the rapid development of national economy, China has set off a new upsurge of architecture major. As a new architecture major in local universities,The architecture major in Xiamen University of Technology takes the national professional evaluation standard as the program, the regional culture and local construction demand in southwest Fujian as the support, and "reform, opening up, practice and service" as the guideline .The construction concept has built the architecture professional system of local universities integrating teaching, scientific research and service, and passed the national education evaluation of architecture major of universities in 2018. In this paper, through the comprehensive combing and refining of the construction process of architecture major in Xiamen University of Technology, we explore an effective path and method for the construction of professional system of new architecture major in local colleges and universities, in order to provide ideas and reference for the development and construction of the discipline system of Architecture major in local universities.

      • 1
    • Pedagogical reform of “earthquake resistance and disaster prevention of engineering structures” and teaching practice during major epidemic situations

      Wang Hao, Zhang Zhiqiang, Xu Ming, Tao Tianyou, Li Aiqun

      The construction of the course “earthquake resistance and disaster prevention of engineering structure” is very important to cultivate the comprehensive talents with both ability and morality in the field of disaster prevention and mitigation. To fulfill the basic task of cultivating talents with moral integrity, enrich teaching materials, teaching methods, teaching language, improve the activity of classroom, and guarantee the teaching quality of the course, the pedagogical reform is carried out. Combined with the professional interpretation and discussion of typical engineering damage, the “infiltrative” ideological and political teaching mode of the course have been established. The bilingual interactive teaching practice of the course have been implement through adopting bilingual teaching and the thematic instruction by the international famous experts. The students’ understanding on the knowledge of earthquake resistance and disaster prevention of the engineering structure have been promoted by strengthening the practical teaching of the course. The teaching resources sharing platform of the course has been established to share the high-quality teaching resources in time. Meanwhile, the teaching strategy of the course in epidemic period is explored, and the strategy is verified by the teaching practice during COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019). The teaching strategy and practice can provide some reference for the course of “earthquake resistance and disaster prevention of engineering structures” in the period of major epidemic.

      • 1
    • The Theory and Practice of Project Whole Process Integration and Reverse Learning Method

      wu yingshi, guo yuanfang, xu guangyi

      Engineering cost major is an applied technic vocational educational major which needs to cultivate high-quality and skilled talents pragmatically and efficiently. Traditionally, basic and core courses are divided according to different semesters, as well as the course structure of map recognition and construction technology, measurement and pricing, and software application. Under the current new technical conditions such as Internet plus, BIM technological application, and prefab building promotion, suitability reform and innovation should be carried out. As for the “Project whole process integration and reverse learning method” referred to " P&R integrated reverse teaching method), this passage sets a basis of process, modularity, integration, reverse teaching method in accordance with the "branch or sub branch Project" for the object to build a curriculum structure in different majors and the whole process integration. P&R integrated reverse teaching method can better meet the requirements of "integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation, combination of work and study, and integration of knowledge and practice" put forward by the ministry of education of China for the technical vocational education.

      • 1
    • Discussion on Talents Training Model of Network Universities in BRICS Countries

      GAO Chang-zheng, Tian Weili, LIU jiaqi

      By analyzing the two basic characteristics of the "BRIC National University" network and application type, starting from the dynamic talent cultivation ideas of "point-like basic cooperation, linear serial cooperation and surface deepening cooperation", the Ural College of North China University of Water Resources and Hydropower Architecture is an example to explore the talent training model of BRICS universities.Under the guidance of the “Belt and Road” concept, the architecture of Ural College should be based on the research of international architecture talent training model, and build a unique training program and modular curriculum around the development needs and trends of BRICS architecture talents.A new model of talent cultivation in the trinity of the system and the international joint teaching team.

      • 1
    • Exploration on quality assurance of practice link of specialized postgraduates in the field of architecture and civil engineering– a case study of HVAC

      WANG Yong, XIAO yi-min, LIU Yong, LIU Fang

      In view of many problems in the cultivation of specialized postgraduates, the paper takes the key practical links in the cultivation process of specialized postgraduates in the field of Architecture Civil Engineering (specialties of HVAC ) as the research object, and puts forward the ideas of classified practical links. Based on the guidance of the Ministry of education and other relevant guidance departments on the training of specialized postgraduates, the paper establishes a system to strengthen the quality assurance of practice links, and puts forward the specific implementation methods of the quality assurance system based on the idea of training by specialties. And according to the specific practice cases of specialized postgraduates, the process analysis is carried out. Through the cultivation exploration of key links, it is expected to provide reference for the realization of the overall cultivation goal of specialized master in the field of Architecture civil engineering.

      • 1
    • The Construction of Learning Community of Civil Engineering University Students from the Perspective of New Engineering

      Wang Lu, Shen Yang, Liu Yun, Zhang Jie, Dingxiaoqing

      The new economic form of new technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing has flourished, The construction of new engineering bring new opportunities and challenges to engineering education, and new demands for engineering and technology professional. As a traditional specialty, civil engineering is faced with problems such as incomplete knowledge of social development and industrial needs, and lack of interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary integration. Civil engineering education is urgently needed to be improved and upgraded. Carrying out student-centred education and taking the second classroom as the foothold, the School of Civil and Transportation of Hohai University realized the deep integration of teaching, system design and student learning community construction of two parallel one practice space containing online virtual space, offline shared space and practice situational experience space. On the basis of cultivating talents to acquire professional competence, it helped them to gain the characteristics of innovative practic, cross-border integration and diversified development ability. The strategy assists the transformation of new engineering disciplines (NEDs)from concept to action。

      • 1
    • Research on long-term operation construction mechanism of postgraduate workstation


      As an important form of university-enterprise cooperative cultivation and an important platform of Industry-Academy-Research Cooperation for postgraduates in China, graduate workstations are the best way to cultivate innovative and compound talents. At present, graduate workstations encounter many problems during their operation. Taking the highway intelligent maintenance innovation technology graduate workstation as the target analysis, the paper analyzes problems such as the separation of scientific research project from training plans, low motivation of cooperative cultivation and imperfect evaluation?mechanism, it also puts forward a series solutions pertinently from three aspects: joint formulation of menu-style projects through enterprise and universities; integrative construction of graduate workstation inside and outside campus; perfecting the evaluation mechanism. These solutions provide a guarantee for the long-term operation and the talent cultivation model of the graduate workstations, and make great significance to the improvement of postgraduate education quality,, the disciplines construction of universities and the innovative development of enterprises.

      • 1
    • Functional Integration and Legal Interest Equity:Concept Enlightenment from American Mining Land Reclamation Legislation


      China’s land reclamation and American mining land reclamation is basic convergence on the purpose and mode of behavior, and there is also a certain interworking and generality in their respective reclamation concept. American mining land reclamation legislation highlights an ecological equity reclamation concept that subsumes the equilibration of natural environmental factors and the adaptation of humanistic environment interests. We can learn from its useful experience and try to clarify the perfect route of norms of China’s land reclamation legislation in the orientation of reclamation concept. We should promote the equilibration functional integration of the China’s overall ecological benefit norms and local environmental element norms based on the equilibration concept of natural environmental factors; and we should promote adaptation legal interest equity of the China’s social public interest norms and individual citizen interest norms based on the adaptation concept of humanistic environment interests.

      • 1
    • Line detection method for grounding fault in resonant grounding systems


      Aiming at the problem that the low identification rate of fault line for single-phase earth fault in resonant grounding system was caused due to the weak fault current signal by the arc suppression coil, while considering for the low similarity between zero-sequence current waveform through fault line and the one through non-fault line, a new method was presented to detect the fault line in resonant grounding systems. The HHT method and time-spectrum band-pass filtering method were used to process the zero-sequence current waveform, and the time-frequency energy matrix of the zero-sequence current waveform through each line was constructed, furthermore, the combination of similarity recognition method in image recognition with comprehensive similarity coefficient matrix were used to detect fault line. Simulation results illustrate that the fault line detection method is effective for noise interference, two-point grounding fault, thus this method is accurate and reliable.

      • 1
    • An analysis of the interdisciplinary research of Humanities and Social Sciences in China——Based on the Duplicate Newspaper and Periodical Materials data from 2016 to 2018

      Qian Rong, Dai Pengjie, Yang Yinglun, Yang Hongyan, Li Xiaotong, Wang Fan, Ji Zhe

      :Interdisciplinary research has become an important and hot area of knowledge contribution in the field of scientific research, but at present, there is still a lack of relatively complete combing and Research on the laws and trends of interdisciplinary research among various disciplines of Chinese Humanities and social sciences. This paper describes and summarizes the interdisciplinary research of 21 disciplines of Humanities and social sciences from three levels: author, organization and journal, and establishes the measurement model of external contribution and external dependence of disciplines, and reinterprets the academic development relationship among disciplines of Humanities and social sciences.

      • 1
    • Study on the second phases in as-cast Mg-8Zn-4Al-(0-1)Sr wt.% magnesium alloys

      WU Juying, Li Jingren, ZHANG Jintao, LUO Li, YANG Mingbo, WU Lu, PAN Hucheng⁎

      In order to systematically investigate the effect of Sr addition on the second phases in the as-cast Mg-8Zn-4Al magnesium alloy and provide the theoretical basis for the design of the Mg-Zn-Al series alloys containing Sr element, the type and formation theory of second phases in the ZA84 as-cast magnesium alloys with low Sr contents (0.1, 0.3, and 1.0 wt.%) were investigated and analyzed by using scanning electron microscope (SEM), energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), and X-ray diffractometer (XRD). The results indicate that for the ZA84 as-cast alloy without Sr addition, besides the quasicrystal phase (Q) the extra Mg32(Al, Zn)49 phase with the small amount is found exist in the alloy. While with Sr addition, the as-cast alloy exists Al4Sr and Mg32(Al, Zn)49 phase, and the Al4Sr phase increase and Mg32(Al, Zn)49 phase decrease with increasing Sr. The Mg32(Al,Zn)49 phases in the as-cast Mg-8Zn-4Al-(0.1-1)Sr magnesium alloys mainly existed in two forms of undissolving and dissolving Sr atom; there into the phase undissolving Sr atom had the relatively high Zn concentration and low Al concentration. The results will provide the necessary theoretical support for the design of high strengthening and heat resistance of mg-8Zn-4Al alloy.

      • 1
    • Treatment of Landfill Leachate Membrane Concentrate by Electrochemical Oxidation and UV-Fenton Combination Processes

      Zhao Jianshu, Ouyang Feng, Tang Shengjun, He Di

      The combination of pretreatment, biochemical method and membrane treatment is the mainstream process of domestic landfill leachate treatment. Although it can quickly and stably reduce various pollutants in the leachate, the produced leachate membrane concentrate contains high concentrations of refractory organics, salts and other inorganics. The removal of refractory organic matter is a problem for the treatment of leachate concentrate. The landfill leachate membrane concentrate from a landfill site in Shenzhen was treated by three-dimensional electrochemical oxidation, UV-Fenton and electrochemical oxidation—UV/Fenton—electrocatalytic oxidation combination process. The removal efficiency of COD, ammonia nitrogen, and total nitrogen were 97.6%, 98.8%, and 93.5% following electrochemical oxidation for 2 h, UV/Fenton treatment for 1.5 h, and electrocatalytic oxidation for 2 h, respectively. The effluent met the direct discharge requirements of the pollution control standard of the domestic landfill (GB16889-2008). The operational cost of landfill leachate membrane concentrate by such process treatment is 93.2 RMB/m3.

      • 1
    • Quality standard of university academic journals awards and perfection of the system

      ZHANG Jiyu

      Academic journal award is an important form of academic journal evaluation. Beginning in the last century in 90s, the awards of university academic journals play a positive role in enhancing the level of academic journals. But there are still problems in quality standard of awards and the system design. Firstly, to highlight the characteristics of academic journals, the original “business standard” should be changed to “academic standard”, and its evaluation indexes include citation rate, reprint rate, rate of papers be awarded and writing quality as well as respecting of intellectual property rights. Secondly, “editing standard” and “publishing standard” should be merged to “editing and publishing standard”. Thirdly, adding “journal Influence standard” by supplementing the original “social impact” indexes with journal awards, high impact papers rate, social credibility and readers’ acceptance, etc. Fourthly, adding peer experts’ qualitative evaluation indexes. Fifthly, adjusting and re-designing weight of evaluation indexes. The awards system also need to be improved by adhering to a quantitative and qualitative combined evaluation method, improving the classification evaluation system as well as the evaluation procedure and expert assessment, avoidance and supervision system. Perfection of quality standard and award system of university academic journals awards has reference value to various national academic journals awards.

      • 1
    • The review study about the impact of artificial intelligence on the human resources displacement

      tang bo, li zhi

      Artificial intelligence(AI) also brings technical risks and ethical disputes while improving the efficiency of social production and promoting economic growth. The worry of "human resources displacement" becomes the focus of social individuals. The technical progress of AI has led to the influence of the market structure of the labor force, the business environment of the organizations, the social division of labor, the workforce and the cognizance of the workers. AI also has resulted in the replacement and innovation of labor, organization, occupation, task and skill. When it comes to the intelligent society, the combination of dynamic adaptation, integrated complementary and harmonious symbiosis between AI and human resources should be established, and the common prosperity of technological progress and human interest should be achieved. China has a great amount of human resources within the process of innovation-driven transformation. It could be reduce the negative and unhelpful effect of replacement between AI and human that increasing employment opportunities, protecting labor rights, updating professional skills and establishing the bottom line of technical ethics.

      • 1
    • Experimental study on dredged slurry improvement by vacuum preloading combined with intermittent electroosmotic

      Liu Feiyu, Li Zhe, Yuan Guohui, Wang Jun

      A large number of dredged slurry are produced in the coastal area. In order to study the treatment methods of dredged slurry, in this paper, an indoor model test was conducted to improve dredged slurry in Wenzhou area by stepped vacuum preloading combined with intermittent electroosmosis, and the time of intermittent power-on and intermittent stepped voltage electroosmosis were examined. The vacuum pressure, current, drainage and surface settlement were monitored during the test. After the test, the moisture content, vane shear strength of soil and the corrosion quality of electrodes were measured. The test results showed that although the longer the time of intermittent power-on, the better the consolidation effect of soil, when the time of intermittent power-on exceeded 24 hours, the effect of soil improvement began to weaken; however, the corrosion quality of electrodes and the average energy consumption coefficient of intermittent electroosmosis were still positively correlated with the time of intermittent power-on. In addition, compared with the stepped vacuum preloading combined with intermittent electroosmosis method, the stepped vacuum preloading combined with intermittent stepped voltage electroosmosis method obtained better soil improvement, the corrosion quality of electrodes and the average energy consumption coefficient of intermittent electroosmosis of which were also significantly reduced.

      • 1
    • Reliability Analysis for Soil Slopes Reinforced with Piles Using Shear Strength Reduction Method

      Huang Jun, Zhao Jiang, Duan Xiangrui, Zhang Jie

      Piles are widely used to reinforce slopes. Uncertainties exist in pile reinforcement design for soil slopes due to the uncertainties of soil. Reliability method can be used to quantify the uncertainties. Shear strength reduction method is employed to obtain the factor of safety and slip surfaces with different pile reinforcement locations. A response surface method-based first order reliability method is used to calculate the failure probability. Based on FLAC3D, an automatic programing procedure is proposed. Steel pipe piles are adopted for stabilization in the illustrative example. The results show pile location and spacing have significant effect on the reliability of the illustrative example . An optimal location may exist at a certain spacing for the illustrative example. The suggested method can be helpful for the optimal design of pile reinforcement for soil slopes.

      • 1
    • Experimental study on dynamic compressive properties of concrete under biaxial compression

      Xia Wei, Xu Jinyu, Leng Binglin, Meng Boxu, Wang Tengjiao, Liu Gaojie

      Due to the high technicality of the multi-axial test equipment, the dynamic research of concrete under complex stress condition is relatively less. In order to study the dynamic compressive properties of concrete under biaxial compression, the impact compression tests of concrete cube specimens under five types of biaxial compression conditions were carried out by using the true triaxial static and dynamic comprehensive loading test system. The effects of biaxial compression on the dynamic response of concrete are analyzed from the aspects of stress-strain curve characteristics, strength characteristics and deformation characteristics. The results show that: under biaxial compression, the concrete exhibits typical brittle failure when subjected to impact load, and there is no obvious compaction stage in the initial stage of the stress-strain curve; when the spindle pressure ratio is fixed, with the increase of the unilateral pressure ratio, the dynamic compressive strength of concrete shows a trend of first increasing and then decreasing, and the peak strain and average strain rate show a trend of first decreasing and then increasing; biaxial compression has the effect of reinforcement and restraint on concrete, which improves its dynamic compressive strength and deformation resistance. When the ratio of spindle pressure ratio to unilateral pressure ratio is 0.4: 0.4, the effect is the best.

      • 1
    • A SVM algorithm based on Convex Hull sparsity and Genetic Algorithm optimization

      QIAN Hong-Bing

      The process of SVM algorithm finding support vector involves the calculation of n-order matrix. N is the number of samples. When the number of samples is large, the calculation of high-order matrix will consume a lot of computing time. At the same time, the performance of SVM model depends on the setting of penalty parameters and kernel parameters, The traditional cycle verification method of parameter optimization has high time complexity. In order to solve the above two problems, this paper proposes a high-performance SVM model training algorithm by using convex hull algorithm to sparse the training samples, and optimizing the selection of penalty parameters and kernel parameters through genetic algorithm.

      • 1
    • Spatial Distribution Characteristics and Conditional Factors of Landslide Disasters in Mountain cities

      wang xinsheng, teng degui, xie wei, nie wen, yu xin, chen jie

      In view of the uncertainty of landslide disasters affected areas in mountain cities, the typical landslides in the central urban area of Chongqing are selected as the research objects. and the spatial distribution characteristics of historical landslide disaster points are analyzed using the nearest neighbor index, spatial hotspot detection and kernel density estimation methods; A landslide factor database was established with 12 influencing factors includes elevation, slope, aspect, landform type, geological lithology, soil type, soil erosion, rainfall, water system, land use, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), and population density. A neural network model was used to quantitatively analyze the contribution weight of each influencing factor, and the model was accurate using Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve assessment. The research results show that the historical landslide disaster points in the study area are clustered, and Yuzhong District, Shapingba District, and northern Banan District are the areas where the landslides are most concentrated. Among all the factors, population density, land use and rainfall occupy the highest weight, while the aspect and road are the lowest. The area value under the ROC curve (AUC) was 0.917, indicating that the model can accurately reflect the impact of landslide impact factors in the area.

      • 1
    • Breaking the “Four-only” is not equal to abolish the evaluation: the Improvement of Evaluation Method of Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences

      mayongxia, qiujiaxi

      Achievement evaluation is an important part in the scientific research evaluation of humanities and social sciences. Breaking the “Five-only” should not equal to abolish the evaluation, and should establish scientific and effective evaluation methods. This paper has chosen the achievement result of the annual project of the national social science fund as the research object. Use the DEA method and variance analysis method to draw the conclusion as follow: The qualitative evaluation is a main method which based on peer review has certain rationality in the evaluation of achievements in humanities and social sciences. Meanwhile, It can be used as an important supplement to peer review to carry out measurement evaluation for stage achievements, Especially in the applied research - based subject achievement evaluation. This paper has provided new ideas to improve the evaluation of achievements in humanities and social sciences: Take the stage achievement and the final achievement together as the evaluation objects; Develop a comprehensive evaluation method which mainly based on peer review and supplemented by measurement and evaluation; Carried out the classification evaluation that according to different research types; Use the Meta-evaluation to monitor the existing evaluation system.

      • 1
    • The Text Annotation and Error Identification of “Mencius”(Four Case Study Examples)


      Essential classics demand our obligations of attentive and thorough reading, which is our basic approach to understand and comprehend their true nature and meaning. Numerous inaccurate commentaries written by generations of commentators are found in the annotation and interpretation of “Mencius”. Like the word “rǎng”, for example, means “taking that join thee", was interpreted as “most like theft, more or less”, and then evolved into “theft”. The term “jù shì”, which was initially used to refer to a grand mansion for the monarch, actually implied the king as a metaphor, but was mostly misinterpreted as the ministers. The description of how Shun made his narrow escape from “wán lǐn”, repairing the barn, and “jùn jǐng”, digging the well, is not found in the original text. The commentators made various rational annotation choices as stated in other notes and materials, yet not necessarily in line with the authentic meaning. The phrase “huài gōng shì yǐ wéi wū chí”, in a literal sense, means to destroy the palace for fish farming. However, from the historical perspective of the development of human societies, it can be illuminated as struggle to preserve the subsistence foraging lifestyle of hunting and gathering. Commentary errors can arise from sources such as the "either black or white" mindset, the inconsistent perception, the transformation and conversion of the "unsophisticated and uncultivated” ancient texts, et al.

      • 1
    • The essential requirements and system construction of evaluation of philosophy and social sciences research in colleges and universities

      mengxiaojun, pengyuanyuan

      The construction of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics and Chinese style has always been the fundamental purpose of the prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences in China. To promote the prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences in colleges and universities, the scientific and effective evaluation of philosophy and social sciences research is indispensable. Adhering to the Party leadership, “Two Acts” orientation and “Double Hundred” policy is the fundamental guarantee for the prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences. It is necessary for the prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences to adhere to “Quality-oriented” and “Innovation First”. And it is also the requirement of the practice of philosophy and social science research evaluation to insist on scientific authority, openness and transparency. Combined with the three major issues—the debate on the relationship between quantity and quality in the quantitative evaluation, the boundary alienation between the academic evaluation and the evaluation of scientific research management, and the institutional regulation of academic power and administrative power—in the current evaluation of philosophy and social science research in colleges and universities, this paper suggests that we should strengthen the quality assurance mechanism of academic achievements, optimize the working mechanism of academic community, build a long-term mechanism of academic contention, and improve the application mechanism of academic achievements, in order to promote the construction of scientific, authoritative, open and transparent evaluation system of philosophy and social sciences research, and to further improve the evaluation of philosophy and social sciences research in colleges and universities in the new era.

      • 1
    • Optimization of generative adversarial network based image super-resolution by using image mask

      jiang qi lei, ma yuan xi

      Inferring high resolution image from single low resolution (LR) input is ill-posed and deep learning helps to some extent. Latest algorithms take the advantage of the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and present photo-realistic results by learning low/high resolution mappings from super resolution datasets. However, training of GANs can be hard and traditional GAN-based architectures often exhibit noise and texture distortion in their super-resolution (SR) results. Proposes mask-aided adversarial training strategy for current GAN-based SR frameworks. During training, mask module helps the discriminator by introducing additional perceptual quality information with generator’s outputs and the ground truth images. We select three current state-of-the-art GAN-based SR models and integrate our mask module into their adversarial training. Mask-aided models yield better results in both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks than the original ones. Mask module only modifies GAN framework and thus suitable for many GAN-based solutions for further improving the SR perceptual quality.

      • 1
    • A new wavelet threshold denoising methodand its application in seismic data denoising

      liujian, qinfeilong, chengyali

      The collected field seismic data are accompanied by random noise interference, which is need to be eliminated by wavelet threshold denoising method. Traditional soft and hard thresholding methods have some shortcomings in noise reduction. So this paper proposed a new threshold denoising algorithm. Firstly, the wavelet base of the new threshold algorithm is Sym3, and the denoising effect of the new method is evaluated by means of mean square error (RMSE) and signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) through simulation experiments. Finally, the new threshold denoising method is applied to actual seismic data denoising. The results show that the new threshold denoising method can remove random interference in seismic data, and the denoising effect is better than the soft and hard threshold method.

      • 1
    • Influence of Auxiliary Slot on Cogging Torque of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

      Tao Caixia, Fu Minglu, Gao Fengyang, Wan Yingli, Liu Hanqing

      Aiming at the problem of vibration and noise caused by the torque fluctuation of permanent magnet motor caused by cogging torque, the method of opening auxiliary slots is used to reduce the cogging torque.Analyze the principle of suppressing cogging torque.By changing the number, depth, width,slot area and slot shape of the auxiliary slot,use Ansoft Maxwell software to model the permanent magnet motor,and use the finite element method to analyze the effect of auxiliary slot on cogging torque of permanent magnet synchronous motor.Taking a 4-pole 36-slot motor as an example,the analysis results show that when two auxiliary slots are opened,the slot depth is 0.7mm,the slot width is 1.2mm,the slot area is 0.84mm2,and the slot type is a rectangular slot.The weakening effect is the most obvious, which is 75.2% lower than the cogging torque when not slotted.In addition,the back-EMF changes little before and after the opening of the auxiliary slot,the amplitude of the fundamental wave of the air gap magnetic density decreases,the degree of 5th and 7th harmonic weakening is significant,the waveform distortion rate drops to 17.78%,and the motor performance is improved.

      • 1
    • Mechanisms of ammonium removal from digested piggery wastewater by Oedogonium sp. assessed via isotope mass balance analysis

      wang haiping, zheng liguo, She Jiarong, Cao Qun

      Nutrient removal from digested piggery wastewater (DPW) using microalgae is of increasing interest as a secondary treatment prior to discharge to avoid environmental contamination. In this study, we investigated the main mechanisms involved in ammonium removal from DPW by Oedogonium sp. using the 15N mass balance approach with a focus on the relationship between algal growth and ammonium removal and the dominant ammonium removal pathway. 96.2% ammonium removal and 0.04–0.15 specific growth rate of Oedogonium sp. were observed in the diluted autoclaved DPW during the incubation period, while 94.1 % ammonium removal and -0.14–0.13 specific growth rate of Oedogonium sp. were observed in the diluted raw DPW. Aeration provided a significant benefit to ammonium removal via the stripping effect, which was favored by the high pH in the experimental conditions. Isotope mass balance analysis indicated that bacteria existing in the initial DPW had little effect on ammonium removal in the experiment. And algal uptake and gaseous loss were the dominant pathways for NH4-N removal from the diluted DPW using Oedogonium sp. cultures, accounting for 40.97% and 32.59% of the total 15N amount, respectively. Regression and path analyses between NH4-N removal and its main influencing factors indicated that to improve NH4-N removal efficiency, the levels of Oedogonium sp. and DO should be increased under weakly alkaline conditions.

      • 1
    • Mechanical properties of multi-scale fiber compound reinforced cement-based materials

      Zhangqin, Gongsusu, Zhaoyongsheng, Wuyaoqing, Zhoujikai

      In order to improve the performance deficiency of cement-based materials such as low tensile strength, poor toughness and easy cracking, the basic mechanical properties of cement-based materials reinforced by micron grade CaCO3 whisker and centimeter-grade short AR-glass fiber were studied by testing. The results show that the mechanical properties of reinforced cement-based material can be improved by the proper addition of CaCO3 whisker and/or AR-glass fiber, and the improvement degree is related to the content and length of fibers. For the cement-based materials compound reinforced with CaCO3 whisker and AR-glass fiber, the improvement of mechanical properties of the cement-based materials can be explained that the reinforcing roles of the two kinds of fibers can be played at the micro and macro structural levels respectively, and the flexural and tensile strength of reinforced cement-based materials can be increased by up to 60% and 80% compared with that of non-reinforced cement-based materials.

      • 1
    • The analyzing of horizontal pipeline deformation caused by the shield tunnelling

      GuanLingxiao, XuChangjie, KeWenhai, DINGHaibin, ZHANG Gaofeng, YU Weiwei

      The two-stage method is used for analyzing the pipeline deformation which caused by the underneath shield tunneling. In the first stage, the Loganathan formula is modified for studying the ground loss when the tunnel axis intersection with the pipeline axis is not orthogonal. The soil-pipeline interaction is studied based on the Vlasov model in the second stage, and the pipeline deformation is also obtained. Then, through comparison with the finite element results, the proposed method was verified to be correct. The influence of pipeline diameter; tunnel depth and intersection between the tunnel and pipeline on pipeline deformation has been further studied. The parametric study shows the intersection angle of the tunnel and the pipeline significantly influences the pipeline horizontal displacement, and the pipeline deformation increases remarkably as the intersection angle decreasing. The parametric study indicates: a. the pipeline horizontal displacement can’t be ignored compared to the pipeline vertical displacement when the intersection angle of the tunnel and the pipeline is relatively small; b. the pipeline deformation is weakening as the pipeline diameter and tunnel depth increasing.

      • 1
    • Study on the Influence Parameters of Frequency Indirect Identification Effect for Oblique Beam Bridge

      qixingjun, xiaozhiquan, zhangrongfeng

      An indirect measurement method is adopted to identify the bridge's natural vibration characteristics by vibration response of vehicles crossing the bridge, it can avoid the disadvantages of the traditional method of measuring bridge frequency in dynamic load test, such as complicated operation and high cost, Based on the theory of vehicle-bridge coupling vibration and the basic principle of bridge indirect measurement method, the finite element model of vehicle-bridge coupling vibration is established for a skew beam bridge in practical engineering, A biaxial half-car model is used to measure the vehicle and extract the time-history response of the vehicle acceleration when the vehicle passes the bridge at a constant speed, Excluding known vehicle-related frequencies, The first three natural frequencies of the bridge are identified, The influence of six different vehicle speeds, six different vehicle weights and eight different bridge skew angles on the bridge frequency identification is analyzed. The results show that, The indirect measurement method can effectively identify the frequency of Bridges with high density, When the speed is less than 20km/h, the third-order frequency of skew beam bridge can be well recognized, When the speed is high, the frequency information of the bridge cannot be recognized; The relatively small ratio of vehicle and bridge mass to bridge frequency identification is advantageous; The accuracy of frequency identification is not affected by the different Angle of oblique beam bridge ;When the bridge deck is rough, the method of acceleration subtraction can still be used for frequency identification. Numerical simulation shows that the indirect measurement method still has a good recognition effect for the irregular skew beam bridge frequency. To promote the application of motion sensing indirect measurement method in bridge inspection engineering.

      • 1
    • Study on Shear Capacity of Steel- Basalt Fiber Composite Bar (SFCB) Reinforced Concrete beams

      Fan Xu Hong, Ni lin, Qin Wei Hong

      The steel-basalt fiber composite bar (SFCB) has the advantages of the ductility of steel bar and the corrosion resistance of basalt fiber, and has significant secondary stiffness as well. However, SFCB’s elasticity modulus is lower than that of the steel bar. The application of SFCBs as longitudinal reinforcement bars enables the flexural properties of concrete members to present secondary stiffness, but the shear capacity of the members will be reduced, compared with that of steel reinforced concrete beams. In this paper, four-point loading experiment of the beams longitudinal reinforced with SFCBs were carried out, takeing the following variables of the specimens into consideration: the type of longitudinal reinforcement, longitudinal reinforcement ratio and the shear span ratio. The influence of the above variables on the shear failure modes, the development of diabonal cracks, and shear force capacity of the above concrete beams were analyzed and summarized in detail. The research revealed the following three main results. The failure modes of the SFCB beam were mainly described as diagonal-compression failure, shear-compression failure and atypical shear-compression failure. The shear force capacity of SFCB beams was lower than that of steel reinforced beams. The diagonal cracks of SFCB reinforced beams were wider than those of steel reinforced beams. Based on the truss arch model, the shear force capacity formula of SFCB beams is derived. The calculating results of the formula agree well with the experimental ones with fairly applicability and safety.

      • 1
    • Research on seismic performance of utility tunnel wall-slab joints with anchorage button-head reinforcement

      Li Zheng-ying, Yu Shu-jun, He Ji-jun

      In order to evaluate the seismic performance of utility tunnel wall-slab joints using anchorage button-head reinforcement, pseudo-static tests were carried out on six full-scale wall-slab joint specimens. Bearing capacity, failure mode, hysteretic energy dissipation, displacement ductility and other seismic performance indexes of utility tunnel wall-slab joints were investigated. Comparing the test results of the cast-in-place wall-slab joint specimens with that of composite fabricated wall-slab joint specimens,and reasonable anchorage length of upsetting steel bar was determined. The finite element model of these wall-slab joints was established and its validity was checked. The results show that the composite fabricated wall-slab joint using anchorage button-head reinforcement has the same bearing capacity as that of the cast-in-place joint, and displacement ductility and energy dissipation capacity are good, indicating that the composite fabricated wall-slab joints can meet the seismic performance requirements. When the anchorage length of upsetting steel bar is longer than , the seismic performance of joint specimens can meet seismic design requirements. However, as the anchorage length of upsetting steel bar decreases, the bearing capacity and deformation capacity of wall-slab joints gradually decrease, and the ductility and energy dissipation capacity also decrease gradually. The crack propagation at the composite surface of prefabricated wall-slab joints is larger, and damage in the core area of the joint is severe. So necessary reinforcement measures need to be taken and the connection measures of the joint area need to be strengthened in practical engineering.

      • 1
    • Effect of nano-C-S-H/PCE on the setting and hardening process of portland-sulphoaluminate composite cement

      hujianwei, xieyongjiang, liuzike, zhengxinguo, zengzhi, wangyuehua, wnegzhicai, jiangrui

      The effects of nano-C-S-H/PCE on the setting time, early hydration and compressive strength of Portland-Sulphoaluminate composite cement were studied. The early-age hydration products were analyzed by XRD, TG, pH meter and SEM. The hydration products and liquid alkalinity were characterized. The enhancement mechanism of nano-C-S-H/PCE on Portland-Sulphoaluminate composite cement was studied. The results showed that the addition of nano-C-S-H/PCE could effectively shorten both the initial setting time and final setting time of fresh composite cement paste. When the C-S-H/PCE content was more than 1.0%, the initial time difference of the composite cement was obviously shortened. The nano-C-S-H/PCE accelerated the hydration heat releasing rate of the composite cement, and increased the total hydration heat. The hydration products were increased obviously, however, it had no effect on the type of cement hydration products. The compressive strength of the composite cement mortars at 8h, 12h and 16h were significantly increased.

      • 1
    • Research on Numerical Simulation Method of Cooling Fan Based on Surface Roughness Correction


      In order to further improve the numerical simulation accuracy of the multi-reference frame(MRF) model of cooling fan, the roughness of the model was modified by the wall function, and the influencing factors of the MRF model were analyzed. Firstly, the algebraic relationship among roughness constant, roughness height and y+ is obtained based on the dimensionless velocity u+ and distance y+ of the first layer mesh from the wall in the viscous sublayer. Then, according to the actual wall type, the revised y+ value and the first layer mesh height are obtained, and they are brought into the standard wall function for near wall correction. Finally, taking a cooling fan as an example, the effects of turbulence model, mesh number and surface roughness correction on the numerical simulation results of the fan are studied. The results show that the model can deal with the flow with high strain rate and bending streamline better, and is more suitable for the rotating flow of fans, and has higher accuracy for the simulation of rotating machinery such as fans. Over-dense mesh number will make the calculation results fluctuate; surface roughness correction improves some abnormal points on the performance curve, and within the range of fan common operating conditions, the deviation between test value and simulation value is increased from 5% to 3% after correction.

      • 1
    • Compensation and Difficulties for Farmers’ livelihoods ——An analysis based on Chengkou and Youyang county,Chongqing Province

      wu zhongquan, wang zhizhang

      Abstract:The Red Lines for Ecological Protection is an important policy tool to protect ecological function area,ensure national ecological security,and promote sustainable development.However,there are many problems,such as the conflicts between ecological protection and economic development,an overlapping of ecological space and living space of farmers in the red lines,and an interlacing of ecological fragility and poverty,pose challenges to the implementation of Red Lines for Ecological Protection policy.This paper takes Youyang and Chengkou county,whose ecological protection red lines are large in Chongqing province,as an example,to analyze the impact of the current Red Lines for Ecological Protection policy on farmers' livelihoods and the effect that the ecological compensation have on this conflict.The results reveals two findings.First,the current Red Lines for Ecological Protection policy has indeed affected economic development and farmers' livelihoods,making farmers feel that their interests have been“deprived” and reducing their sense of ecological rights; second,marketable and diversified ecological compensation policy is an important means to improve the livelihood status of farmers and promote economic development effectively.

      • 1
    • Research on ideological and political teaching of urban design course based on deep learning theory

      HE Shao-ying, JIANG Jia-wen

      Curriculum ideology and politics is an important focus for revitalizing our undergraduate education and improving talent training ability in the new era. The theory of deep learning, which focuses on immersing students in the context of knowledge and learning, and the realization of the intrinsic value of knowledge, has been widely used in the teaching research of the core literacy of disciplines. Based on the theory of deep learning, it was explored that, in the teaching of urban design series courses, how to integrate the inspiration and establishment of ideological and political elements with the original knowledge system in order to achieve all-round education. From the aspects of strengthening the guidance of teaching goals, expanding and rationally organizing teaching content, organizing the "immersive" teaching process, and improving the teaching evaluation system, a comprehensive and in-depth study of the full-chain teaching of urban design courses is conducted, and the next step of teaching exploration is proposed. Through the elaborate design of the full-chain of courses teaching, knowledge and experience between teachers and students is integrated and the interaction of scientific rationality and humanistic emotion is promoted, so that professional teaching and ideological and political education can be more naturally integrated and the professional learning of students is closely related to personal growth.

      • 1
    • Constitutional Boundaries of Gene Editing in Human Embryo:An Analysis Based on Human Dignity

      ZHANG Xiaoshan

      The potential benefits and risks make gene editing in human embryo a controversial topic. Supporters and opponents all base their argumentation on human dignity. One of the reasons that such debate did not bring any consensus is that the debaters did not discuss human dignity in the same sense. Human dignity can be understood in two senses, i.e., dignity of human individual and dignity of human species. Dignity of human individual highlights the empowerment aspect of dignity, requiring the autonomy of individual to be respected, while dignity of human species highlights the restriction aspect of dignity, requiring the nature of human species to be protected. In condition that technical security is ensured, gene editing for medical purpose is not detrimental to dignity of human individual or human species, hence should not be forbidden. Gene editing for enhancement purpose, however, is detrimental to both dignity of human individual and human species, hence should not be allowed. For the sake of human dignity, legal regulation should be imposed on gene editing, a line between treatment and enhancement being particularly important.

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    • Anxiety in intelligent justice: Imagination, analysis and prospect


      While the construction of intelligent justice is in full swing, academics worry too much about the possible negative effects of intelligent justice: the subjective bias in labeling litigants, the potential for discrimination in the black box of adjudicative algorithms, and the fear that artificial intelligence will replace judges and even replace them. The above concerns are based on the imagination of intelligent justice, which, in fact, is not prejudicial; intelligent justice is indeed full of black boxes, but it does not constitute a logical puzzle; and Intelligent Justice does not increase discrimination in the adjudication process It limits preexisting discrimination; Algorithms can not replace judges, let alone replace them. In the future, we should break down the fear of new things, remove the colored glasses to the algorithm, and pay attention to the impact of the Algorithm on the judicature.

      • 1
    • Practice Dilemma and Rule of Law Approach of Ecological Environmental Security

      Zhou Xian

      The new national security concept with non-traditional security as the core emphasizes that national governance should equally build safety in micro-vision and reachable areas such as ecological environment security. Eco-environmental safety is both a static and safe ecological environment and a dynamic security of the ecological environment. It is synonymous with narrow environmental security. The local legal system construction of ecological environment security needs to solve multiple internal and external problems such as unclear legal concept, unestablished legal principles, imperfect ecological environment supervision system and exogenous ecological environment risk. It needs to be established from the basic principles of ecological environment safety, and the technology of supervision Diversification and multi-dimensionality, such as the reliance on the use of data, the protection of the ecological environment of the judiciary, and the establishment of the standardization of international cooperation rules. This process should also contain or inhibit the stagnation of science and technology through the legal system to meet the sustainability of the ecological environment and even economic and social development.

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    • Research on the effectiveness system of personal data right


      The protection of personal information in the data age is actually the protection of data privacy interests of civil subjects. At the beginning of the development of data industry, it is not enough to protect users' data privacy by means of behavior regulation, so users should be given the right of personal data, and the coordination between personal data information right and enterprise data property right should be realized through the construction of the effectiveness system of personal data right. The construction of the effectiveness system of personal data right should grasp the dynamic, scenario and heterogeneous characteristics of data privacy, as the logical starting point of system design, and take the classification of personal data from the perspective of typology as the tool of system construction, respectively, to explore the exclusiveness, priority, pursuit and boundary of different types of personal data Construct the effectiveness system of personal data rights, and achieve the value goal of effectively coordinating personal privacy interests on data and data property interests of enterprises

      • 1
    • From "power supervision" to "right restriction": Legal regulation of big data investigation

      Liu Xiaoqing

      The implementation of big data national strategy promotes the integration of resources between modern information technology and traditional investigation means, and promotes the birth of big data investigation mode. Through the theoretical analysis of Sociology of law and linguistics, it is revealed that the real veil under the big data investigation is the power logic of "discipline and punishment", which must be restricted. Due to the strong position of the public security organs under the organizational structure of "bureaucratic system" and the influence of the mechanism of "division of labor, cooperation and restriction" in China, the big data investigation has formed a two-dimensional control mode with the internal "hierarchical supervision" of the public security organs as the main mode and the external "procuratorial supervision" as the auxiliary mode, which leads to the ineffectiveness of the internal hierarchical supervision and little effect of the external procuratorial supervision. Under the judicial proposition of the trial center, making a combination of "legislation and justice" to ensure the full protection of personal information rights has become the best rein in the runaway horse of big data investigation. In this regard, the legislation of criminal procedure should be followed up in time to give the right of personal information a proper name, and on this basis to fully protect the suspect's right to know personal information, the defendant's right to defend personal information and the victim's right to personal information relief.

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    • Research on Internal Temperature Field Distribution and Influencing Characteristics of Internal Pressure of Inverted Oil-Immersed Current TransformerJI Kunyu1, LIU Yang2, LI Bonan3, LI Xi3, HUANG Leifeng3, CHEN Ting1

      jikunyu, liuyang, libonan, lixi, huangleifeng, chenting

      The current transformer converts the large current in the primary system into a small current for secondary measurement and measurement protection in the power system. It has an indispensable effect on the stable operation and fault current measurement of the power system. During the online operation, the abnormal increase in gas of the oil inside the transformer caused by partial discharge, heat failure, etc., caused the internal pressure to increase sharply, which easily caused insulation damage and explosion. In order to study the internal temperature field distribution of the transformer and the influence factors of pressure changes, and to find the internal pressure surge failure in time, this paper uses ANSYS Fluent software simulation to establish a 220kV inverted oil immersed current transformer model, using finite element analysis and multiphysics coupling analysis The internal temperature field distribution law of the inverted oil immersed current transformer was obtained by other methods, and an experimental platform for the inverted oil immersed current transformer was established to verify the validity of the simulation. Meanwhile, the pressure online based on the MD-TPR transformer was designed. The monitoring device obtained the characteristics of the internal pressure influence of the transformer.

      • 1
    • Fair Sharing of Land Value-added Income under The Perspective of Farmland Property Rights Structure Change

      yushaoru, liuwenkai

      Abstract: The structure of farmland property rights is an important bridge for constructing an effective link between the distribution of land value-added income and the constitutional order. From the perspective of the change of the structure of agricultural land property rights, the nationalization mechanism of the traditional land value-added income in China is in fact largely in line with the socialist land rent state-owned principle and the land benefit sharing order established in the constitution of 1982. However, since the land clause of the constitution has been injected with the ideological gene of land interest distribution, the "other half of the constitutional order" in which farmers as a whole share the land value-added income has been ignored for a long time. Under the background of new urbanization, the country has carried out the rural land management system reform of "the same land and the same rights" and "empowering the farmers". Its essence is the continuation of the constitutional order rather than the replacement. The main mechanism of land value-added income distribution in China is still the land acquisition compensation system. Therefore, in order to realize the fair sharing of land value-added income in China, we must return to the complete land benefit sharing order of socialist "state collective" monism, and follow the requirements of substantive equality, by limiting the regional comprehensive land price with the goal of “urbanization of people”, adopting a "land finance" policy in favor of rural and agricultural development and breaking the dual system of urban and rural household registration realize the integrated development of urban and rural areas to promote farmers to participate in the whole process and share land interests.

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    • On the Significant Increase of the Risk of Network Car Hailing and the Response of Insurance Law


      Online car Hailing is a specific application of Internet technology in the field of travel. The change of the purpose of the insured vehicle by the policyholder results in a significant increase in the risk degree of the insured object. There are different views on whether the insurer should bear the insurance liability in judicial practice and theoretical research. The applicant changes the purpose of the insured vehicle without authorization, which not only violates the agreement of the insurance contract, but also destroys the consideration balance of the insurance contract. The obligation of noticing a significant increase in the risk level belongs to the contractual obligation, and the applicant shall notify the insurer in accordance with the provisions of the insurance contract. The contract agreement with significantly increased risk level belongs to the exemption clause, and the insurer should clearly explain the obligation, otherwise it will not have legal effect. The insurance law should introduce the principle of proportion to adjust when the risk of online car Hailing increases significantly. The application of proportion principle in the insurance liability of online car Hailing is the proportion compensation, which not only effectively alleviates the rigidity of the significant increase of the risk level without notice of adverse consequences, but also further corrects the consideration balance of the insurance contract to ensure the interest balance of all parties to the insurance contract.

      • 1
    • Discussion on the Reform of Soil Mechanics Experiment Teaching and Assessment Model

      Liu Yong-jian

      Taking the reform of soil mechanics experiment teaching in Guangdong University of Technology as an example, the characteristics and teaching effects of the three experimental assessment models are compared and analyzed. The traditional teaching and assessment mode (the assessment mode I is based on the "normal performance + experimental report"), and the formation of the "one-size-fits-all" experimental report can’t achieve the expected teaching effect. The assessment mode II includes normal performance, experimental report experimental, examinations, and the distribution of experimental results and teaching effects have been significantly improved. The results show that the test of experiment can adjust the students' interest in practice, cultivate hands-on ability , and the impact of the operation test is particularly significant. The "guide-design-experiment-report" four-part experimental teaching process and the whole-test mode (the assessment mode III) are in line with the "student-centered, results-oriented" engineering education concept, which can achieve the desired experimental teaching effect. The research shows that progressive teaching methods can achieve better experimental teaching results.

      • 1
    • Analysis of several problems in structural dynamics

      PAN Dan-guang, LU Wen-yan

      To discuss several problems in the process of establishing and solving equations of motion in structural dynamics teaching. It mainly includes the difference of stiffness coefficients between dynamic and static mechanics as well as their relationship by the static condensation, the Fourier transformation condition from impulse response function to frequency response function and their effect on dynamic response, the frequency response function of the hysteretic damping system. The theory analysis and numerical results show that: (1) For the lumped-mass system with only translational degree of freedom, the stiffness in dynamics is the force required along DOF due to unit displacement at translational DOF and relaxation of rotational DOFs, and the stiffness coefficients obtained by the static condensation method and the unit displacement method are identical; (2) Whether a system with damping or not, the Fourier transformation relationship between the frequency response function and the impulse response function is accurate; the particular solution includes steady-state vibration and free adjoint vibration in the time domain, however, only the steady-state vibration in the frequency domain. Their difference is evident for the initial stage of vibration. The difference is more noticeable for small natural frequency. (3) For a system with hysteretic damping, the frequency response function of the negative frequency should be the conjugate function of that of the corresponding positive frequency.

      • 1
    • Discussion and Analysis of the “Flipped Classroom” of Theoretical Mechanics Based on the Concept of MOOC

      YAN Lewei, LIANG Yingjing, CHEN Liujie, SUN Zuoyu

      The concept of MOOC and "flipped classroom" are one of the emphases of current education and teaching reformation in China. However, according to the existing practical experience, there are some theoretical and practical issues remain to be paid attention to and solved urgently in the implementation of MOOCs and "flipped classroom". The teaching concept of MOOC and "flip classroom" were discussed in depth combined with the teaching practice and research. A set of teaching theories on the "flip classroom" for theoretical mechanics course was established and applied to the teaching practice, which is beneficial to make a positive contribution to “deepening the reform of education teaching, as well as the quality of personnel training” in higher education of our country.

      • 1
    • A comparative study on the introduction courses of urban and rural planning undergraduate major in colleges and universities

      yaohongtao, zangliang

      Introduction to urban and rural planning is a basic course for students to understand the macro structure of the professional knowledge system, which plays an irreplaceable role in urban and rural planning education. As a young discipline, urban and rural planning is a typical multi-disciplinary integration major, and the introduction, development and practice of professional introduction courses are in the exploratory stage. Based on the relevant data of 29 urban and rural planning evaluation institutions, this paper analyzes the characteristics and practical effects of the professional introduction courses in the current urban and rural planning evaluation institutions, reviews and summarizes the academic theories of the professional introduction courses, and puts forward Suggestions for improvement of the content organization, class hours and follow-up links of the professional introduction courses. It is concluded that the introduction course of urban and rural planning in colleges

      • 1
    • Exploration of the coupling model between the innovation of civil engineering practice teaching and College Students' Structural Design Competition

      XIE Mingzhi, YANG Yongqing, JIA Hongyu, LI Lanping, ZHANG Ming, HUANG Shengqian

      Practical teaching is one of the important links in the training of civil engineering talents under the background of emerging engineering education, with new content and target requirements. This article actively explores the coupling of College Students' Structural Design Competition with practical teaching, and explores from the aspects of practical teaching goals, deepening of knowledge, innovation and creation, teamwork, comprehensive quality and ability training, etc., so as to improve students' analysis of problems and the use of professional knowledge to solve problems. As an important platform and effective carrier of practical teaching, the coupling of the Competition with practical teaching will further strengthens the education policy of “undergraduate education-oriented”, and provide ideas and inspiration for practical teaching reform, thereby improving the quality of talent training.

      • 1
    • Training system and experience of urban and rural planning major in American universities —— taking State University of New York at Albany as an example

      xia yongjiu

      Colleges and universities are important bases for training professional talents. The training system composed of training objectives and curriculum system not only determines the direction of talent training, but also has a profound impact on the quality of talent training. Taking the Department of Geography and Planning, Urban and Rural Planning of State University of New York at Albany as an example, this paper systematically analyzes its training system from the aspects of school-running level, training objectives, curriculum system and teaching management. From the aspects of training goal setting, knowledge system construction, thinking method training and professional ethics training, this paper summarizes its school-running experience.

      • 1
    • NLP-based text mining and analysis of engineering ethics education


      Engineering ethics education is an indispensable part of higher engineering education reform. The research on engineering ethics education gets more attention forms researchers under the background of “New engineering”. Based on the processing of Natural language processing(NPL), with the support of SLatent Dirichlet Allocation(LDA)technology and metrological visualization tool, this article selected 212 research literatures collected in CNKI. Based on literature research overview, keywords frequency list, and documents co-citation network, this paper analyzed the research status, essential document, and hot topics in this domain based on the environment of machine learning . Besides, the problems that impeded the development of engineering ethics education were proposed. Finally, this paper proposed some suggestion to solve these problems in term of country, society and universities. This study provides an effective reference for promoting engineering ethics education in higher engineering education.

      • 1
    • Research on the Cultivation of Civil Engineering Talents in Application-oriented Universities under BIM+ Industry-Education Integration

      LI Feiyan

      The arrival of BIM era proposes new requirements for the cultivation of civil engineering talents. This paper analyzes the importance of the industry-education integration in the talent cultivation in application-oriented universities, expounds the demand and current training situation of civil engineering talents in BIM era, puts forward the idea of talent cultivation based on the background of "deepening industry-education integration", "school-enterprise cooperation and cooperative education", and mainly discusses the measures of talent cultivation: improve the curriculum system with BIM capability as the core, develop BIM course resources, set up double-qualified teachers teams, encourage students to participate in student competitions and mass entrepreneurship and innovation projects, construct school-enterprise teaching practice bases and construct an industry-university-research cooperation project platform, etc., so as to provide reference for the cultivation of professional new technology talents.

      • 1
    • Development Situation and System Improvement of China''s Public Interest Litigation System by Procuratorates

      liu yi

      Based on the judicial data from 2017 to 2019, this article analyzes the development trend of procuratorial public interest litigation practice after the revision of the Administrative Procedure Law and the Civil Procedure Law. It can be seen from the aspects of the number of cases, rules, ability, strength, focus, and procedures that both the judicial and prosecutorial organs are increasing the number of cases, and actively exploring the improvement of the litigation rules. There are characteristics, but there is a significant gap in the number of cases; the lack of strength of the grass-roots procuratorates is the main force for handling cases; the number of administrative public interest litigation cases has decreased significantly, and the focus of handling cases has shifted to criminal incidental civil public interest litigation cases; the procuratorial agencies have broken through the traditional five major cases and various The difference in the number of cases is gradually decreasing; in terms of the case handling process, the number of filed cases has increased the fastest, but the pre-litigation procedures and the rate of litigation have shown a downward trend. The main reason for the above situation is that the internal organizational reform of the procuratorial system and the party committee and the people''s congress have strengthened the support of the procuratorial public interest litigation system and resolved some obstacles to the system''s operation. Finally, the article suggests four dimensions: internal, external, broad, and deep. Further improve the procuratorial public interest litigation system.

      • 1
    • New model of joint training postgraduate based ontime and space

      ZHANG Yuxin, WANG Yi, Dong Fan, Li Mei

      With the implementation of the Outline of the National Innovation-Driven Development Strategy, how to train high-quality versatile talents in recent years has become an urgent issue for Chinese higher education. Postgraduate education, as the highest level of higher education, plays a crucial role in national talent training, and cooperative teaching has emerged as the times require. This paper first analyzed the differences between the theoretical and practical reality of studying inter-school joint training. Under the introduction of traditional and diverse joint training modes, a unique new mode of joint training is proposed, that is, joint training of postgraduate students based on space-time span, which focused on the introduction from the undergraduate to postgraduate stages, taking into account the problem of "universal ease" and the imbalance of resources between universities. The dual role of "undergraduate" to "postgraduate" and "postgraduate" to "postgraduate" emphasized the growth of students under the transfer of time and space. In addition, further thoughts were made on the status quo in inter-school cooperation.

      • 1
    • Practical exploration of virtual simulation experiment for the undergraduate students in Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering

      Li Junmei, Sun Yuying, Qiao Yaxin

      Taking the virtual simulation experiment of the ventilation system balance adjusting as an example, the application of virtual simulation experiment to the undergraduate experimental teaching in Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering is explored. The implementation results show that although the virtual simulation experiment can make up for the deficiencies in conventional experimental equipment, such as insufficient experiment instruments, experiment venues, teaching expenses, etc., and can enrich the experimental resources, it is low-cost, high efficiency, and strong scalability. There are still certain problems of this kind of experiment. Practical teaching and traditional experiment for the undergraduates should be considered for the virtual simulation experimental platform developing, experiment course content setting, process implementation and grade evaluation. In view of the shortcomings of virtual simulation experiments, virtual experiments and conventional experiments should complement each other, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the experimental teaching level and teaching effect.

      • 1
    • Exploration of Teaching Practice for Architectural Design Based on Urban Function Repair Concept:Taking the Design of Second Grade Community Service Center as an Example

      Facing the current opportunities and challenges of architecture major education, Nanjing Tech University conducted the teaching reform on the curriculum design of the Second-Grade Architecture Community Service Center, and introduced new thinking dimensions and teaching links with the problem of “urban function repair” as the entry point. The teaching is focused on cultivating design values and design working methods and training students to establish independent design logic and research-based design thinking method. Combining the teaching reform practice, the content and methods of the curriculum practice are summarized, and a new means is explored to link the basic teaching and improvement teaching of design.

      • 1
    • Incremental Multi-Modal Clustering Methods for Text Data in Archives Administration


      With the continuous growth of modern archive management data, it is pretty important to effectively partition the archive texts into classes. Therefore, this paper proposes two incremental multi-modal text data clustering methods. By multi-perspective analysis of the text content, the potential topic features of texts are integrated to improve the accuracy of text clustering. In addition, the corresponding incremental multi-modal feature learning models for text clustering are designed to improve the efficiency of massive and dynamic text partition. The experimental results on two real-world text data sets show that the proposed incremental multimodal text clustering methods in this paper have superior performance and can effectively classify text data.

      • 1
    • CFD-DEM Joint Calculation and Simulation of Disaster Mechanism of Ground Collapse Caused by Pipeline Leakage in Urban Areas

      WANGYuelin, LUYe

      In recent years, land subsidence and collapse accidents occur frequently in urban areas, and pipeline leakage is one of the main factors leading to such accidents. When the pipeline ruptures, if the fluid in the pipeline is gravity flow, the soil around the pipeline will be washed into the pipeline, which will eventually lead to settlement or ground collapse. In order to discuss the migration process of soil under the action of water flow during pipeline leakage, a joint numerical simulation method of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and discrete element (DEM) program is proposed in this paper. In this method, the particle flow program (PFC3D) is used to model the strata, and the FLUENT module in ANASYS is used to calculate the groundwater flow field and introduce it into PFC3D, for joint calculation. By using this fluid-solid coupling method, the numerical modeling of the strata in the northern part of Shanghai, that is, 1.5 m thick clay soil layer in the upper part and 2.5 m thick sandy soil layer in the lower part, is carried out to study the influence of the crack size and crack position of the underground pipeline on the development of the underground cavity area and the ground collapse caused by the pipeline leakage. The numerical simulation results show that the larger the fracture size is, the larger the soil loss is, the wider the failure area of soil is, and the smaller the surface subsidence value is due to the existence of the upper clay soil layer. The failure area of soil extends from the fracture position to the upper part, and the damage area is much larger than that of the cavity area.

      • 1
    • Service Status Monitoring Mechanism of High-speed Railway Subgrade Based on Correlation Analysis of Track Quality Index (TQI) and Settlement

      CHEN Shu-yang, LU Liang-kai, YAO Yong-sheng

      The current subgrade status monitoring for high-speed railway is mainly relied on track inspection car, and its testing data TQI (track quality index) is calculated by standard deviation. However, the flaw of this method is TQI data could only indicate the geometric status differences between the track and subgrade in the statistical scale, which couldn’t reflect the subgrade service status or the severity of the subgrade defects. Thus, supported by Shanghai-Nanjing intercity high-speed railway, on the basis of routine track inspection car, and combined with in-situ settlement observation data, the comparison between TQI and post construction settlement was conducted, aiming at revealing the correlation of their overruns value. Moreover, by verification from the detection of geological radar and wave velocity survey for subgrade defects, the studies on monitoring mechanism of subgrade service status were carried out. The testing data and analysis concluded as follows: there was no inclusion relation between the overruns of TQI and settlement, with no corresponds to respective maximum either. The TQI abnormality ratio in the settlement overrun and critical-overrun sections was 66.67% and 46.15% respectively, while the settlement overrun ratio in the TQI overrun sections was only 13.64%. Compared with the frequency and range of TQI overruns, the settlement overrun is more relevant to the frequency. Through the geological radar scanning and wave velocity detection in the testing sections, the subgrade defects were discovered with the existence of under structural cavities and hydraulic power channels. Beyond conventional track inspection car method, this study is a new approach for the comparison and filtration mechanism by organically aggregating TQI, settlement and under scanning, which is more consistent with the practical engineering status compared to the previous TQI oriented assessment method. This integrated mechanism would effectively facilitate the validity of the high-speed railway subgrade service status monitoring and provide theoretical foundation for the credible judgment of subgrade defects.

      • 1
    • Coupling calculation method and seismic analysis ofpendulum eddy current TMD-steel frame structures

      Pan Yi, Bao Yunlei, Guo Wei

      Pendulum eddy current TMD as a new type of damper is often used in the control of human-induced vibration and wind-induced vibration, but seldom used in seismic engineering. And there was still a lack of focus on calculation methods. In this paper, a coupling calculation method based on joint simulation is proposed to investigate the damping performance and reasonable value for mass ratio. A numerical model was established for a 20-story steel frame structure along with five groups of pendulum eddy current TMDs with different mass ratios, which conformed to the current Chinese code for seismic design of buildings and mechanical properties of pendulum eddy current TMD. A dynamic time-history analysis was performed on the numerical model by using coupling calculation method. The analysis yields a series of curves of story drift, interstory drift ratio, story shear force, and story acceleration versus mass ratio under rare earthquakes. The analysis results are compared to the results of the control model that had no pendulum eddy current TMD. The comparison shows the feasibility of the proposed coupling calculation method and that pendulum eddy current TMD can effectively reduce the seismic response of the steel frame, with a 35.6% reduction for story drift, 31.2% for interstory drift ratio, 9.9% for story shear force, and 5.6% for story acceleration when the reasonable mass ratio is recommended to be 3%. The coupling calculation method provides a novel way for investigating the damping efficiency of the pendulum eddy current TMD on building structures.

      • 1
    • Study on hybrid model of peridynamics and finite element method

      qianwei, FAN Cun-xin, SHEN Feng, XIA Yi-bing

      Considering the advantages of peridynamics in simulating discontinuities and low computational cost of finite element method (FEM), In this paper, a new hybrid model was established by using the hybrid modeling method of peridynamics and finite element method.The model was set up by peridynamics theory in the region where cracks appear, and the other regions were modeled by eight node isoparametric elements. The truss element was used to connect the material points with the isoparametric nodes, and the interaction between material points could be regarded as the truss element. Finally, the stiffness of the element was integrated to realize the hybrid modeling of the two methods in the finite element frame system.The model does not need to introduce artificial damping, which improves the calculation efficiency. In addition,compared with the four node hybrid model, the hybrid model based on high order (eight node) isoparametric element and peridynamics has higher accuracy.can be applied to complex stress-strain problems.The validity of the method is verified by the numerical example, which provides a new idea to solve fracture problems.

      • 1
    • Adaptive tracking control algorithm for flexible power point of photovoltaic system considering dynamic environment


      A major problem related to the growing popularity of grid connected photovoltaic power generation is the operational challenges (such as overload and overvoltage) due to the variability of photovoltaic power generation. Flexible power point tracking (fppt) can limit the photovoltaic output power to a specific value to solve some integration problems. The traditional fppt algorithm based on disturbance observation has the problem of slow dynamics. Therefore, an adaptive fppt algorithm is proposed in this paper. The algorithm has fast dynamic characteristics under the fast changing environment conditions (such as cloud layer passing), while maintaining low power oscillation in the steady state. The proposed algorithm uses additional measurement samples under each disturbance to observe changes in operating conditions (such as solar irradiance). Then, the voltage step is calculated adaptively according to the observation conditions (such as transient or steady state) to improve the tracking performance. Finally, the simulation experiment on 3KVA single-phase photovoltaic grid connected system verifies the effectiveness of the algorithm in terms of fast dynamics and high accuracy under different operating conditions.

      • 1
    • Rolling bearings fault diagnosis of SVM optimized by surface-simplex swarm evolution algorithm

      zheng meng fu, quan hai yan

      Because the parameter optimization algorithm of support vector machine (SVM) has many control parameters and fall into the local optimum easily, and in order to realize diagnosis, rolling bearings fault diagnosis of SVM optimized by surface-simplex swarm evolution algorithm is proposed. First, surface-simplex swarm evolution (SSSE) establishes the particle's simple neighborhood search operator in a random way to reduce control parameters and the multi-role state search strategy to avoid falling into the local optimum. Then SSSE is applied to parameter optimization of SVM to realize fault diagnosis. In the test,the energy matrix of ensemble empirical mode decomposition(EEMD) of rolling bearing signal is used as the feature input to perform performance analysis and testing of the algorithm. The results show that the method not only effectively avoid the particles falling into the local optimal solution,but also reduce the control parameters, and can complete the signal diagnosis.

      • 1
    • Multi-source data fusion city 3D real-world modeling

      xieyunpeng, lvkejing

      With the development of digital cities and smart cities, urban simulation has developed from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and the requirements for urban three-dimensional real-world modeling have become higher and higher. Due to the high density and rapid change of urban features, traditional manual 3D modeling methods are inefficient and cannot adapt to the rapidly changing and changing urban environment. Therefore, UAV tilt photography technology is often used for fast 3D modeling, but UAV tilt photography method cannot solve the problems of urban object occlusion, canopy occlusion, eaves occlusion, glass light transmission, etc., resulting in defects such as local texture distortion of the 3D model, object pulling, and object cavity voids. There are many problems in model accuracy, quality and application. In order to solve the above problems, this article took the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences as the research area, and used the UAV tilt photography technology and ground lidar technology to perform fusion modeling. In the course of the experiment, a drone image acquisition strategy of "regular route automatic shooting-based, manual interest area supplemented by manual shooting" was used in the field; in interior work, "manual coarse registration, ICP algorithm fine registration" was used. The experimental results show that the method of multi-source data fusion can not only ensure the efficiency of 3D modeling, but also correct the problems of ground distortion and holes in the UAV alone modeling model, improve the accuracy of the model, and optimize the 3D model of the city.

      • 1
    • The training mode and practice of professional master's degree students majoring in built environment and energy based on the background of “Double First-Class” construction

      Gao Yafeng, Ding Yong, chenjinhua, Linan, Xushuang

      Cultivating first-class talents is an important connotation for constructing the first-class disciplines, but also a vital dimension for evaluating the outcomes of disciplines construction. Regarding the professional degree students, cultivating their innovation and hands-on abilities is a crucial role for university education under the new era. Taking the major of Architectural Environment and Energy in the School of Civil Engineering of Chongqing University as an example, this paper investigates the multiple training models for professional degree students, which integrate the international theoretical teaching mode with the innovative practical teaching mode of production, teaching and learning. Also, it explores the construction of international theoretical teaching system and multi-level practice platform, which aims at improving the innovation and hands-on ability of master degree graduates in Built Environment and Energy.

      • 1
    • On the Definition of Environmental Pollution Tort Liability under the Invalidity of Third-Party Governance Contract

      TANG Shaojun, WEI Yu

      The possible cases of invalid third-party environmental protection contracts are covered by Article 52 of the Contract Law. In practice, "violation of mandatory provisions of laws and administrative regulations" is the most common. In the case of the above-mentioned contract invalidation, the results of judicial judgments, such as one of the pollutant discharge enterprises and the pollution control enterprises alone, the two parties, and the two parties jointly bear the environmental tort liability. The definition of environmental tort liability in the case of invalid third-party governance contract should first identify the "polluter" status of the pollutant-discharge enterprise or the pollution-treatment enterprise according to the "literal range" of "pollution source control and discharge", and determine its "polluter" liability according to law; for the pollutant-discharge enterprise or the pollution-treatment enterprise that does not conform to the "polluter" status, If there is evidence to prove that there is a common cause and effect relationship between them, they should bear the responsibility according to their share. If there is evidence to prove that there is joint infringement, joint danger, cumulative causality, or abetting or helping infringement with the "polluter", they shall bear joint and several liability; if there is evidence to prove that they are the "third party" with fault, they shall bear joint and several liability with the "polluter". The determination of the ultimate liability share between pollution enterprises and pollution control enterprises should be based on the degree of fault and the magnitude of the causal force to solve the disputes in the definition of environmental tort liability in the case of invalid third-party governance contracts.

      • 1
    • The response to the protection of personal information law and criminal law in the era of big data

      liushuangyang, lichuan

      The type of behavior in which one of the provisions of Article 253 of the Criminal Law of China violates the citizen''s personal information is limited to illegally obtaining, selling, and providing the transfer of personal information. The illegal use of personal information has not been included in the scope of criminal law, which reflects the personal information. It is understood that it is a one-sided understanding of the transfer of autonomy, neglecting the use of self-determined legal benefits, and thus the phenomenon of illegal use of personal information frequently becomes a prominent problem, but the criminal law norms are unable to cope. With the development of the network era to the deep mining application phase of big data, the use value of personal information has become increasingly prominent. The use of autonomy has a more core legal status than the transfer of autonomy. The focus of personal information law on the protection of criminal law should also shift from transfer autonomy to autonomy. In determining the conviction requirements for the illegal use of personal information, the principle of modesty should be followed, and the scope of criminal regulation of illegal use of personal information should be reasonably limited by constructing the legal use of diversified personal information such as license use, anonymous use, and fair use. To balance the use of independent interests of the information subject with the legitimate use of the information controller, to achieve the organic unity of protecting the personal information law and promoting the effective use of information resources.

      • 1
    • ADMM-based Coordinated EV Charging Scheduling Algorithm

      Zhifu Chai, Gaoqi He, Xingjian Lu

      With the increasing number of Electric Vehicles (EVs), the out-of-order random charging behaviors cause the smart grid overloaded and the battery depreciation. Though a great deal of works focusing on EV charging coordination are proposed, it still remains unexplored to coordinate the EV charging by maximizing the convenience of EV drivers and minimizing the battery depreciation. This is a vital problem for increasing the service quality of the charging station and the users' satisfaction, since the convenience and lifetime of battery are specially concerned by EV drivers. In this paper, we systematically study the problem and a real-time charging scheme is proposed to coordinate the electric vehicle (EV) charging and decrease the battery depreciation to the battery. To prevent private leak and decrease calculation complexity, a ADMM-based distributed method is proposed in our paper. Extensive evaluations show that our distributed optimization method brings significant cost savings over existing methods. Simulation results show that our proposed algorithm could reduce the price cost of EV drivers and battery lifetime depreciation by up to 18.3% and 33.0%.

      • 1
    • Virtual Simulation Construction of Experimental Teaching Resources for Triple-Leveled Civil Engineering Curriculum System

      LI Jun, LI Xiaodong, CUI Yifei, ZHANG Peng, QU Chengping

      In order to strengthen the cultivation of students' professional interest, application and innovation ability and practical ability to solve complex engineering problems, the ideas of the construction and application of virtual simulation experimental teaching resources serving the triple-leveled professional curriculum system, namely the "core-direction-expansion" curriculum system of civil engineering are proposed. The three-level curriculum system has the characteristics of organically connecting theoretical teaching, practical teaching and engineering practice with experimental teaching. The course of "Comprehensive Experiment of Civil Engineering (including Virtual Simulation)" with the characteristics of " Virtual-Real Combination " is newly established, which contains the experimental teaching content urgently needed by civil engineering majors, and adapts to the new characteristics of college students' growth and new laws of education and teaching in the information age. Relying on the national-level experimental teaching demonstration center, the national-level virtual simulation experimental teaching project and a number of teaching research and teaching reform subjects, the virtual simulation experimental resource library serving the triple-leveled curriculum system is built with the "Golden Course" standard of virtual simulation, and the three-dimensional teaching resources are constructed combined with the virtual simulation projects,courses construction and teaching material construction.

      • 1
    • On the legislation of administrative preposition in AI criminal law


      Artificial intelligence law research should be cautious of "academic bubble", and the construction of criminal law based on artificial intelligence should be based on the real problem of local practice in China. The new AI crime is a typical administrative crime. Therefore, in the early stage of the development of AI technology, the AI criminal law should shape the administrative pre legislation method. Compared with the current legislation of information network and computer criminal law, the practical characteristics of the harm of artificial intelligence technology lie in the deep learning of artificial intelligence and the extension of time and space for human activities. Therefore, the characteristics of "administrative prepositiveness" are embodied in the fact that artificial intelligence criminal law legislation needs to pay more attention to comprehensive and dual rules. In the specific design of AI administrative pre legislation rules of criminal law, legislators need to apply the characteristics of rules to the research and development of AI technology, as well as the evaluation of AI products in the stages of testing, production, sales and use of criminal law legislation.

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    • Research on combined operation mode of the solar hot water storage tank

      Wang Ye, Sun zhendong, He Teng, Shi Chengzhi, Zhao Haochen, Li Zhe

      The fluid flow and heat transfer processes inside three thermal storage tanks with different top or obstacle structures are numerically analyzed in this paper to take advantage of solar energy and improve the comprehensive efficiency of solar energy system with the engineering background of Urumqi region"s solar water heating system for floor heating. The alternate operation mode of each water tank is also discussed. The results show that it is feasible to use the multi-tank alternating operation mode at different times. In actual engineering, on the premise of meeting the needs of hot users, the low-flow operation mode should be preferentially adopted. According to the thermal stratification characteristics of the water tank, 3# water tank is preferentially operated at 11:30, followed by 2# and 1# water tanks. 3# water tank should be preferentially operated at 15:00 and 18:00 while 1# and 2# water tanks can be used as backup for each other. The 3# water tank is more suitable for users with higher water temperature requirements but less water consumption, followed by the 1# water tank. When users generate a lot of backwater and need hot water with higher temperature, the 2# water tank is preferentially enabled.

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    • A research on feedback cognition method of insulator state based on attention mechanism

      Suxinyan, Lijing, Yangjianping, Zhanghaitai

      In view of the drawbacks of the existing insulator state recognition models, and open-loop cognitive mode and insufficient generalization ability of loss function for detailed recognition deep network, imitated imitating human inspection mode, i.e., real-time evaluation of reliability of cognitive results and self-optimizing and regulation of the multi-scale image knowledge space, this paper explores a feedback cognition method of insulator state based on attention mechanism. Firstly, for the pre-processed insulator image, a stacked convolutional neural network with adaptive scale architecture is designconstructed, which renders the network input is scaled from the overall image to the detailed area. Each scale network shares the same architecture with different parameters to ensure the discriminative ability of different resolution inputs and generate a detailed attention area for the next scale. Secondly, for multiple scale features, stochastic configuration network (SCN) establish builds the classification criterion of the insulator states with universal approximation ability. Thirdly, an inter-class classification loss function and an intra-class ranking loss function are constructed to optimize the attention network, which generates a higher confidence score ranking than the previous prediction. Finally, learned from closed-loop control idea, the generalized error entropy performance index is definestablished to evaluate the reliability of the uncertain cognition results of insulator states in real time. Then, the network scale level is dynamically regulated to realize the self-optimizing regulation of the feature space and the reconstruction of the classification criteria based on the constraint of the uncertain detection results, which renders insulator states is re-recognized with feedback mechanism. Experimental results show that, compared with other network architectures, the proposed method enhances the generalization ability and improves the cognition accuracy of the model.

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    • Review and Improvement of the Connection Rules between Ecological Environmental Damage Compensation Litigation and Civil Public Interest Litigation

      xiangwang, Qingpeng

      The connection between ecological and environmental damages litigation and civil public interest litigation has a long history, and the absence of legal norms has brought about a lot of theoretical and practical confusion. Although the Supreme People's Court issued the "Regulations on the Trial of Compensation for Ecological Environmental Damage Compensation Cases", which cleared up many confusions and chaos in scientific research and judicial practice, it used the method of legal doctrine to outline the connection between ecological environmental damage compensation litigation and civil public interest litigation. Rule picture, and based on the theory of institutional system to investigate the coupling between the two different litigation systems in the judicial relief system of the same ecological environment damage, it is not difficult to find that there are still many institutional vacuums and institutional conflicts. In order to further achieve the institutional coupling between the two at the normative level, it is necessary to embed the principle of proportionality through the consultation stage, clarify the legal effects of judicial confirmation, improve the supervision and coordination function of the procuratorial organs, and establish a social organization and administrative organs. Information mechanisms and consultation mechanisms.

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    • The Difficulties and Reconstruction on the Structure of Mortgage System of Peasant Housing Property Rights


      With the release of the "Opinions on Implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy" in 2018, China's housing sites have entered the era of "three powers". It is required to properly release the housing base and the right to use the peasants' housing to solve the problem of excessive rural idle land, and the construction of the peasant housing property rights mortgage system is an important measure to "release the living" housing policy. In 2014, the Ministry of Land and Resources issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting Land Saving and Intensive Use”, and then piloted the peasant housing mortgage in several regions across the country. However, under the current policy legislation, there are many obstacles in the practice of peasant housing mortgage loan. For example, the scope of the transferee is limited to the internal economic organization, and the mortgage property adopts the principle of separation of housing and land. The scope and value of peasant housing mortgage can not be used as a "revitalization" in practice. To build a peasant housing property rights mortgage system that not only protects the housing base, but also "revitalizes" rural idle land and houses. An important task in modern land reform. This paper believes that the structure of the peasant housing property rights mortgage system should be carried out around the following aspects: strictly prohibit farmers from mortgage housing to the external members of the group, avoid conflicts between laws and policies, and safeguard the rural homesteads; at the same time, the government and financial institutions As an external object of peasant housing mortgage, it resolves the dilemma of low mortgage range while protecting the value and function of the homestead.

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    • New Governance Model of Internet Platform Infringing Intellectual Property ——Towards a Diversified Governance

      Liyufeng, dengsidi

      The rise of the third generation Internet has formed a platform economy. Platform companies have connected users worldwide and changed the structure of traditional industries. The platform economy has the characteristics of economies of scale, less idleness, accurate pricing, and dynamic information. While providing convenience, the platform economy also brings more risks of intellectual property infringement. Existing studies have focused on the regulation of platform companies focusing on compensation liability after damage has occurred. This approach is ex post regulation. In order to avoid the expansion of platform user risks, the relationship between platform enterprises and users is scientifically defined, and a multi-governance model combining post regulation with pre regulation, government regulation with platform enterprise autonomy, and laws with industry norms is more scientific.

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    • Remove of Ibuprofen from Aqueous Solution by Electrolysis-Ozone Technology using Carbon Fiber Aerogel Cathode

      miaozhiquan, huangwenxuan, wangtuo, songyunqian, yuanguoxing, wukai, chenglikun, zhaochun

      A novel carbon fiber aerogel was prepared by one-step direct pyrolysis method using natural cotton as a precursor, the electrolysis-ozone technology using CFA cathode (E-O3-CFA) was established. The composition and structure of CFA were analysised by SEM, BET and XPS. The removal of IBP and the main operational parameters(e.g., cathode materials、current intensity、ozone concentration and pH) were evaluated systematically. The pathway and mechanism of IBP removal were also investigated. The results showed that the removal rate of IBP by E-O3-CFA process was 97.96% at ozone concentration of 16mg/L, current intensity of 300 mA, and without adjusting the initial pH. It was higher than the electrolysis-ozone technology with other cathode (steel cathode 83.11%、activated carbon fiber cathode 94.78%、graphite cathode 89.05%). The IBP was mainly removed by the free radical oxidation pathway by ·OH. Moreover, the specific energy consumption (SEC) of electrolysis-ozone technology for TOC removal was furtherly reduced by using CFA cathode. Therefore, the E-O3-CFA technology was a better strategy for the treatment of organic micro-pollutants from aqueous.

      • 1

      Sui Jia li, Yan Bo, Lin Xiang, Wu Chuan, Lv Zhong Bin, Zhang Bo

      The dynamic swing angles of suspended insulator strings of transmission lines with different parameters including conductor type, initial stress in conductor, span length and height difference, under stochastic wind filed are numerically simulated by means of the finite element method. Based on the finite element simulation results and the BP neural network, a prediction model for the swing angle is constructed. In the model, the conductor type, span length, height difference, initial stress, wind speed and guarantee factor are taken as the input parameters, and the swing angle as the output parameter. The model is optimized by machine learning and accuracy evaluation with specific evaluation indicators. Swing angle of suspended insulator string in stochastic wind field can be predicted conveniently and fast with this model, which provides a basis for the insulation design of tower head in transmission line.

      • 1
    • Study on the Cultivation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability Based on " Student Research and Training "


      At present, the cultivation of innovation and innovation ability has become one of the main abilities of colleges and universities in the new era. The School of Electronics and Information Engineering of Suzhou University of Science and Technology has adopted the Student Research Training Center as an important platform for college students to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Adopting a group and team cooperation model, carrying out capacity training centered on scientific research projects, and implementing a variety of innovative quality training methods and mechanisms to cultivate students "innovative awareness, stimulate students" entrepreneurial spirit, and fill the current extensive teaching mode. The gaps in the cultivation of student quality have played a role in promoting the improvement of university students" scientific research ability, innovation and entrepreneurship, and the development of scientific research in universities.

      • 1
    • Research on " urban design of small towns" course reform of FGCPP for key competence


      Abstract: China is in a critical period of coordinating the rural vitalization strategy and the new urbanization strategy. It is essential for colleges to grasp the important tools to break the urban-rural dualism pattern, and explore the reconstruction and expansion of urban design in the interdisciplinary teaching system of small towns. Fujian normal university " urban design of small towns" course is committed to cultivating key competence. Starting from the three dimensions of cultural foundation, independent development and social participation, FGCPP curriculum teaching model focus on flip classroom, group discussion, classic reading, practice teaching and project driven. FGCPP provides reference and inspiration for revealing the characteristics of "Chinese design" more profoundly.

      • 1
    • Exploration on the Teaching Mode of concrete structure Design principle under the background of Engineering Education Certification


      The implementation of engineering education professional certification has pointed out the way for our country to cope with the new round of scientific and technological revolution and further laid the foundation for the training of professional practical talents, which has important guiding significance. The principle course of concrete structure design is one of the important basic courses for civil engineering majors, but in the actual teaching process, there are some defects in our education, such as good teaching content and single form, less combination of new technology and less practical knowledge. Based on the concept and requirements of engineering education professional certification, this paper horizontally compares the teaching methods of concrete structure design principles courses in colleges and universities in China and Singapore, and further summarizes the experience, optimizes teaching methods, and puts forward teaching reform measures. improve the teaching quality of the course, in order to provide references for the curriculum reform of domestic colleges and universities.

      • 1
    • The teaching reform of architectural design course in the third grade of Shandong Jianzhu University based on the guidance of OBE concept ——Take "space regeneration" as an example


      Under the influence of OBE concept, Shandong Jianzhu University, based on the original intention of connecting with engineering education certification standard, has carried out the overall reorganization and framework of architectural design course, taking achievement oriented, student-centered and continuous improvement as the guiding ideology of curriculum reform.The third grade architectural design course played an important role in connecting the preceding and the following in the five-year architectural design study. Taking the "space regeneration" course assignment as an example, this paper specifically introduces how the third grade architectural design course responds from three aspects: curriculum setting, teaching process and curriculum improvement.

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    • Risk assessment of expressway low-embankment-subgrade in service status

      Xu Jingye, Xu Linrong, Zhang Liangliang

      The low embankment of the expressway is limited by the height of the subgrade, which easily causes problems such as excessive settlement or uneven settlement after construction. At present, the subgrade design and maintenance codes did not uniformly regulate the design of the low embankment, resulting in many problems that would affect the normal use of the project during the construction and operation of the low embankment. Based on the risk assessment theory of geological disaster, this paper analyzed some factors such as drying and wetting cycle and traffic load. In addition, considering the maintenance and repair, these factors were modified and the evaluation method of low-embankment-subgrade in service status was proposed. The method used fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and matter-element analysis method to analyze the structural quality vulnerability in construction period, the risk of subgrade in operation period and the modified value of maintenance and repair. Finally, it obtained the comprehensive risk of low-embankment-subgrade. The method was applied to the project example of the low embankment in northern Zhejiang. The result shows that the comprehensive risk is low and the service state risk is basically consistent with the filed survey result, which illustrate the feasibility of the evaluation method.

      • 1
    • Experimental study and Micro-mechanism Analysis of Steel Slag-soil mixed Base material

      huangwei, qiupeng, zhaoluqing

      Given to the expand problem of road base materials based on steel slag, steel slag, blast furnace slag micro-powder and soil were mixed and combined with soil solidification technology to prepare a road base material – steel slag mixed soil. The compaction, expansion rate and unconfined compressive strength tests were carried out on 16 soil samples with different ratios. The results showed that the optimum moisture content of the steel slag mixed soil presented little effect by the ratio, which maintained at 12~14%.The maximal dry density decreases with the decrease in the loading of steel slag, and decreases with the increase in the loading of blast furnace slag micro-powder mixed. The incorporation of blast furnace slag micro-powder could significantly reduce the expansion rate of steel slag mixed soil and increase its unconfined compressive strength. The unconfined compressive strengths of steel slag mixed soil for 7d, 14d, 28d and 90d were firstly increased then decreased with steel slag loading,which reached the maximal value when the ratio was 50% steel slag with 50% soil. Microstructural analysis confirmed that the change of the surface electrode of soil particles enhance the compactness of steel slag mixed soil in molding process. The hydration reaction of f-CaO in the steel slag was inhibited during the solidification process, and which conduct digestion reaction with SiO2 in the mineral slag to form hydrated calcium silicate gel (C-S-H). At the same time, inter-particle stacking effect between steel slag and soil and self-compacting effect produced by C-S-H gel could enhance strength of steel slag mixed soil, and thus prepared steel slag mixed soil with high strength and stability.

      • 1
    • Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of a Novel Support Structure with Soil Nailing Wall Combined with Cemented Soil Pile/Wall for Deep Excavation

      Wan Zongjiang

      In order to fully utilize the high strength of the cemented soil pile/wall, a novel retaining structure with soil nailing wall combined with cemented soil pile/wall for deep excavation and its design philosophy is discussed in this paper. Based on finite element analyses, the distribution characteristics of seepage flow, horizontal soil displacement, axial force of soil nail, stress of cement-soil pile wall and the failure mode as well as the influence of bottom reinforcement and cement-soil pile wall distance of the novel structure are examined. Meanwhile, comparative analysis with the traditional soil nailing wall structure and the composite soil nailing wall structure are conducted. The results show that: the support mechanism of the novel structure is more reasonable, with the horizontal displacement of the soil at the excavation face and the axial and tangential stresses of cement-soil pile wall much smaller than that under the traditional soil nailing wall structure and the composite soil nailing wall structure; the failure mode of the foundation pit is similar with that under the gravity retaining wall support method, and reinforcement of the pit bottom can significantly improve its support performance.

      • 1
    • Distribution and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Soils in Antimony Mine Area

      HUANG Zhongjie, DENG Renjian, ZHOU Saijun, WANG Jianqun

      In order to reveal the impact of mining activities and ecological restoration measures on soil heavy metal pollution in antimony mining areas, the pollution status and regional characteristics of Sb, As, Pb and Cd in soils of different land properties among smelting area, road nearby ore, mining area and ore tailing area of antimony mine area in Xikuangshan, Hunan were studied, in addition, the ground accumulation index method and the potential ecological risk index method were used to evaluate pollution and ecological risk. It was found that the average contents of Sb, As, Pb and Cd in soil samples in the study area were 3937.72 mg·kg-1, 74.55 mg·kg-1, 254.34 mg·kg-1 and 37.36 mg·kg-1 respectively, and heavy metal compound pollution were serious, which maintaining an upward trend; significant regional characteristics was showed by the heavy metal concentration in soils among each areas because of mining activities such as smelting, mining, transportation and stacking; the content of Sb in soil samples decreased successively in residue-field, wasteland, forestland, sediment, grassland and vegetable-field, which indicated that the method of grassland ecological restoration was an effective method to control soil antimony pollution. The evaluation results of the ground accumulation index method and the potential ecological risk index method showed that Sb and Cd pollution in antimony mining areas are serious, and As and Pb have mild to moderate pollution, and have strong ecological risks comprehensively, of which Sb and Cd are the most important pollution factors.

      • 1
    • Experimental analysis of debonding failure mechanism of RC beam strengthened with aluminum alloy plate

      YANG Li-jun, DENG Zhiheng, YANG Haifeng

      Debonding failure is a common premature failure form of RC beam strengthened with aluminum alloy plate. In order to avoid the occurrence of debonding failure, the experimental research on the debonding failure mode of RC beam strengthened with aluminum alloy plate was carried out. First, 20 RC beams were fabricated, and the aluminum alloy plates were adhered to the bottom of the RC beams using structural adhesive. In order to study the effect of additional anchoring on debonding failure, chemical bolts or U-wraps were placed in the special position of aluminum alloy plate of some test RC beams. By means of two-point monotonic loading test of RC beam strengthened with aluminum alloy plate, it was concluded that there are four failure modes of RC beam strengthened with aluminum alloy plate: suitable reinforcement failure, over-reinforced failure, debonding failure at plate end and intermediate crack induced debonding failure. The debonding failure is mainly caused by the excessive interfacial shear stress. For this reason, the test data of the strain gauge of the aluminum alloy plate were used to obtain the distribution curves of the interfacial stress, then the distribution law for interfacial shear stress was given: After reaching the maximum value at plate end, it quickly falls to a flat bottom, and an abrupt jump occurs in the interfacial shear stress in the cracking section of RC beam. The mechanism of debonding failure was analyzed: the mechanism of debonding failure at plate end is that after the interfacial shear stress reaches the bonding strength between aluminum alloy plate and concrete, the interfacial shear stress will peel off the concrete in the protective layer; The mechanism of intermediate crack induced debonding failure is that the interfacial shear stress peels off the concrete tooth block from the beam body after the normal stress generated at the end of the concrete tooth block is greater than the concrete tensile strength. On this basis, the discriminant formulae of two kinds of debonding failure were obtained, which were verified by the test data. Above work provides a theoretical basis for the engineering application of RC beams strengthened with aluminum alloy plates.

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    • The study on calculation method of bearing capacity of reinforced concrete column at coastal atmosphere zone

      Gu Yin, Li Pan

      Abstract: The slab diffusion model based on semi-infinite slab element is usually used to estimate the time to corrosion initiation of RC(reinforced concrete) circular column exposed to coastal atmosphere zone, which ignoring the effect of the circular across-section. In this paper, considering diffusion coefficient as time-varying, the circular diffusion model considering the effect of cross-section shape is updated. The method of calculating the bearing capacity of circular across-section exposed to coastal atmosphere zone is proposed. The influence of adopting slab diffusion model on evaluating the residual bearing capacity of the column at coastal atmosphere zone under different service periods is further discussed. The research results show that the corrosion initiation time of reinforced concrete column predicted by slab diffusion model is longer than that predicted by circular diffusion model. The smaller the radius, the more obvious the influence of using slab diffusion model on evaluating the bearing capacity evaluation of RC circular column in service period. When this column is exposed to the light salt fog zone and the radius is less 60cm, the circular diffusion model should be adopted to predict the time to corrosion. And the residual bearing capacity of RC circular column with different service periods is further evaluated.

      • 1
    • Study on Construction and Mechanical Properties of Ultra-high Performance Concrete and Its Influence on Water-to-binder Ratio


      Abstract: One of the key points for developing ultra-high performance concrete(UHPC) with good construction is to determine the suitable water-to-binder ratio.Therefore, based on the premise that the typical raw materials and mix ratio of 150MPa grade UHPC remained unchanged(except water consumption), the influence of water-to-binder ratio(0.15~0.2) on the construction and mechanical properties of UHPC were studied. The extensibility of UHPC in different wet stirring time, full wet stirring time, extensibility of UHPC for a standing time after full wet mixing, compressive strength, flexural strength, four-point flexural stress-deflection curve, and the equivalent tensile stress at the lower edge of the test piece when the visible first crack occured, were obtained through extensibility, compressive strength and four-point flexural test. Subsequently, the variability of compressive strength and flexural strength results were analyzed; The flexural toughness index was calculated based on the four-point flexural stress-deflection curve and the standard method. At the same time, an improved method for calculating flexural toughness index of UHPC was proposed. The test results show that the full wet stirring time of UHPC is 6 min. The average extensibility rate of UHPC increases to 76mm with the water-to-binder ratio increases by 0.01. The extensibility loss of UHPC is 40mm, and the loss rate is only 5.9%, when the water-to-binder ratio and standing time are 0.19 and 4h. The compressive strength, flexural strength and flexural toughness index of UHPC all increase first and then decrease with increasing of water-to-binder ratio, and when the water-to-binder ratio is 0.18, 0.16 and 0.16 respectively, the three mechanical properties reach the best and the coefficient of variation is smaller. The highest average value of compressive strength and flexural strength of UHPC is 172.58MP and 42.07MPa under the same water-to-binder ratio, and the corresponding extensibility are 580mm and 360mm respectively. The optimal water-to-binder ratio for construction and mechanical properties of UHPC is 0.185(extensibility is 620mm, compressive standard strength is 158.54MPa, and flexural strength is 29.3).The stress-deflection curve before the stress peak is an atypical full convex curve. The strength of visible first crack is about 0.85 times that of flexural strength. The flexural toughness of UHPC is good, so it is better to use visible first crack deflection as the initial deformation reference to calculate the flexural toughness index.

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    • Modulus back-calculation method for high liquid limit soil subgrade

      Liu Chuang, Zhang Rui, Teng Yu Sheng, Ren Tian Zeng

      In order to improve the accuracy of Portable Falling Weight Deflectometer (PFWD) in determining the resilient modulus of high liquid limit soil subgrade, and considering the influence of deformation lags effect on the back-calculation result. A new method for back-calculating the modulus was proposed based on Kelvin viscoelastic model and quasi-static dynamic analysis method. The effectiveness of the new method is verified by field tests. The results show that the measured modulus of the lower embankment filled with high liquid limit soil is lower and the peak vertical displacement of the top surface of the embankment obviously lags behind the peak value of the load under the impact load of PFWD. Furthermore, the load-displacement curve is significantly nonlinear. In addition, the conventional method based on linear elastic model makes the back-calculated modulus much larger than the measured modulus. The average relative error between back-calculated and the measured modulus reaches up to 52.5%. However, the new method can better reflect the deformation lag characteristics under impact load. The average relative error between them is only 9.2%. With the increase of subgrade modulus, the lag effect of the deformation is not significant. The back-calculating results of conventional and new methods are similar, but the former is still much larger than the latter. The modulus back-calculated by the new method can be used as the basis for construction quality control of high liquid limit soil subgrade.

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    • Effects of freeze-thaw cycles on mechanical properties of loess under plane strain

      li bao ping, ping gao quan, zhang yu, yang qian

      Taking undisturbed loess as the research object, the effects of freeze-thaw cycles on the physical and mechanical properties of undisturbed loess were studied through plane strain tests. The results show that: as the freeze-thaw cycle increases, the surface damage of the soil sample becomes more severe; under the conditions of the same moisture content and the same consolidation confining pressure, the partial stress-axial strain of the undisturbed loess (σ1-σ3)- ε1 curve gradually decreases with the increase of the number of freeze-thaw cycles, and the degradation of the original loess (σ1-σ3) -ε1 curve by the freeze-thaw cycle increases with the increase of the water content and with the consolidation As the confining pressure increases, it decreases; according to the Mohr-Coulomb strength criterion, it is concluded that both the cohesive force and the internal friction angle show a similar linear decrease with increasing water content, and the cohesive force follows the freeze-thaw cycle The increase of the angle shows an exponential decrease, and the internal friction angle decreases slightly with the increase of the freeze-thaw cycle, but changes within 3 °. Based on the rationality of the test data, a degradation model of the undisturbed loess along with the freeze-thaw cycle is fitted. The model can be used to describe the degradation law of the undisturbed loess along with the freeze-thaw cycle.

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    • A new lateral force pattern of reinforced concrete frame structures based on seismic uniform damage


      When the uniform damage state of structures is developed under strong earthquakes, each story has an approximately equal story drift ratio and damage, and the material potential of each parts is fully exploited, which makes for the global energy dissipation mechanism. By considering the global and local damage, the optimization design procedure of reinforced concrete frame structures is constructed based on the optimality criteria method. The analytical model considering the soil-structure-interaction is developed based on the Beam on Nonlinear Winkler Foundation (BNWF) model. Three 5-, 8- and 12-story reinforced concrete (RC) frame structures were employed as the prototype structures. The uniform damage optimization design was performed and the main convergence parameters were analyzed. According to the story shear distribution of three optimized RC frames, a new lateral force pattern was proposed using the format of Chinese seismic design code. The developed uniform damage optimization design and new lateral force pattern, can provide a basis and reference for seismic design of RC frame structures in China.

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    • Study on decompression performance of EPS geofoam behind retaining walls based on model test

      zheng jun jie, shao an di, xie ming xing, jing dan

      Through the retaining wall test in laboratory, the lateral earth pressure distribution and the decompression performance of EPS with different EPS elastic modulus and different EPS thickness were studied.The influence of compression value of EPS board on the lateral earth pressure on retaining wall was also analyzed by FLAC3D numerical modeling.The research results show that the EPS board can effectively reduce the earth pressure behind the retaining wall; the smaller the elastic modulus of the EPS board, the larger the thickness, the larger the external load on the surface of the backfill wall, and the more obvious the decompression effect of the EPS board; After the EPS board thickness increases to a certain extent, the decompression effect of the EPS board will not increase significantly.In actual engineering applications, the EPS board thickness reaches 0.1 times the wall height to obtain the best decompression effect.

      • 1
    • Model test study on bearing characteristics of double-row piles based on reinforcement effect of soil around piles

      WANG Xiang-Qiu, LIAO Zhen-Yuan, ZHENG Tu-Yong, ZHU Dao-Li

      In view of the wide application prospect of double row piles under complex surrounding environment and the complex mechanical behavior of double row piles, based on the principle of similar material model test, a laboratory test model for double row piles of deep foundation pit is built. The bearing characteristics of double-row piles under five reinforcement conditions, including inter-pile soil, passive zone at pile side, soil at pile end and composite reinforcement, are analyzed and studied. The results show that the maximum positive and negative bending moments of front row piles are 66.9% and 55.3% lower than those without reinforcement measures, while the maximum positive and negative bending moments of back row piles are 98.3% and 56.0% lower respectively, while the horizontal displacement of top piles is 77.3% lower. The bearing capacity of double-row piles can be effectively improved by soil reinforcement between piles, passive zone at pile side and soil reinforcement at pile end, but the effect of soil reinforcement between piles is the best. The main reason is that soil reinforcement between piles can significantly improve the deformation modulus of soil between piles, thereby enhancing the overall flexural rigidity of the cross-section of pile-soil composite bearing body, thereby improving the bearing capacity of double-row piles.

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    • Temperature effects on long-span steel box girder suspension bridge based on regional measured data

      Huang Xu, Zhu Jin, Qian Yizhe, Li Yongle

      The present study evaluates the temperature effects on a long-span suspension bridge with steel box girder based on the historical temperature data. Firstly, four common probability distribution models are proposed to fit the probability distribution of the daily temperature extremes in different seasons at the bridge location. Five performance indexes are adopted to evaluate the fitting quality of each probability distribution model, with which the optimal probability distribution model is identified. Based on the optimal probability distribution model, the temperature extremes in terms of 20 years, 50 years and 100 years of return periods are computed subsequently. Secondly, the finite element model of a long-span steel box girder suspension bridge is established using ANSYS finite element software. Based on the established finite element model, the effects of temperature variation of different structural components on the natural frequency and displacement are further investigated. Finally, the influence of restraint systems, i.e., central buckle, vertical support, and expansion joint, on the thermal-induced effect of bridges is further studied. The results show that, except for the first-order symmetrical transverse bending frequency, all the other natural frequencies are negatively correlated with the temperature variation. In addition, when the temperature of the pylons and stiffening girders varies within ±25℃, the variation of all the natural frequencies is less than 5%. Nevertheless, when the temperature of the main cables reduces by 12 ℃, the anti-symmetric vertical frequency of the main girder decreases significantly, about 12%. Besides, it is also found that the vertical displacement of the stiffening girder and pylon is linearly correlated with the temperature variation of the entire bridge, and the longitudinal displacement of stiffening girder is mainly controlled by the temperature variation of the stiffening girder. Due to the height difference of the bridge pylon, the longitudinal displacement at two ends of the girder due to temperature variation is different, i.e., the longitudinal displacement due to unit temperature variation at Jianshui end and Yuanyang end is 4.7 mm/℃ and 3.3 mm/℃, respectively. In addition, the vertical displacement and rotational angle of the stiffening girder ends are mainly affected by the temperature variation of the main cable. Finally, the influence of vertical supports and expansion joints on the thermal-induced longitudinal displacement response of the girder is found to be insignificant, while the central buckle is found to have significant effect on the thermal-induced internal forces of short suspenders in the mid-span.

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    • Influence of bentonite on the UCS and hydraulic characteristicsof CSM Wall

      chenyuhang, tanghaoling, zhangdingwen

      Soil-Bentonite Mixtures is often used to maintain the stability of the Deep Mixed Pile Method for the Double Round Milling Wall(Cutter Soil Mixing, CSM). The effect of bentonite content on the unconfined compressive strength and permeability of soil-bentonite mixtures in CSM when the local soil was sand and silt. The properties including the unconfined compressive strength and permeability was measured, and microstructure was investigated using MIP. The relationship between the change of pore ratio and the unconfined compressive strength and permeability coefficient of cement soil samples was investigated, and the pore change process of the sample was quantified. The results show that the expansion of the bentonite and chemical reaction with cement hydration products can change the pore distribution of soil-bentonite mixtures; The variation of bentonite content can reduce the permeability coefficient by two orders of magnitude and significantly improve the unconfined compressive strength; The ratio of compressive strength to porosity and cement content is approximately a power function relationship; A certain amount of bentonite is effective in improving the strength of the cement soil sample, but the marginal effect of improving the dosage is not obvious. The optimum content of bentonite in silt is 5% and in sand is 2.5~5%.

      • 1

      liujie, QIU Lei, ZHANG Yang, CHEN Juan-juan, ZHOU Wan-qing

      In order to study the influences of yield strength fy and concrete cover thickness h of shear reinforcements on the direct shear behavior of monolithically cast concrete interfaces, push-off tests on 12 Z-shaped specimens were conducted. Based on the experimental phenomena and measured load-slip curves, the mechanism of interface shear transfer was proposed. According to the tested bearing capacity of the specimen, the formulas from ACI, PCI and AASHTO codes for calculating the interface direct shear capacity were analyzed and evaluated. The analysis results show that when fy increases from 400 MPa to 600 MPa or h increases from 20 mm to 40 mm, the direct shear strength and shear stiffness of interface do not change significantly, while the change of h will cause the different interface failure modes. The adhesion and cohesion of concrete contribute greatly to the shear capacity of interface. All calculation formulas from the three codes mentioned above can be applied to guide engineering design, while the ACI and PCI calculation formulas seem to be excessively conservative, and the AASHTO calculation formula has a higher calculation accuracy. The research conclusions of this paper can provide a reference for the configuration of the shear reinforcements in monolithically cast concrete interfaces and the selection of relevant design codes.

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    • Preparation and Application of PAFCC Flocculant Using Coal Gangue as Raw Material


      Using coal gangue as raw material, high-efficiency inorganic polymer flocculant polyaluminum iron calcium chloride (PAFCC) was prepared through high-temperature roasting, acid precipitation, polymerization, and maturation. And UV254 removal rate. The test showed that the coagulant prepared at pH=2, the polymerization temperature was 60 ℃, the polymerization time was 5 h, and the coagulant prepared at 40 ℃ for 28 h was the best. The coagulation results showed that the prepared PAFCC had excellent removal effect on turbidity, reaching 95.70%, and had a certain removal effect on COD and UV254, and the removal rates reached 47.51% and 45.98%, respectively. The coagulation results of the refining wastewater showed that PAFCC had a good removal effect on turbidity and total phosphorus, while it had a certain removal effect on COD and ammonia nitrogen, and the effect was significantly better than traditional PAC.

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    • A point of interest recommendation method based on location and time information

      tanwei, JIA ChaoLong, sangchunyan

      In social networks, people tend to visit places that are more interesting and close to themselves, and point of interest recommendations are based on the user's interest preferences to effectively help users choose places which they are interested in. In this paper, proposing a point of interest recommendation method based on location and time information. This method is divided into three steps from the perspective of the point of interest. Firstly, Calculating the similarity between the user history access point of interest and the point of interest that the user has not visited by using the location information of the point of interest accessed by the user; then the time information is used to make the day divided into different time periods, counting the number of times all points of interest are checked in at different times of the day, calculating the similarity between the user's historical visit interest points and the points of interest that the user has not visited; finally, according to the location and time information of the points of interest comprehensively calculates the similarity between the user history access point of interest and the user's non-visited point of interest, and recommends the point of interest that the user has not visited according to the Top-N policy. Experimental verification is carried out on the real data set in the real society. The experimental results show that the proposed method is effective.

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    • A co-prime nested array for reducing mutual coupling and DOA estimation algorithm

      LIU Sheng, ZHAO Jing, CAO Hailin, Tian Changhai, WU Decheng

      In order to minimize the mutual coupling between sensors, a kind of co-prime nested array with adjustable element spacing is proposed. The proposed array consists of two nested arrays with different element spacing and the smallest unit intervals of two sub-arrays are determined by any two co-prime positive integers. As long as the positive integers is enough big, the smallest unit intervals of each sub-array can be far more than half -wavelength of incident signal. Hence, the mutual coupling effect between sensors can be reduced to a negligible level. Then, in order to eliminate the direction ambiguity caused by large element spacing, by using the fourth-order cumulants of received data, a direction of arrival (DOA) estimation algorithm without direction ambiguity is proposed. Compared with some classical self-correcting decoupling methods, the proposed algorithm has a higher angle resolution and estimation. Simulation results can prove the improved performance of proposed algorithm.

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    • Study on the moral governance ability of undergraduates’ group in new era

      CHEN Kang

      This paper investigated the present situation of undergraduates’ moral governance ability by the method of questionnaire, and explored the inner psychological mechanism and rules of undergraduates’ moral governance ability by through mediating effect model. The results show that:1) The moral governance ability of undergraduates keeps the high level state, and it will produce a subtle adjustments as the change of situation; 2)the moral governance ability of undergraduates exists the significant differences in gender and grade. The level of girls is higher than boys in moral governance ability, and the moral governance ability of undergraduates showed a tendency of growth with the rise of grade ; 3)moral sensitivity and moral disengagement have a concurrent and partial mediation effect in the influence of moral foundation on moral governance ability. Some advice and countermeasures of improving the moral governance ability of undergraduates are offered according to the conclusion.

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    • An Analysis of the Key Factors in the Cultivation of Postgraduates" Innovative Ability

      Wang Fei, wang congcong, YIN Shi-ping, Lv Henglin

      As a major target group for the cultivation of innovative talents, postgraduates" innovative ability influences the country"s future development prospects. In view of this, a questionnaire on the status of postgraduates" innovative ability and the key factors of cultivation of postgraduates" innovative ability is conducted. Analysis data shows that the key factors of cultivation of postgraduates" innovative ability are the tutors, self-condition and the environment of innovation. And related recommendations are proposed.

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    • Discussion on talent cultivation of building environment and energy application engineering specialty in civil engineering category —A case study of Nanjing Tech University

      Chen Liping, Gong Yanfeng, Lu Qingsong, Cheng Jianjie, Zhou Bin

      The demands for enrollment and the modern development of building industry are analyzed for talent cultivation of building environment and energy application engineering specialty. The capacities of high quality students of building environment and energy application engineering are investigated. The efficient ways to talent cultivation of building environment and energy application engineering specialty in civil engineering category are shown. Based on global major incidents, the ways are developed to enhance major self-identity by powerful broadcasting. The importance of teaching idea change from knowledge-transference to ability training and the necessary of the personnel training system including innovative technology such as big data are explained. The suggestions for solving knowledge link-up between courses by using internet instructional software are proposed. The effect of establishment of training system for innovation and entrepreneurship is discussed. The hierarchical training programs of solving Complex Engineering Problems in guiding graduation project are present.

      • 1
    • Analysis of the Training Objectives and Knowledge System for Engineering Management Majors in Undergraduate and Master Levels

      Jiyong Ding, Zhuofu Wang, Chenhao Jin

      Engineering Management is currently used as the official major name for both undergraduate and master programs in China. For people in both academia and industry, it is of great significance whether the professional connotations, training objectives and professional knowledge systems of the two levels’ education should be the same. On the basis of analyzing the connotation of engineering management, the training objectives and knowledge system of engineering management professionals in China and abroad, the authors of this paper suggested that the official name of undergraduate engineering management should be changed to “Construction Project Management”. It is suggested that the relevant knowledge of construction engineering transaction theory and project governance theory should be appropriately increased in the undergraduate program to meet major’s connotation. This paper also suggested that the training mode and the knowledge system for the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree program should be adjusted based on the needs of high-level talents in R&D project management and technical management for engineering/technical companies.

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    • Research on the teaching Reform of Construction Management Specialty Based on BIM in China


      Under the background of the rapid informationization development of building industry, the teaching reform of construction management specialty based on BIM should be reconstructed to meet the market objective demand for college graduate. Training of personnel of construction management specialty should develop towards the direction of comprehensive ability based on data and information with BIM as the core. Based on the analytic hierarchy process (AHP), the paper analyzes the factors affecting the teaching reform of construction management specialty based on BIM, and puts forward suggestions.

      • 1
    • Study of graduation requirements achievement based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method —a case of civil engineering specialty

      WANG Yi, ZHU Kai

      Engineering education accreditation system is very significant for ensuring the quality of undergraduate engineering education. In addition, the evaluation of graduation requirements achievement is an important segment and core content of the system. Based on the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, a three-level evaluation system, including teaching procedure, supporting curriculum and graduation requirement index points, was constructed for evaluating graduation requirements achievement. A case of graduation requirement index points, named research capabilities, was conducted on the basis of civil engineering specialty in our school. According to the results, the graduation requirements achievement could be demonstrated, and the weak items during the three evaluating procedure could be found respectively. The feasibility and applicability of the evaluation system was proved and it makes preparations for the application of graduation requirements achievement by using the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation system.

      • 1
    • Preparation and Properties of Silver Nanoparticles Coupled with BiVO4 and Sepiolite

      WANG Liang, SHU Youju, ZHENG Yaochao, SHI Dongjian, CHENG Mingqing

      BiVO4 and BiVO4/Sepiolite (Sep) were prepared by hydrothermal method, and Ag/ BiVO4/Sep composite photocatalysts with different Ag loadings were prepared under the light using AgNO3 as a precursor reagent. XRD, DRS and other testing methods were used to characterize the phase, morphology and optical properties of the photocatalyst. Using rhodamine B as a model pollutant, the effects of different Ag loadings on the performance of Ag/BiVO4/Sep composite photocatalysts were investigated. The results show that when the loading of Ag reaches 60%, the composite photocatalyst has the best decolorization effect on rhodamine B, and the rhodamine B can be completely decolorized within 10 minutes. At the same time, the 0.6Ag / BiVO4 / Sep sample has a certain cyclic stability and can be used multiple times.

      • 1
    • Symbolic Production: Research on the Governance of High-level Talents in the "Double First Class" Construction

      Bai Qiang, Chi mingyang

      High-level talents are the scarce talent resources that the major universities and local governments compete for in the “double-first-class” construction. Due to the excessive “symbolization” of high-level talents, the high-level talents flow is out of order. In essence, the high level of flow disorder is the inevitable result of talent "capital appreciation" and "technical rationalization." Therefore, in order to make the flow of high-level talents from disorder to order, we need to examine the production mechanism of the disorder of high-level talents flow from the new perspective of "symbolic production", and then reconstruct the meaning of the "symbol" of talents and block the "symbol-capital". The dual operational logic of "symbol" and "symbol-technical rationality-symbol".

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    • Research on network security abnormal flow analysis method for IEC61850 intelligent substation

      Wang Sheng, Tang Chao, Zhang linghao, Zhang Jie, Wang Hai, Chai Jiwen, Liu Shanmei, Zheng Yongkang, Deng Ping, Cao Liang, Xia Xiaofeng, Qin Fan

      In order to ensure the network communication security of intelligent substation and the substation can run stably. This paper presents a method of abnormal flow analysis based on machine learning K-means clustering algorithm. According to the characteristics of the process level network in the intelligent substation, combined with the message structure analysis of IEC61850 intelligent substation’s proprietary goose and SV protocol, a feature selection method based on information entropy is used to analyze and select the network communication flow in the intelligent substation during normal operation, and K-means clustering algorithm is used to complete the detection and analysis of abnormal flow. In this paper, compared with the previous methods, the characteristics of process layer network flow information of intelligent substation are selected. According to the theory of information entropy, the selection of important features and the elimination of redundant features are completed. It improves the efficiency of clustering algorithm and the accuracy of abnormal flow detection.

      • 1
    • Analysis and improvement of a hash-based image encryption algorithm

      YUAN Li, BAI Yong, JIANG Taojin, XIE Li, HU Chunqiang

      Recently, the security of digital image attracts widespread concern of many scholars. A hash-based digital image encryption algorithm has been proposed. But both the theoretical analysis and computer simulation show the characteristic of diffusion is too weak to resist Chosen Plaintext Attack and Known Plaintext Attack. Besides, one bit difference of the plain pixel will lead to only one corresponding bit change of the cipher pixel. In our improved algorithm, coupled with self-adaptive algorithm, only one pixel difference of the plain-image will cause changes of almost all the pixels in the cipher-image (NPCR > 98.77%), and the unified average changing intensity is high (UACI > 30.96%). Both theoretical analysis and computer simulation indicate that the improved algorithm can overcome these flaws and maintain all the merits of the original one.

      • 1
    • Dynamic Analysis of Oil Droplet Impacting Normally onto a Deep Pool

      WANG Bo-dong, CHEN Bo, Ning Hui-ming, GU Zhong-tao

      To explore the impact characteristics of oil droplets impacting onto the oil film inside aero-engine bearing chamber, a three-dimensional numerical model was proposed using VOF (volume of fluid) method to predict the air/oil two-phase flow during the normal impact between oil droplet and deep pool. The dynamic morphologies of splashing film and cavity, and the initial characteristics of secondary oil droplets were analyzed. Subsequently the effects of droplet diameter and impact velocity were discussed in detail. The results show that the splashing film produced by the impact eventually evolves into a crown film, during which a large number of secondary droplets with different diameter are formed. An approximate hemispherical cavity is formed by the discharged oil in the pool, and the diameters of the secondary droplets satisfy a log-normal probability density function. The crown height and the cavity depth and diameter increase with the increasing droplet diameter and impact velocity. The diameter interval of secondary droplet can become more dispersed with the increasing droplet diameter and the decreasing impact velocity. Finally, the correctness and reliability of the model presented was validated by compared with relevant experimental data.

      • 1
    • A short-term wind power prediction model based on deep transfer learning of historical data

      Peng Fei, Ben Chi, Ma Yu, Wu Yi, An Fengqiang, Yuan Xu

      With the global shortage of fossil fuels becoming more and more serious, the development and utilization of renewable energy has been paid more and more attention.Wind energy is one of the most widely used clean energy. As the main utilization form of wind energy, wind power generation needs to predict its power in the production work.Based on the historical data recorded in the daily wind field, the wind power can be predicted in the short term.However, the existing methods often only use the historical data in their own domain, resulting in one-sided results and large limitations. They fail to effectively use the implicit connections in the data, and are unable to suppress the model performance degradation caused by the loss of original data or outliers. In view of the above challenges, a short-term wind power prediction model based on deep migration of historical data is designed in this paper. Specifically, the deep neural network model is built by using the automatic coding mechanism with noise reduction processing, the hidden layer is Shared by the deep migration method, the hidden links between features are mined, and the important knowledge is transferred from the wind field data with similar features and geographical locations, so as to improve the accuracy and reliability of the model. The experimental results show that the proposed method can make full use of the existing data and improve the prediction accuracy significantly.

      • 1
    • Short term power load forecasting model based on improved deep forest

      pengfei, mayu, zhangxiaohua, wuyi, dengwenchen

      Deep learning method can help to learn the deep features of power load data and improve the accuracy of prediction, but it also brings problems such as difficult to adjust super parameters and poor interpretability of the model. To solve these problems, this paper introduces the deep forest model for short-term load forecasting. Based on the multi-Grained Cascade forest model, the multi-granularity window scanning method is improved, and the window size and sliding step size are adjusted, so that the model can extract the periodicity characteristics of power load data in different time scales.In addition, the calculation method of deep forest output layer is improved, and the output result is improved from discrete class vector to continuous predicted value, so as to improve the accuracy of the model. Finally, the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method are verified in the measured data of northeast China power grid.According to the experimental results, the improved deep forest algorithm can achieve higher accuracy with higher prediction accuracy, and has faster learning speed than the deep neural network.

      • 1
    • Exploration and practice of full-English blended teaching in fundamental principles of reinforced concrete

      CHI Yin, XU Lihua, LIU Sumei

      According to the 《Implementation plan of Ministry of education on the construction of first-class undergraduate courses》, the "Double 10000 Plan" for the construction of first-class courses includes online, offline, online and offline hybrid, virtual simulation and social practice courses with high level, innovation and challenge. Based on the national excellent resource sharing course "concrete structure and masonry structure design" of Wuhan University, this article discusses the solutions to the outstanding problems in the course "principle of concrete structure design" that is fully delivered by English. The MOOC courses were established and the full-English online and offline blended teaching methods were explored in practice, which provide guarantee for improving the full-English teaching quality of civil engineering courses.

      • 1
    • The construction of course quality ecosystem from the perspective of teaching life cycle

      MA LE

      This paper creates a course quality ecosystem based on the teaching life cycle life cycle. The responsibilities of the common teaching and learning community throughout the course life cycle are also been clearly specified. Quality assurance services are implemented on each phase of the life cycle, including the course initiation, quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and course conclusion as quality-oriented. In the course initiation phase, the course requirements are elaborated and defined based on the course planning process of the University of Miami. The Bloom's taxonomy of the educational objectives is employed to identify the course objectives, based on which the process of teaching and learning are evaluated and the course quality plan is developed. As the course quality assurance, the value chain analysis is adopted to interpret the appreciation and depreciation of teaching activities and evaluate the contribution of these activities to teaching value. In the course quality control phase, diversified assessment methods and practice strategies are developed, and importance is attached to the students' learning process through the two types of formative assessment—assessment for learning and assessment as learning. At the course conclusion phase, multi-channel feedbacks are adopted, such as teacher-teacher, teacher-student, and third-party feedbacks. In addition, the responsibilities of the common teaching community throughout the course life cycle are also been clearly specified. In addition, taking learning engagement as an important factor to measure the effectiveness of the course quality ecosystem, data analysis shows that students have a high degree of recognition in terms of course satisfaction and learning performance.

      • 1
    • Practice and Analysis of "MOOC+ Flipped Classroom" Mode in Theoretical Mechanics Teaching

      YAN Lewei, LIANG Yingjing, CHEN Liujie, SUN Zuoyu

      The trend of flipped class" mode in college teaching are discussed in this paper, based on the in-depth analysis. Their position as teaching method and mode are also clarified. In particular, although the subjectivity of students in the teaching process is emphasized in teaching mode, the dominance of teachers in the whole teaching process is not denied. The successful practice of "MOOC+ flipped classroom" teaching model in theoretical mechanics course of Guangzhou university shows that the willingness to learn independently has a very important influence on the teaching effect of this model. The difference of learning effect before class and the knowledge base are the biggest difficulty to implement this teaching model. The master and control of the teaching process is the fundamental guarantee for the effectiveness of the "MOOC+ flipped classroom" teaching mode.

      • 1
    • Practice and investigation on the heat transfer teaching for students of building environment and energy application engineering based on cultivation of scientific innovation ability

      WANG Yu, ZHANG Shujuan, TAN Meilan, LIU Jinxiang, ZHOU Bin, LI Wei

      The heat transfer course is one of the professional basic courses in the subject of building environment and energy application engineering. With the promotion of new engineering construction, the heat transfer course will undertake the task of training innovative talents, which are consistent with the current undergraduate scientific innovation ability training system. In the teaching process of heat transfer course in Nanjing Tech University, a "five-question introspect report" system is introduced to encourage students to apply their knowledge to undergraduate scientific innovation training programs. Meanwhile, the cases in the former challenging cups and "internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition are introduced to explain the basic principles of heat transfer, as well as the discussion on scientific innovation projects. This practice provides a reference for the improvement of teaching quality in heat transfer course and the cultivation of innovative ability of undergraduate students in this subject.

      • 1
    • Application of qualitative research in journal evaluation—Discussion on the expansion of peer review


      Academic journals, as an important publishing base for knowledge, have experienced historical changes in their academic functions and social roles, and have increasingly assumed the functions and responsibilities of academic evaluation. As a part of knowledge production, the profound social and public nature of academic journals determines the complexity of journal evaluation. The method of journal evaluation has always existed the distinction between qualitative and quantitative evaluation, which reflects the application of qualitative and quantitative research in evaluation. After the early peer review method to the bibliometric method, the orientation of qualitative and quantitative research fusion appeared. Bibliometrics emphasizes the analysis of journal data indicators, while peer review rules focus on the evaluation subjects of academic community. Peer review under the bibliometric method mainly uses the expert scoring method, which is a shallow, incomplete qualitative evaluation. Evaluators need to understand the boundaries of academic peers and the characteristics of their social construction, grasp the social and public nature of journal development, and deal with the theoretical assumptions of quantitative data, the evaluation of subject and object relationships, and the collection and analysis of qualitative data. We should expand the depth and breadth of peer- reviewed method through the social research and construct a qualitative methodology system for journal evaluation.

      • 1
    • Effects of chemical washing on the stability of soil aggregates and the form of heavy metals

      CHENG Jianxiong, XIE Genxin, DING Wenchuan, YAN Zuoyi, LI Qiao, WANG Ying

      In order to investigate characteristics of heavy metals removal with chemical washing from soil which was considered as a heterogeneous system, the soil aggregate were screened and graded on particle sizes of 0.25-2 mm, 0.05-0.25 mm and <0.05 mm. Then the effects of EDTA, citric acid and ferric chloride (FeCl3) on aggregate structure, lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) concentrations and their speciation during washing were investigated. The results show that the removal rates of heavy metals in aggregates with different particle sizes were significantly different (P<0.05). Pb and Cd in small aggregates (particle sizes <0.05 mm) had higher removal rates than that in big ones. After washing, the proportion of residual state Cd on small aggregates increased, while the proportion of effective state Pb increased. After washing, the average diameter (WMWD) of the aggregates decreased by 77.25%, 80.98% and 49.15%, respectively, and the disintegration of water-stable aggregates may increase the specific adsorption capacity of soil to Pb and Cd. Compared with EDTA and citric acid, FeCl3 has lower structural damage to water-stable aggregates and better heavy metal leaching effect, which is beneficial to the subsequent safe reuse of soil.

      • 1
    • Reform to practical teaching of surveying and mapping engineering specialty in application oriented transformation of local universities

      LIN Nan, ZHANG Wen-chun, LI Wei-dong, LIU Yong-ji

      Practical teaching is the main carrier of training applied talents. It is necessary to study its design because it will directly affect the quality of talent training. In this paper, the problems existing in the transformation and development of local undergraduate universities were analyzed and discussed, for example the practical teaching was subordinated to the theory teaching, the practical teaching was not concentrated, and the time of students practice training and participation in engineering practice was lacked. Combined with the standards of engineering education certification, the practical teaching system throughout 8 semesters and 4 academic years was constructed, with students practical ability as the core and ability increment as the goal. The dominant position of practical teaching was effectively guaranteed through the reform of talent training mode, the construction of dual-teacher faculty, the innovation of school-enterprise cooperation mechanism and the evaluation of goal achievement. The research results can accelerate the integration between the goal of training applied talents and the construction of curriculum system, and comprehensively improve the economic and social development of the professional service region, which is a beneficial attempt to reform the practical teaching mode of surveying and mapping engineering.

      • 1
    • Exploration of “intelligent structures” mini-curriculums for multidisciplinary training for civil engineering students

      fang cheng, wang wei, yang xinyue

      In order to actively meet the demands of diversified development of the engineering industry, and to cater to the national “Made in China 2025”, “Industry 4.0” and other strategic plans, this paper deeply explores the civil engineering “intelligent structures” mini-curriculum training modes and explains the urgency and necessity of the implementation of such courses. The mini-curriculum is developed based on the “common basis and personality training” framework proposed by Tongji University. The teaching reform should be carried out with the objectives of internationalization and diversification, and to build the multi-disciplinary cross-training curriculum system, teaching methods and curriculum assessment system. This study forms the basis of the new model and new method for the establishment of the knowledge system for the intelligent structure mini-curriculum.

      • 1
    • The Conception and Adjustment of Harbin Institute of Technology's Landscape Architecture Undergraduate Specialized Course System in the New Engineering Background

      Liu Yang, Zhao Xiaolong, Wu Songtao

      The goal of “New Engineering Education” is to cultivate high-quality and compound talents with engineering practice innovation capabilities. Landscape architecture professional service national ecological civilization strategy and human settlement environment construction, needs to face challenges and lead the future development of planning and design industry. Landscape Architecture in Harbin Institute of Technology is based in engineering, supported by the first-level subject group of the School of Architecture. In the new round of undergraduate training program adjustment, HIT-LA actively adapts to dramatic changes in the external environment, Rethinking the core values of the profession, clarify undergraduate teaching orientation and talent training ideas, highlight the core clues of professional teaching, continuously optimize the curriculum system with its own characteristics, and explore undergraduate teaching pathways based on the “Excellent Landscape Architect”.

      • 1
    • Exploration and application of the new achievements in the infrastructure construction field of China to the politic-ideological education

      Wang Licheng, DONG Wei

      The new achievements in the field of infrastructure construction of China and and the experiences of teachers and fellow students (currently studying in the campus or already graduated) are used as media to explore the new teaching pattern for politic-ideological education in the course of “Reinforced Concrete Structures”. The contents of each chapter and section have been specially planned and designed to include these media in terms of the professional knowledge, and then the media database and case set are built up. The politic-ideological education for the students is successfully and naturally integrated into the course teaching process.

      • 1
    • Primary investigation of the visualized teaching about the course ‘Seepage Theory and Test’ for postgraduates

      Liu Xianshan, Xu Ming

      The seepage problems are common in hydraulic engineering, geotechnical engineering, oil and gas engineering, related specialized course have attracted more attention by many universities, the ‘Seepage Theory and Test’ is opened for postgraduates in Chongqing University majored in geotechnical engineering. Aimed to the prominent teaching problems in the classroom, the basic seepage knowledge is improved for the students and also the visualized teaching mode is discussed in detail. In addition, different software technologies are used for visualized presentation from different points of view, describing the seepage concepts, laws, models and calculation methods, and the classroom presentation considering research projects give students deep understanding the seepage implications and the ability to implement the case analysis by themselves. The teaching practice show that above teaching mode based on software visualization can improve the studying activity of the postgraduates and stimulate their creative thinking and corresponding ability.

      • 1
    • Research on the Public Satisfaction of Public Cultural Services Based on the Comparison between Supply and Demand

      jinying, yanbowen

      Cultural Power Strategy is one of the important strategies of China's national development, public cultural services, through publicizing excellent culture, cultivating cultural self-confidence and improving public cultural literacy, have become an important part of promoting the implementation of the Cultural Power Strategy. However, after many years of development, public cultural services in China have accumulated at the basic level, but it is difficult to cope with the increase and upgrading of cultural needs brought about by the improvement of public material living standards, the public need for a better life constantly puts forward new requirements for the development of public cultural services. The survey found that the public's satisfaction with the current public cultural services is low, the cultural demand and the supply of public cultural services are contradictory, which is not proportional to the input of supply. The result of comparison between supply and demand shows, factors that affect public satisfaction are as follows, the matching of service content supply and demand is low, the supply of facilities is lagging behind of demand, public demand expression is hardly docking with the government and so on. Starting from the response to public demand, the optional paths that match the supply and demand are the following, rich content and theme of public cultural activities, consummate the public cultural service facilities supply, improve the quality of personnel services and the like. Only in these ways, can establish and improve the accurate docking mechanism of public cultural services supply and demand.

      • 1
    • Study on Preventing and Controlling the Ethics’ Risk in the Process of Humanities and Social Sciences Research

      TANG Quan

      Based on his research leadership and lack of research capacity, the researchers in the humanities and social sciences often face various research ethical risks. The existing researchers mainly focuses on the two kinds of risks on the empirical research and the results presentation, and ignores the risks of problems selecting as Master Switch and the risks of scientific research design. Using the literature meta-analysis to study, this study divided the ethics risk into the problem risk, the design risk, the empirical research risk and the result disclosure risk with a perspective of process. Make its causes attribute to lack of the awareness of the risk prevention and control, driving by academic interests, lack of risk prevention and control skills, and lack of overall prevention and control concepts based on the internal relationship of consciousness and behavior as well as part and whole. And then, proposed the corresponding the risk solutions of preventing and controlling.

      • 1
    • Practice teaching exploration on embankment engineering course design based on scientific research resources

      Kong Gangqiang, Liu Hanlong, Shen Yang, Wen Lei, Min Fanlu

      Embankment engineering and its course design are one of the most important compulsory courses for undergraduate majors, such as, transportation engineering and civil engineering, etc. The practical teaching system exploring is an essential way for the development of the new engineering project and the "first-class disciplines". Firstly, the teaching status and the main problems of the embankment engineering course design in Hohai University were pointed out. Secondly, based on the scientific research resources of the Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for Geomechanis and Embankment Engineering and the country key subject of geotechnical engineering, the teaching plan on "scientific research-experiment-teaching-engineering" was developed, and the practical teaching mode of embankment engineering course design was refined. Finally, the specific and detailed methods of embankment engineering course design in practice teaching were preliminarily explored. The objectives of this research is to improve the cognition and understand of embankment engineering for students in undergraduate majors, and further to improve their professional comprehensive skills and innovation ability.

      • 1
    • Distributed controller placement in SDN based on network partitioning

      WANG Kun, LV Guang-hong, XU Lin, YANG Han

      To deploy distributed controller in large-scale SDN network, this paper optimizes the controller placement from improving resilience and reliability, puts forward Two-stage Controller Placement (TSCP) method: uses the similarity of node to divide control domain, enhances the connectivity among device in the control domain; selects controller set with the minimum average rate of control path loss as the controller placement for improving the reliability. By constraining the size of control domain and the propagation delay among equipment (switches or controller), makes the number of switch in control domain equalization and the controller placement reasonable. By defining performance indexes, compare GCP algorithm and K*-means algorithm with TSCP algorithm in experiments, the results show that TSCP algorithm can optimize the scale of control domain, balance the number of switches in control domain, reduce the number of controllers, and perform better in network elasticity and reliability.

      • 1
    • A Structure Similarity based Quality Prediction Approach for Web Service in the Spatial-Temporal Scenario

      xiahui, gaomin, zoushu

      With the rapid development of new service computing types, such as cloud computing, the amount of Web services becomes increasingly massive, as well as the amount of Web services with the same or similar functions. One of the most important issues in high-quality Web services recommendation is to identify the QoS value of Web services. Traditional collaborative filtering approaches have been widely employed in QoS prediction and Web Service recommendation. However, they suffer from the sparse and noisy data issues, which definitely cause the low performance of QoS predictions. In order to attain high prediction performance, the paper proposes a novel sparse matrix factorization approach based on the Spatial-Temporal features of User-Service QoS matrix. In matrix factorization, the proposed model takes that similar network environment occurs between similar users in neighbor moment into consideration, and constructs a global and local structure similarity based sparse matrix factorization machine. With the decomposed factors, we can get a low rank matrix completion, which could help to eliminate the impacts of sparse and noisy data in QoS prediction. To evaluate the performance of the proposed approach, we conduct a set of extensive experiments using real-world dataset. The experimental results show that the proposed model outperforms the traditional collaborative filtering approaches (With MAE maximize decreases 3.25% and RMSE 6.65% comparing with NMF; MAE maximize decreases 3.67%, and RMSE 7.01% comparing with SVD), which indicates that it can effectively resolve sparse and noisy data issues.

      • 1
    • Concept dependency mining method for Wikipedia

      zhouyang, xiaokui, zengcheng

      In the era of highly developed Internet technology, the learning resources on the Internet show an exponential growth trend. Facing the diversification and disorder between various learning objects and concepts, if the dependencies between them are recognized, It will have a major impact on computer education. Aiming at this problem, this paper proposes a concept dependency recognition method for Wikipedia. Using the characteristics of the concept in Wikipedia, a set of recognition concept dependency model is designed, and the machine learning based classification algorithm is used to test on the public data set. . The experimental results show that the model has high accuracy and recall rate, which can effectively discover the dependencies between concepts.

      • 1
    • Capacitive position sensor based on composite differential tracker

      Wu Hao, Chen Yu

      Aiming at obtaining position information and velocity signals from a capacitive position sensor containing random disturbances, the general form of differential tracker cannot well take into account the problems of signal tracking phase lag and noise amplification, many parameters and complicated debugging.Based on the equivalent linear analysis of the differential tracker, a composite form of differential tracker was applied to position signal tracking and velocity signal estimation of the position capacitive sensor. The simulations and experimental platform tests of MATLAB \ SIMULINK showed that the composite differential tracker can approach the original smoothly. The position signal and the speed signal can be effectively extracted. Compared with the general form differential tracker, the tracking signal phase lag and the speed signal noise can be better taken into account.

      • 1
    • Study on type analysis and identification of ethereum ponzi scheme

      yuwenqiang, zhangyanmei, liziyu, niuwa

      As the number of investors in the blockchain investment field increases, the impact of ponzi schemes hidden in smart contracts becomes worse. Although some researchers have begun to pay attention to the Ponzi scheme in the blockchain, most of them remain at the level of detection. This paper will conduct further research on the basis of the existing Ethereum Ponzi scheme detection method, and propose a novel Ethereum Ponzi scheme type identification method. The method is based on the source code and transaction record of the smart contracby analyzing the extracted keywords, matching the keywords with the source code of the contract to be tested, and then combining the logic of the transaction record, performing a secondary analysis to determine which type of scam the contract belongs to. Experiments on the real dataset of Ethereum show that the classification accuracy of the method can reach 80% compared with the results of manual classification. This study will help researchers and investors better understand the nature of ethereum smart contract ponzi scheme.

      • 1
    • Predicting Intersection Traffic based on Seasonal Dependencies

      lihao, zhangshan, caobin, fanjing

      The prediction of traffic flow can be greatly useful for the work of traffic management departments and the travel planning of drivers. How to make accurate and efficient traffic flow prediction is a very important issue. Traditional traffic flow prediction data sources are usually vehicle speed and driving trajectory. The researchers obtained data by arranging traffic sensors on the highway at regular intervals. These methods applied to suburban areas and highways have achieved good results.It is inconvenient to obtain these data on dense and complicated urban roads, and it is impossible to use existing methods to make predictions. Therefore, this paper proposes a method for forecasting by using traffic flow data of urban road checkpoints. We first analyze the characteristics of cyclical changes in traffic flow by analyzing existing traffic data. Then we extract corresponding features based on these cyclic changes. Finally we train traffic flow prediction models which are suitable for urban checkpoints based on these characteristics. We carried out a large number of experiments based on real traffic data sets, and the results show that our traffic flow prediction model has a good prediction effect, with RMSE and MAPE of the predicted values of 15.3 and 7.3, respectively,the accuracy can reach 92.7%.

      • 1
    • Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based On TS-KNN

      tianzeyue, yuxing, huangjian

      People spend 80% of the time for work and life in indoor, indoor positioning is the hard demand of smart cities and many smart city-related applications are inseparable from location services. At present, the main indoor positioning technology includes: Bluetooth, RFID, UWB, geomagnetic, etc., but due to cost, deployment convenience and other issues, limiting its application development. As city WIFI further extensive coverage, mobile phones are the usual terminal to receive Wi-Fi signals, therefore, Wi-Fi-based indoor positioning not only save a lot of equipment costs, but also quick links, wide application and huge advantages. This paper proposes a KNN localization algorithm based on fingerprint timing features (TS-KNN), which uses the fingerprint of the current moment to select the reference coordinates, and uses the positioning results of the first few moments for each reference coordinate. Perform weight correction. The experimental test results in a square in Chongqing show that the proposed TS-KNN method is superior to the KNN and WKNN algorithms, which can effectively improve the accuracy of indoor positioning and reduce the average positioning error.

      • 1
    • On Improving the Evaluation Index of Administrative Law Enforcement by Introducing "Rebound Rate of Violations":A Case Study on Big Data of Three Years of Law Enforcement since the Implementation of the New Environmental Protection Law

      Ding Lin, Zhu Xiao

      Since the first blue book on the rule of law was published in 2004, the evaluation of the rule of law has become a general subject under discussion to both the government and the people in China. And the administrative law enforcement is the key content of it. Up to now, summarizing the practice of administrative law enforcement evaluation, whether it is "government by law evaluation", "local rule of law evaluation", "rule of law index" at the macro level or the performance evaluation of administrative law enforcement at the micro level, there are more or less defects of focusing on qualitative rather than quantitative, process rather than actual effect, and form rather than quality. China has entered a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Under the requirement of "innovating the way of supervision, enhancing the credibility and execution of the government", the existing evaluation of administrative law enforcement cannot objectively evaluate the effectiveness of the government''s administrative law enforcement. Therefore, the evaluation of administrative law enforcement should also keep pace with the times, and use the Big Data of administrative law enforcement cases to evaluate the administrative law enforcement. Taking the Big Data of environmental law enforcement as an example, introducing the "rebound rate of violations" index can not only objectively evaluate the overall quality of environmental law enforcement, but also analyze the deterrent intensity of different environmental law enforcement measures, and more scientifically and objectively judge the quality of environmental law enforcement in different regions. The "rebound rate of violations" index not only uses the quantitative analysis method, but also can evaluate the effect of administrative law enforcement. Including the "rebound rate of violations" index is the development trend of the evaluation of administrative law enforcement in the era of Big Data.

      • 1
    • The Formation of Chinese Environmental Legislations and its Systematic Construction


      The author determined pollution control law, natural resources law and recycling law to be the main content of the environmental legislations based on the attributes and characteristics of environmental laws and regulations and emergence and evolution of environmental laws. On this basis, the author reviewed the pattern of environmental legislation system of China and examined and evaluated practical constitution of environmental legislation system of China, in order to identify the structural difficulties in the course of systematization of the environmental legislation system of China. By referring to the legislation modes and systematization trends of environmental laws in overseas countries, the author put forward that systematization of environmental laws is a periodical legislation work. Specifically speaking, in the near future, we shall base on the current pollution control law, natural resources law and recycling law to straighten out and improve relevant environmental laws and regulations; next, we shall formulate general principles for environmental laws in planning for medium-term environmental laws and integrate relevant environmental laws and regulations to the largest extent; the ultimate goal of environmental legislation is to form environmental acts and it is expected to gradually improve environmental legislation system in line with actual needs of the society.

      • 1
    • Institutional Construction of Natural Protection Land Legislation in the Perspective of Typed Vision

      xiezhongzhou, CHEN Demin

      The protected area plays an important role in maintaining ecological balance and realizing ecosystem service function. It can be seen there is a difference in the supply of main function of ecosystem services in the same type of nature protected area. The legislative work in The Act of Conservation of Nature is based on the distinction between theory and type of the nature protection. And the corresponding planning and construction, operation management and other aspects of the system will be built. Therefore, based on the difference of ecosystem service function supply, The current overlapping and lack of systematic types of natural conservation areas are transformed into four types: national parks, nature reserves, nature parks and nature conservation areas. The legal system of "one basic Law and four typed regulations" will be built. The governance of natural conservation areas can be strengthened by institutionalizing public law and private law system tools.

      • 1
    • The Belong of Data Property Right and Interest


      The belong of data right contains two aspects, the first one is the belong of personality right and interest, and the second one is the belong of property right and interest. The personality right and interest of data belong to the natural persons who are recognized or recognizable, and the belong of data property right and interest is the focus of research disputes but it doesn’t have conclusion. During judging the belong of data property right and interest: in terms of theory basis, we should analyze the subject who put into labor and capital, have the incentive necessity for producing data, and be able to utilize the data efficiently, and can be more suitable to the existing social consensus; in the terms of legal standard, we should consider the belong model which conform to the inherent rule of law; in the terms of judicial standpoint, we should pay attention to the opinions of courts on the belong of data property right and interest. After verification, three aspects tend to allocate the property right and interest of data to the subject who collect and process the data lawfully. The subject can be called legal data controller, that in practice contains internet company, IoT company and artificial manufacture company, and so on.

      • 1
    • The criminal protection aboutbiological identification information: current situation and perfection ways


      Currently the application of biological identification information in our society has a more and more increasing tendency. Biological identification information has its own particularity and social particularity, which decides that it has an importance which is different from common personal information of citizens, so it deserve to be specially protected by criminal law. However, there is no any form of special protection about biological identification information in current criminal law of our county. Substantial interpretation method could be used to sufficiently take advantage of the two miscellaneous provisions of paragraph 1, item 10 and paragraph 2, item 4 in the article 5 of “Interpretation” of Supreme People"s Court and Supreme People"s Procuratorate under the premise of obeying principle of legality. We could consider “violating 5 and more biological identification information” as “gravity of the circumstances”, and consider “violating 50 and more biological identification information” as “especially serious circumstances”. By this way could the original quantities of conviction and promotion of legal penalty about biological identification information decrease. Finally the special protection of biological identification information could be achieved.

      • 1
    • Strengthening Cultural Self-confidence in the New Era Calls for Handling Five Relations Correctly

      dai jin ping, qin rui

      Since the 18th CPC National Congress, President Xi Jinping has mentioned the concept of cultural confidence many times, on which he has made a series of important speeches illustrating the significance of cultural confidence on national development, national rejuvenation, and people’s happiness. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, where the topic of how to consolidate cultural confidence is still “a matter of rise and fall of nations, a matter of cultural security, and a matter of the independence of the national spirit”. To answer and solve this problem, we should correctly handle the relations between “principles and pursuits of interest, old and new, inside and outside, similarities and differences, front and back”, namely insist on people-oriented development and reach the harmony of social benefits and economic returns; we should adhere to the guiding role of Marxism and push forward the innovative transformation and creative evolution of China’s traditional culture; we should firmly resist the erosion and impact of erroneous Western ideological trends and strengthen the power of discourse in international affairs; we should enhance the protection and promotion of cultural heritage to pass on the continuity of China’s cultural development; we should draw lessons from history to continue the past and open up the future and unswervingly walk on the path of Chinese socialism.

      • 1
    • Inverse analysis on thermal parameters of mass concrete based on uniform design and BP neural network

      zhangyupng, machao, lichuanxi, gaoshuwei

      In order to solve the problem of distortion of thermal parameters of mass concrete in bridge engineering, an inverse analysis method of thermal parameters of mass concrete based on uniform design theory and BP neural network was proposed. Firstly, BP neural network model is established based on Matlab, use a tan-sigmod transfer function. Then the thermal parameter samples are designed by uniform design method. The finite element software is used to analyze the temperature samples of concrete feature points and train the complex nonlinear relationship between them. Finally, the measured temperature values are input into the trained neural network, and the inversion values of the thermal parameters are obtained. The thermal conductivity, reaction rate and adiabatic temperature rise were inverted during the mass concrete construction of the scaffold saddle support pier of the Taihong Yangtze River Bridge. The calculated temperature based on the inversion value is in good agreement with the actual measured value, which guides the temperature control construction and ensures project safety. Engineering practice shows that the inverse analysis method combining uniform design and BP neural network reduces the sample data. In the training phase of BP neural network, the additional momentum method is used to significantly shorten the network training time and improve the efficiency.

      • 1
    • Experimental study on the behavior of special T-shaped composite columns with concrete-filled square steel tubulars under eccentric loads

      liquan, zhouxuejun, liguoqiang, liuzhe, wangzhen, wangxingbo, xianguodong

      The special T-shaped composite columns with concrete-filled square steel tubulars have good mechanical properties. Taking the length, eccentricity and eccentricity direction of the specimen as the test parameters, nine specimens with different slenderness ratio are designed for eccentric compression test. The failure mode of the specimen is observed, the load-strain curve and load deflection curve are obtained, and the influence of each parameter on the eccentric compression performance of the specimen is analyzed. The test results show that the strength of 600mm long specimens is damaged, and the bending instability of 1500mm and 1800mm long specimens is damaged; the longer the specimen length is, the more obvious the bending failure characteristics are; the larger the eccentricity is, the lower the eccentric bearing capacity is; the eccentricity direction has a relatively small impact on the eccentric compression performance. It is found that the results calculated by DBJ / T13-51-2010 are in good agreement with the test results. The ductility of special T-shaped composite columns with concrete-filled square steel tubulars is well, the square steel tubes can work together, and the eccentric compression performance is good.

      • 1
    • The interfacial shear stress of RC beam strengthened with aluminum alloy plate

      YANG Li-jun, DENG Zhiheng, LIANG Peng, YANG Haifeng

      The theoretical and experimental researches on the bond interfacial shear stress of the RC beams strengthened with aluminum alloy plate (AAP) were carried out, in order to provide basis for the connection design between AAP and RC beam. Considering the influencing factors such as the thickness of AAP and U-wraps connection, 6 RC beams strengthened with AAP were designed, and the four-point loading tests were carried out. Based on the relationship between the normal stress and the interfacial shear stress of the AAP, the interfacial shear stresses of the AAP were got by the strain gauge densely attached to the longitudinal axis of the AAP. It is assumed that the shear deformation of structural adhesive changes linearly along the thickness direction. Then the control equation of the interfacial shear stress of the RC beam strengthened with AAP without anchorage under arbitrary loads was obtained according to the displacement coordination condition of the bonding interface. The analytical expression and maximum value of the interfacial shear stress under the four-point concentrated loads were given. According to the theoretical and experimental results, the interfacial shear stress distribution curves and the maximum interfacial shear stress were obtained. The results show that the theoretical and experimental results of the interfacial shear stress distribution curves are in good agreement, showing the same change law: the interfacial shear stress quickly falls to the vicinity of the horizontal axis after reaching the peak at the plate end. After the crack appears, the curve fluctuates at the crack. As the thickness of AAP becomes larger, the interfacial shear stress becomes also greater, and setting U-wraps connection, the interfacial shear stress becomes smaller.

      • 1
    • Analysis on the influence of isolation pile on horizontal displacement of adjacent pile under high-speed railway caused by shield driving in two kinds of foundation models

      feng guohui, Zhou xunquan, He qingliang, Xu changjie

      in the process of urban construction, tunnel excavation will pose a great threat to the adjacent existing pile under high-speed railway. Isolation pile hitted between the tunnel and high iron pile foundation pile can effectively reduce the influence of the shield driving to adjacent pile foundation. In the field of the study of interaction of piles and soil, Winkler foundation model and Pasternak foundation model have been widely used. Based on these two foundation models, this paper using the finite difference method by Maple mathematical software analyses a practical engineering case, the calculated results in accordance with existing engineering monitoring data, then further analyses the isolation pile of various parameters on the horizontal displacement of the pile under high-speed railway. The results show that Pasternak foundation model is more accurate than Winkler foundation model when the elastic modulus of isolation pile is smaller. With the increase of isolated pile diameter, the horizontal displacement of pile foundation will decrease significantly. The horizontal displacement of HSR pile foundation can be reduced by reducing the horizontal distance between the isolated pile and the tunnel center line on the condition that the parameters of isolated pile remain unchanged.

      • 1
    • Magnetic circuit optimization design and finite element analysis of giant magnetostrictive actuator

      TU jianwei, LIU zhaofu, LI zhao

      Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator (GMA) is a new type of vibration control driving device. However, due to its complicated internal magnetic circuit, the working performance of the actuator is seriously affected by the size and uniformity of the magnetic induction intensity. In order to solve the above problems, based on the theory of linear magnetostriction and electromagnetics under static conditions, a finite element model of the GMA was established using the finite element software ANSYS, and the influence of the material parameters of the excitation coil, the magnet and the inner wall of the magnet on the magnetic induction intensity was studied. At the same time, the size and uniformity of the magnetic induction intensity at the axial centerline of the giant magnetostrictive rod are used as the evaluation criteria, Parameters such as the opening and closing magnetic circuit, the axial length of the excitation coil, the magnetic permeability of the material, the air gap, and the radius of the magnetizer are optimized. The results show that when the closed magnetic circuit is adopted, the magnitude and uniformity of the magnetic induction intensity are greatly improved; after the optimization of the magnetic circuit, the magnitude of the magnetic induction intensity is increased by 0.1T, and the uniformity is increased by 10.27%.

      • 1
    • Authentication on Data as An Emerging Legal Benefit

      Huang Peng

      One thing needs to pass the three-dimensional four-path seven-rule review in order to become the legal benefit of criminal law; if it belongs to the emerging legal benefits, it needs to be reviewed by the emerging comparative dimension. In the era of big data, data legal benefit need to advance from the phenomenon observation level to the theoretical construction level. Therefore, the review of the data through the judgment rules of the legal theory can become an emerging legal benefit and has the legitimacy of criminal law protection. Specifically, personal data is a purely emerging legal benefit; corporate data and national data are impure emerging legal benefit. Data legal benefit can be divided into original value interests and derived instrumental interests. The object content of the data legal benefit can be expressed as the usefulness, integrity, confidentiality and security of the data.

      • 1
    • Water-Conveyance Functional Reliability Analysis of Large-Scale Aqueduct Structures Subjected to Earthquake Excitations

      zhangwei, wangbo, xujianguo, huangliang

      The water-conveyance reliability of the large-scale reinforced concrete (RC) aqueducts is of vital importance to their functional attributes being lifeline hydraulic structures. However, on one hand, the mechanical property of concrete is equipped with remarkable randomness and nonlinearity. On the other hand, the aqueduct structures may inevitably suffer from uncertain disastrous earthquake actions during service life, posing a great threat to their service safety. To these ends, the present paper proposed a quantification framework for the water-conveyance reliability assessment of the aqueduct structures by incorporating the stochastic damage mechanics model of concrete and the probability density evolution method. The principle and implementation procedures of the developed framework were illustrated in detail on an actual large-scale RC aqueduct structure. The results show that the probability density evolution method is of high efficiency and accuracy in application to the water-conveyance reliability evaluation of aqueduct structures. The water-conveyance reliability varies with the change of pre-defined seismic fortifications, which should be reasonably accounted for in early design phases. This paper provides an important basis for the reliability analysis and optimization design of actual aqueduct structures.

      • 1
    • Experimental Research on seismic behavior of Concrete-filled RPC Tube


      Concrete filled reactive powder concrete (RPC) tube (CFRT) is a novel cement-based tubular composite column, which effectively combines super-high mechanical performance of RPC and lateral confining action from hoops. In this paper, four CFRT columns and one ordinary hoops-confined concrete column were tested under cyclic and constant axial load. The failure mode, hysteresis behavior and strain development of reinforcements were investigated, and the relevant seismic parameters were analyzed. CFRT columns exhibited typical bending failure characteristics. In contrast to conventional reinforced concrete column, the surface of RPC tube was characterized with well distributed fine cracks, without any RPC cover spalling or crushing. The CFRT columns showed significantly higher initial stiffness, lateral load carrying capacity, ductility and energy dissipation compared with the corresponding reinforced concrete column. Under the test conditions, the limit plastic drift ratios of CFRT columns vary between 0.042 and 0.075, which largely exceed the specified limit (0.02) according to the rare earthquake requirement in Chinese seismic design code. The results also reveal that RPC tube filled with high strength concrete is an acceptable combination for CFRT columns.

      • 1
    • Experimental study on deformation characteristics and coefficient of subgrade reaction of red mudstone

      zhouqijian, Zhen Lining, Deng Rong gui, CHEN Ji bin, Kang jingwen, Luo Yi-bin

      The deformation characteristics of rock mass and the coefficient of subgrade reaction are directly related to the internal force of foundation, the final deformation and the uniformity of deformation. Reasonable determination of the coefficient of subgrade reaction is important for high-rise buildings, especially super high-rise buildings. Based on the demonstration of a 500m super-high-rise building in Chengdu, the plate loading tests with different sizes and shapes of pressure plates were carried out in the underground flat tunnel for soft clayey rocks in the bearing layer of the building, and the UCS, conventional triaxial compression test and direct shear test of rock blocks were carried out, the relationship between UCS, elastic modulus, bearing plate size and coefficient of subgrade reaction used to analyze based on laboratory and in-situ test data. The results show that the coefficient of subgrade reaction has a tendency to increase with the increase of uniaxial compressive strength of the rock, and the smaller bearing plate test data is more discrete, the larger bearing plate test data is less discrete; if the coefficient of subgrade reaction of red-mudstone layer is revised according to the empirical formula of clay or sand recommended by the code, it will cause great error, and the coefficient of foundation bed of medium weathered mudstone has a hyperbolic empirical relationship with the size of load plate, based on this, it is suggested that the coefficient of subgrade reaction of red mudstone of building should be modified, for the coefficient of subgrade reaction of red mudstone obtained by 500mm square bearing plate test is less discrete.

      • 1
    • Temperature-dependent non-associated elastic-plastic model for saturated clay

      Liu Hong, Chen Qinmei, Lu Li, 肖杨, Wu Huan Ran

      Based on the locations of the compression and swelling curves at different temperatures, the thermal consolidation phase is substituted by a mechanical consolidation phase, which is of the same deformation. Then, the complex thermomechanical properties of soils have been translated into pure mechanical properties. Further, a new elastic-plastic model considering temperature effects is presented by using the traditional critical state theory and non-associated flow rule. The whole model contains six independent parameters, and the physical significance of each parameter is specific and easy to be confirmed through the temperature-controlled triaxial compression test. In addition, with an increase in temperature, the slopes of the compression and swelling curves, the critical state stress ratio and poison ratio have no obvious impacts, while the preconsolidation pressure changes exponentially. Otherwise, the trial method is used to determine the coefficient scale between the plastic potential and yield equations. Finally, the method of determining each model parameter is put forward in detail on account of the drained temperature-controlled triaxial test for Kaolin and Bourke clays, and the new model is proved to be reasonable by comparing the simulation values and test data.

      • 1
    • Slope reliability analysis based on unscented transformation

      Xiangzilin, Xuxiaoliang, Huangwenjie, Chenjianghong

      The uncertainty problem of geotechnical engineering is one of the hotspots of research in recent years. Based on the reliability analysis of slope and the introduction of the principle of unscented transformation, the analysis methods and implementation steps of slope reliability based on unscented transformation are given. With the help of the examples of the homogeneous slope and the layered slope in the existing research, the rationality and applicability of slope reliability analysis method based on unscented transformation are discussed. The results show that the reliability analysis of slope based on the principle of unscented transformation does not depend on the distribution types of variables, and the unscented transformation is convenient in application and efficient in calculation. When the slope with higher reliability is analyzed, a large relative error is caused because the value of failure probability is small, therefore, the methods should be chosen carefully. But the slope with lower reliability (higher failure probability) which is more concerned in engineering, the method of slope reliability analysis based on unscented transformation has good applicability. At the same time, the relative error of this method is less than 5% when compared with the Monte Carlo method and the error fluctuation caused by the change of variable correlation coefficient is small.

      • 1
    • Study on the status of PFASs in rural sewage from the Taihu Basin in southern Jiangsu and their removal efficiency in decentralized treatment facilities

      Zhang Wenyi

      In this study, six decentralized rural sewage treatment facilities in Luoyang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City were used as the research objects. The total inlet water, total outflow water and wetland soils from six dispersed rural sewage treatment facilities were sampled. And the mass concentrations of 11 PFCAs (perfluorohydroxyl acid substances, C4-C14), 4 PFSAs (perfluorosulfonic acid substances, C4, C6, C8, and C10), MeFOSA (n-methyl perfluorooctyl sulfonamide), EtFOSA (n-ethyl perfluorooctyl sulfonamide), MeFOSE (n-methyl perfluorooctyl sulfonamide) and other precursors were detected in these samples. The results showed that the detection rates of 6 PFCAs and 3 PFSAs in the influent water of 6 sewage treatment facilities were over 83.33%. In PFSAs, PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonic acid) had the highest concentration, and the concentration range was from N.D. to 79.89 ng? L-1. In PFCAs, PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) had the highest concentration, and the concentration range was from 3.87 to 8.60 ng? L-1. The concentration characteristics of perfluorinated and polyfluorinated compounds (PFASs) in three different wastewater collection methods was: rainwater and sewage confluence and enterprise drainage > rain and sewage diversion > rainwater and sewage confluence. In the process of A/O contact oxidation and the multistage A/O process, the total concentration of PFASs in the outlet water was higher than that in the inlet water. So these two processes had no removal effect on PFASs. But A/O-MBR process had good removal effect on the medium-chain PFASs, the removal rate is 81.27%.The removal of PFOS was the most obvious, the concentration of PFOS decreased from 64.45 to 15.41 ng? L-1, and the removal rate was about 74.90%. However, the process had no obvious removal on the short-chain PFASs. Constructed wetlands also had good removal effect on the medium-chain PFASs. And PFOS in outlet water of wetlands could be reduced from 15.41 ng? L-1 to below the detection limit. The short-chain PFASs had low adsorption potential and hydrophobicity, which made it easier to exist in the liquid phase rather than in the solid phase, resulting in a higher effluent concentration of short-chain PFASs, So that several processes have no obvious removal effect on them, even the concentration of effluent water is higher than that of inflow water.

      • 1
    • Tracking Accuracy Analysis of a Flexible Manipulator with Interval Joint Clearance

      Liu Zhiyuan, Sun Dongyang

      To investigate the influences of large deformation, clearance and uncertainty on the dynamic behavior and control accuracy of a manipulator, a methodology for establishing dynamics model of flexible manipulator with interval joint clearance is presented. Then an evaluation method for the dynamics model is proposed. In this work, the absolute nodal coordinate formulation is used to model the flexible components, while hybrid contact force model and Ambrósio friction force model are applied to construct revolute clearance joint. Meanwhile, intervals are used to characterize clearance size and Young’s modulus. The simulation results show that the flexibility and clearance can obviously affect the dynamic behavior and control accuracy of the manipulator. And the influence will be more significant as Young’s modulus decreases or clearance size increases. Uncertainty can reduce control accuracy and significantly affect the dynamic behavior of the manipulator.

      • 1
    • Exploration and practice of Teaching Method for Gardening History of China based on“illustration”

      XIA Yu, CHEN Chongxian

      Theory and history of landscape architecture course is an important fundamental and bases for the program curriculum system. With the new turn changing of curriculum system for the education, this paper explores the renovation of theory and history of landscape architecture course based on the“illustration”, and proposes a teaching framework with three different objectives of “knowledge and technology”,“procedure and method”and “passion and value”.This study aims to help student understanding of relationship between time and space in traditional Chinese garden, developing a holistic map for the history of Chinese garden, exploring the contemporary meaning of history for modern landscape design and developing the valuable traditional cultural. It may also finally benefit on students to have a positive outlook on the life and world, which further improving them to bridge the gap between theory and practice, transformation of knowledge into wisdom.

      • 1
    • Research on the criminal regulation of blockchain financial derivatives


      The development of blockchain technology has changed the operation mode of traditional finance and greatly impacted the financial risk control and the existing legal system. In criminal law, there are disputes among monetary theory, financial instrument theory and property theory about the nature of blockchain financial derivatives. But in China, blockchain financial derivatives are mainly used as financial instruments, which is more scientific. Blockchain financial derivatives involve financial transaction security, financial management order security and property security of financial investors. Criminal law regulation of blockchain financial derivatives can prevent financial risks, maintain national currency stability and prevent induced crime. We can take criminal policy as the guide, criminal law as the basis, and criminal compliance as the auxiliary to build a three-dimensional criminal law regulation system.

      • 1
    • Analysis on the innovative application of blockchain technology in copyright registration

      huangbaoyong, shiyizheng

      With the development of the digital copyright times,?the dissemination of works has become more flexible and faster.?Traditional copyright registration has difficulties in practical application due to the disadvantages of high registration cost, different standards and privacy disclosure. The emergence of blockchain technology provides a new way to promote the development of copyright registration.?While blockchain technology is utilized into copyright registration, its decentralization can reduce the cost of registration, its distributed mechanism can unify the standards of registration, and its incredible tamper-resistance can enhance the certification of registration.?Meanwhile, blockchain technology establishes a new copyright trust mechanism based on its own characteristics, which can not only clearly distribute copyright profit, but also promote the development of the copyright market.?In the integration of blockchain technology and copyright registration, it is essential to envisage the existing issues and to create actively copyright registration rules to achieve the coordinative development of technology and law.

      • 1
    • Methods for Innovation Ability and Research Confidence of Postgraduates in Civil Engineering

      Guo Zeng-wei, Zhou Jian-ting

      The new situation of national strategies in new era, Emerging Engineering Education reform of China’s higher education and international certification of engineering education raise new requirements for postgraduate cultivation in traditional engineering. It becomes urgent to consider how to cultivate qualified future engineers with high moral standards. The current main contradiction in postgraduate education becomes to the conflict between expansion of graduate recruitments and promotion of engineering training objective. The present paper analyze the critical problems in postgraduate education of civil engineering. The approaches to emerging engineering education are also been discussed in terms of teaching method, mentoring mode, and seminar organization pattern.

      • 1
    • Application of Practice Theory to Knowledge and Practice of Technical Majors- Take Architecture as an Example

      Li Ting-ting, Liu-dongjiang

      The Theory of Practice is a philosophy that has been proved repeatedly by extremely successful practice, and its basic ideas are widely applicable to the process of practical activities. Technical majors have a variety of practical teaching process, is a common basic activity in students"cognition, students realize the leap from perceptual to rational knowledge through practical training; students use the knowledge they have learned to counter-practice in society after graduation, to complete the second leap in cognition. At the same time, the theory of practice has a good guiding significance for solving some problems and troubles in study and work.

      • 1
    • Cultivating Interdisciplinary Talents to Serve Cross-Disciplines——A case of Compound Talent Training in “Planning-Ecology”

      Zhou Hongxuan, Sun Jing, Chang Jiang

      Over the years, we have been focusing on teaching and research practices such as ecological restoration in mining areas and ecological restoration in coal mining collapse areas. While achieving gratifying results, we also deeply realized the need for ecological knowledge and inter-disciplinary talents in urban and rural planning. Based on this, the idea of "Planning-Ecology" compound talent cultivation for graduate education reform has gradually come into being. Creating ecology course groups, establishing the interdisciplinary planning plus ecological curriculum module, and introducing various of teaching methods to organize and implement teaching practices; meanwhile using the method of research feeding teaching to bring student to scientific projects, with the way of simulation and practice to devote them into researches to learn professional courses and technologies. Based on this, and constantly expand international education resources, and realize urban and rural problem oriented, by means of ecology theory and method of the interdisciplinary talents training mode, achieve the purpose of the compound talents cultivation.

      • 1
    • Study on BIM Teaching Curriculum System Reform in Construction Management- A Case Study in China University of Geosciences

      Guo Shengyu, Zichen Zhang, Peisong Gong, Liulin Kong, Zhonglei Feng

      In the current context, the sharp conflictions exist between the supply and demand of BIM technical talents, and the talents-training mode of construction management at colleges and universities lags behind the development of construction industry. Therefore, the reform of BIM teaching curriculum system is explored in China University of Geosciences and a hybrid teaching method of integrating practice into theory is adopted by four steps. Firstly, the goal is identified by considering the current teaching system. Secondly, the classes of practice teaching are developed. Thirdly, the mechanism of out-of-class activities for students is built and the knowledge and skill training for teachers is constructed. Finally, the studio for BIM is set up. The core of the whole implementation is the cooperation between the school and companies that related to BIM. The results provide ideas and methods that have theoretical and practical significance for the reform of BIM teaching curriculum system in China.

      • 1
    • Cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents with building environment and energy engineering specialty under the background of engineering education accreditation

      WuXiaoZhou, WangshuGang, wangjihong, lixiangli, wanghaichao

      In order to adapt to the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the new trend of industrial reform, professional construction in accordance with the standards of engineering education accreditation is an inevitable trend in the development of engineering education in China. As a specialty of the building environment and energy and application engineering with distinctive industry characteristics, it is responsible for providing high-quality innovative talents in the field of energy and environment, and should take the opportunity of passing engineering education accreditation to deepen professional education reform. Taking students as the center, build a quality model of innovative entrepreneurial talents, establish a multi-level, modular innovation education curriculum system, pay attention to the cultivation of students' innovative consciousness, strengthen the shaping of entrepreneurial abilities in the practice process, and integrate and innovate throughout the entire course ideas and professional knowledge. The proposed model of innovative and entrepreneurial talents and the training curriculum system under the background of engineering education certification are of great significance for the cultivation of high-quality composite talents that meet the international engineering education certification standards and the requirements of the new era.

      • 1
    • Diversified Practice Teaching Methods on Energy and Power Engineering under the Background of Excellent Engineers

      Shi Weixiu

      The differences between diversified practice teaching methods and the regular teaching mode are discussed in the paper. In view of the shortcomings of the current traditional teaching mode in the cultivation of innovative professional talents, the two courses of《thermal equipment principle》and《heat exchanger principle and design》are taken as examples based on the energy and power engineering. Diversified practice should be strengthen during the course teaching process, including multimedia courseware design, engineering case analysis, off-campus engineers entering the classroom, experiment, actual engineering design and practice on project site. The teaching content allows students to carry out in-depth and comprehensive learning from basic knowledge, case application, experimental phenomena and results analysis, engineering field practice, etc. Diversified practice can improve students' interest in learning and comprehensive practical ability, and also cultivate outstanding engineers who can meet the needs of society.

      • 1
    • A new tunnel vehicle stopping detection methodology combined with convolutional neural network

      yangzuliang, dingjie, liujinfeng

      In order to detect the vehicle stopping in highway tunnel more accurately, the traditional image processing technology is combined with deep learning. Firstly, the foreground moving targets are extracted using the background difference method based on Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM). Then the meanshift algorithm is applied to track these foreground moving targets. By calculating the speed of the moving targets and the correlation of the moving target between the neighbouring video frames, and comparing with the speed threshold and correlation threshold, the static target is detected. Finally, we combine the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) classification model to identify whether the static target is a vehicle. The method proposed in this work is validated using the real highway tunnel vehicle stopping video and reaches at least 84% accuracy. It is also compared with the traditional image processing method without CNN, which shows that our method improves at least 63% accuracy.

      • 1
    • Construction of training program of urban underground space engineering specialty under the background of engineering education certification


      The Southwest Jiaotong University is a "double world-class" university with clear-cut industrial characteristics, as the earliest founded one of underground engineering related majors in colleges and universities. For constructing the cultivation scheme for urban underground space engineering specialty,?we deeply consider the training objectives, curriculum system construction and continuous improvement of talent training programs in practice, under the background of engineering education certification initiated by Washington agreement .Based on the concepts of engineering education certification, outcome based education,the talent training objectives for the needs of the development of national urban rail transit industry and double world-class construction of university were defined and refined , meanwhile, the graduation requirements and construct the realization matrix of the training objectives were quantified. The general framework of the curriculum system was established, and the curriculum module and realization matrix were determined through corresponding index points of graduation requirements under the mapping of standards, characteristics and capability structure.The the core of practical ability training cultivation is highlighted , and the cultivation approach of scientific research and innovation ability is expanded,through the optimization of the combination of major courses and the integration of diversified courses.

      • 1
    • Experimental on Spatial Cognition Teaching of Architectural Students Under VR Technology

      maochao, jinguilin, songxiaoyu

      As the key and difficult point of architectural design teaching, spatial cognition has been paid more and more attention by domestic and foreign universities. Virtual reality (VR) technology can generate 3D dynamic vision to provide users with a 1:1 virtual immersion experience. For architectural students, VR technology brings a new design perspective. In order to prove that VR has a positive effect on students' spatial cognition, this paper conducts teaching experiments on VR and several traditional architectural design methods, and conducts questionnaire surveys and in-depth interviews at different stages. The research results show that under the VR design mode, students have more accurate control over spatial size and proportion, and their ability to understand spatial cognition and design has been significantly improved. At the same time, it also provides certain practical value for the application of VR technology in the field of architectural design teaching.

      • 1
    • The Technology Agreement and Innovation Approach of Rural Grassroots Governance


      At present, the innovation of rural grassroots governance is under the background of the the rapid development and application of information technology. The characteristics of information technology have numerous connections and correlations with grassroots governance. Based on this, information technology is continuously integrated into rural grassroots governance from the angle of governance concepts. , governance structure, governance content, and reshapes the governance model. It provides new characteristics and vitality for “joint governance”, “smart governance” and “holistic governance”, and points out the innovative approaches for rural grassroots governance, that is, based on the realistic demands of the rural residents, making innovation on the ways and means of governance, promoting the deep integration of information technology and grassroots governance, and establishing a modern rural grassroots governance system which integrates social coordination, popular participation, good law and public order, technical rationality, gradual development, and institutional guarantee.

      • 1
    • Three-dimensional Interactive Decoration Design and Customization Service Platform for Ceramic Products

      hukaihua, huanghua, zhangyilai, zhangyujing

      Now that personalized customization has become a fashion and trend, personalized customization has upgraded the brand quality and culture of enterprises. In the new economic era led by big data, if enterprises can timely obtain and meet the personalized needs of different consumers, they will take the initiative in the new economy. This paper takes the case of obtaining users" personalized and customized requirements for ceramic products through the network and digitizes the components of ceramic products and stores them in the cloud server, realize online free 3D composite design of ceramic products with Web3D technology, at the same time, the cloud decoration pattern library resources or online independent design of decorative patterns are used to carry out pattern decoration on ceramic products, and establish the mathematical model of correlation degree between pattern resources and shape, to help ordinary users to improve the beauty of ceramic product design works. Online interactive decorative pattern design USES the interactive object model provided by fabric. js on Canvas element to realize the generation and editing of decorative patterns, image filter transformation is realized by convolution operation in pattern editing. By establishing the mapping relationship between the design pattern canvas and the ceramic 3d model, the virtual display of ceramic 3d model with strong sense of reality is generated. The research results can be used for online 3d interactive customization and display promotion of ceramic products, which can not only meet consumers" requirements for personalized customization of ceramic products, but also create a new marketing mode for the current ceramic market, so as to achieve the growth of sales.

      • 1
    • ImplementationofMultidimensionalAggregateQueryServiceforTimeSeries Data

      shengjia, 房俊, 郭晓乾, 王承栋

      With the continuous expansion of power quality monitoring points, a large number of multi-dimensional power quality data with time series characteristics have been generated. Current data query methods can not meet the demand of interactive multi-dimensional aggregation query of power quality monitoring data. This paper presents a method to implement multi-dimensional aggregation service for sequential data. It establishes a hash storage structure for pre-aggregated task results in memory, a bitmap index storage structure for real-time data, and stores pre-aggregated historical data in memory as much as possible. It improves the low performance problem of random reading and writing, and improves the efficiency of query. It solves the problem of interactive query. At the same time, the optimal aggregation task selection algorithm is used to select as many pre-aggregation tasks as possible to improve the hit rate of interactive queries. Experiments verify the feasibility of the proposed algorithm. Compared with the grouped two-dimensionalknapsackalgorithm,ithascertainadvantagesinthenumberofpre-aggregatedtasks.

      • 1
    • The Beamforming Algorithm Based on the Combination of Steering vector optimization and Covariance matrix reconstruction


      Abstract: A kind of robust adaptive beamforming algorithm based on the combination of steering vector optimization and covariance matrix reconstruction is proposed to solve the problem that the output signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) of the traditional beamforming algorithm decreases seriously under the condition of the mismatch of the steering vector and the error of the covariance matrix. By estimating the power and direction of signal and interference, interference plus noise covariance matrix is reconstructed, combined with projection and spatial integral, the assumed steering vector is optimized to make it approximate to the actual steering vector. Then the complex weight can be obtained by related calculation and the beamforming can be realized. The proposed algorithm can effectively suppress interference and improve the output SINR. For many mismatch situations, the proposed algorithm can also be with better performances. The simulation results are presented and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is verified.

      • 1
    • Research on chaotic time series composite prediction of office building energy consumption

      Yu Junqi, Duan Jiayin, Zhao Anjun, Jing Wenqiang, Wang Jiali

      Aiming at the existing energy consumption prediction methods for office buildings, which fail to take into account the chaotic change characteristics of energy consumption data. A method of energy consumption prediction for office buildings based on chaotic time series is proposed.It can reconstruct the phase space of the time series of the research object, judge that it has chaotic characteristics, establish the combination model of chaos theory and support vector regression for training, and use Markov chain to eliminate the cumulative errors caused by parameter transfer of the combination model, and obtain the final prediction result.In order to verify the effectiveness of the algorithm, the energy consumption monitoring data of an office building in xi 'an was taken as an example for example analysis, and compared with other prediction methods such as nonlinear autoregressive neural network and support vector regression.The experimental results show that the prediction accuracy of the chaotic time series combination model modified by Markov is significantly improved, the prediction effect is better than other models and more consistent with the change law of energy consumption of office buildings, providing effective data support for energy conservation optimization.

      • 1
    • The dynamic adsorption of Mn(Ⅱ) in water by alkali modified pomelo peel biochar


      In order to study the feasibility of Mn(Ⅱ) removal in water by alkali modified pomelo peel biochar in practical use, whose dynamic adsorption of Mn(Ⅱ) in a fixed bed was implemented. The effects on alkali modified pomelo peel biochar adsorbed Mn(Ⅱ) in a fixed bed by flow rate, bed height and Mn(Ⅱ) initial concentration were researched, and the data were fitted by varying models, the results showed that the adsorption of Mn(Ⅱ) by alkali modified pomelo peel biochar possessed a buffering action to some extent; the fixed bed operation time was prolonged with the decrease of flow rate and Mn(Ⅱ) initial concentration and increase of bed height, the highest adsorption capacity of alkali modified pomelo peel biochar for Mn(Ⅱ) was 25.59mg/g, which was obtained in flow rate was 1 mL/min, Mn(Ⅱ) initial concentration was 150mg/L and bed height was 2cm; the Thomas model indicated that internal and external diffusion weren’t control procedure in the process of adsorption; the Adams–Bohart model suggested the adsorption preliminary kinetic in the fixed bed was controlled by external mass transfer, its linear expression (the BDST model) predicted the operation time of effluent Mn(Ⅱ) concentration reach 70% of influent Mn(Ⅱ) concentration in each condition with comparatively accuracy; the modified dose-response model described the shape of the Mn(Ⅱ) breakthrough curve accurately. The research indicated that there was potential to removed Mn(Ⅱ) for alkali modified pomelo peel biochar in a fixed bed practical use.

      • 1
    • Mathematical Model and Its Derivation in Optimal Risk Portfolio

      zhouxiaohua, Lichunhong

      In modern securities investment theories and methods, the optimal risk portfolio is one of the most important core concepts. This paper mainly studies the mathematical mechanism of the formation of the concept of the optimal risk portfolio in portfolio selection and makes mathematical derivation and solution. First of all, we use the mathematical analysis method to construct the corresponding relationship, that is, the risk, return of portfolio and the number pairs of plane coordinate system to establish one-to-one correspondence, and use the algebraic method to define an order relationship among these number pairs. Then, from the perspective of analytic geometry, using the relevant properties of conic in two-dimensional plane, through the analysis of the intersection coordinates of quadric clusters, the mathematical equations that meet the relevant conditions of portfolio theory are constructed, and then mathematical derivation and solution are carried out. Finally, by analyzing the mathematical model of the investment opportunity set of the binary portfolio, the mathematical expression of the optimal risk portfolio in the binary portfolio is determined, and this method is extended to the case of multiple portfolio.

      • 1
    • Topology optimization design of microstrip antenna with metamaterial cover for high-gain at 24GHz

      DONG Yanzhang, ZHOU Jinghao

      In this paper, a topology optimization design method is proposed for high gain metamaterial cladding microstrip antenna based on genetic algorithm. Adopting a holistic approach to metamaterial elements and the maximum gain value of the microstrip antenna is selected as the objective function. The binary 0-1 coding of the lattice copper patch behind the discretization of the metamaterial copper-clad area is selected as the optimization variable. the topology optimization model of metamaterial microstrip antenna at 24 GHz is established. Using the redundant design method of patch square grid is to eliminate the point connection phenomenon. A suitable genetic algorithm solving strategy is used to solve the optimal design problem of 10×10 square lattice size, and obtained a new metamaterial microstrip antenna without point connection. The results show that metamaterial cladding microstrip antenna has better matching performance compared with the conventional microstrip antenna, and the gain performance and directivity of the microstrip antenna are significantly improved, and its maximum gain performance is increased from 7.51dB to 11.54dB, the improvement rate is 53.66%. Finally, studied the topological optimization design of metamaterial microstrip antennas with different square lattice sizes such as 12×12 and 14×14. The results show that the creative configuration design of the metamaterial microstrip antenna is convergent, and the microstructure configuration for 10×10 lattice size is the most cost-effective.

      • 1
    • Research on Storage Mechanism of Electricity Marketing Data Based on Blockchain

      WANG Lingyu, FU Hong, YANG Yun, LIU Jun

      With the development of electricity, electricity marketing data continues to grow, and traditional centralized data storage models have been unable to meet the security and efficiency requirements of power business data storage. Regarding the issue above, this paper proposed a multi-level encrypted electricity marketing data storage architecture based on blockchain. The storage architecture uses the blockchain as the underlying technical support combined with distributed storage to provide highly stable, secure and reliable power data storage performance. At the same time, a multi-level encryption mechanism is proposed on the basis of the blockchain. This mechanism supports step-by-step encryption and verification of power data on-chain and power data transmission processes, which further guarantees the security of power data storage. The paper compares the storage mechanism proposed in this article with the centralized storage mechanism by creating a distributed storage facility. The analysis of the experimental results shows that the storage mechanism proposed in this research has lower latency, lower response time and The advantage of higher throughput shows that the storage mechanism is reasonable and feasible and has good application prospects.

      • 1
    • Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Verification of Surface Instability Morphology of Thin Film with Sinusoidal surface Structures


      Finite element analysis on the surface instability process of a film-substrate system with the sinusoidal surface structures is systematically carried out in this work by using ABAQUS finite element software. The effects of the ratio of amplitude to wavelength of the sinusoidal structure, the modulus ratio of film to substrate, the film thickness and the pre-stretched deformation are discussed. The results show that the modulus ratio and the film thickness have considerable influence on the wavelength of the film surface instability. The ratio of amplitude to wavelength of the sinusoidal structure plays a significant role in differentiating the instability wavelength at the peak and trough of the sinusoidal structure. It is then expected to control the instability morphology of the film-substrate systems by various combinations of the above parameters. Moreover, the numerical results are qualitatively verified by experiments. The research outcomes can provide useful reference to explore the instability morphology of thin films with complex surface structures.

      • 1
    • Optimization design of composite bulkhead structure basedon Response Surface Method

      ZENG Yang, ZHOU Jun, SHEN Zhiyuan, YU Zixian, CHEN Hao, YU Rong

      An optimal design method combining Response Surface Model with Genetic Algorithm was proposed in the present research to ensure reliable structural parameters of bulkhead. The Box-Behnken design method was selected to determine the location of sampling points for generating the response surface, then the total mass property and maximum displacement was established in terms of the input parameters. Then the Pareto optimal solutions are obtained by using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm to optimize the Response Surface Model. The numerical simulation results show that the optimized total mass of the composite bulkhead is reduced by 23% compared with that of the steel bulkhead, while the maximum displacement is basically consistent with the steel bulkhead structure. Therefore, the present research provides useful insight to the structural optimization of composite bulkhead structure in engineering application.

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    • On the Legal Protection of Personal Information Security in the Field of Artificial Intelligence


      The personal data and information in the era of artificial intelligence support the operation of AI systems. The importance and value of personal information in the present is self-evident. The identification elements of personal information include “identifiability” and “fixability”. Personal information in the field of artificial intelligence presents different forms on this basis, including personal information collected by “intelligent objects” and analyzed by intelligent systems. While artificial intelligence infringes personal information in different situations, the infringing subject is difficult to determine under the current law. In the "intellectual era", artificial intelligence seriously threatens the security of personal information. Therefore, while the era of artificial intelligence is coming, it is necessary to provide effective legal protection for personal information security issues in the field of artificial intelligence.

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    • On the Model Law of Personal Data in CIS Member States

      ZHANG Jianwen

      In the CIS Model Law of Personal Data, new types of personal data have been added, such as personal data in forms, personal data about job and so on. In the concept of legislation, the circulation of personal data has become a topic as important as the processing of personal data. Besides, the adjustment of the circulation of personal data has become a separate chapter. This is a major innovation as well as the new direction of law of personal data compared to the traditional legislative model, which focuses on the processing of personal data. The group of rights of the personal data subject and the group of obligations of the personal data processor (holder) are important contents of the personal data legislation. Provisions in the model law, regarding to the right of withdrawal under the consent of personal data subject, and the subject’s right of terminating the circulation, processing and acquisition of the personal data, has kept pace with the advanced personal data legislation around the world, while the obligations of the personal data processor (holder) have been regulated according to the different stages and behavior types concerning data circulation and processing process.

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    • An Optical Power Prediction Method Based on Double Deep Neural Networks

      zhang hongpeng, liu jiaqing, guo xihai, sun yu, xu zheng

      Photovoltaic power generation is one of the emerging clean energy power generation methods. However, its efficiency in electricity generation is severely influenced by light intensity in the external environment and products unstable electricity to the power grid. So, it is very important to predict the trend of power generation through the collection and analysis of the external environment for stability of the power grid. To address this prediction problem, we propose a higher-precision dual-depth neural network optical power prediction method based on BPNN and LSTM-based discriminator, which are combined by genetic algorithms. We first introduce the principles of BPNN, LSTM and genetic algorithm, and then give the specific method of constructing a dual-depth neural network discriminative model. Finally, we perform a verification experiment. Experimental results show that the method has higher discrimination accuracy than the single neural network model.

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    • Vehicle collision surrogate model based on numerical simulation and machine learning

      LIN Xiang, Yan Bo, MOU Zheyue, WEN Nan, HUANG Guizao

      Three-dimensional finite element model of a pickup truck is built. The dynamic processes of a truck colliding against a rigid wall and collision between two trucks are numerically simulated, and the corresponding collision force-displacement curves of the truck with different initial speeds are obtained. Taking the initial speed of the truck as the input and the collision force-displacement curve as the output, the BP neural network machine learning algorithm is used to establish the vehicle collision surrogate model in the full speed domain. The numerical simulation samples are divided into training set and test set, and the surrogate model is trained. The accuracy

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    • Transmission error analysis of cycloidal pinwheel based on multi-factor comprehensive effect

      ZHANG Ye, LI Chao-yang, Huang Jian

      Tooth profile modification and manufacturing error of cycloidal gear are the key factors that affect the transmission accuracy of cycloidal pinwheel. In order to analyze the transmission error of the cycloid gear under the multi-factor comprehensive effect, based on the theory of gearing and coordinate transformation, an error analysis model of the cycloidal pinwheel meshing pair under the comprehensive effect of multiple factors is obtained by constructing the tooth profile equation of the cycloid gear considering the comprehensive factors such as tooth profile modification, machining error and assembly error. The model can be used to analyze and calculate the combined transmission errors of the cycloid pin gear under the comprehensive effects of tooth profile modification, machining and assembly error. The influence of various error factors and multiple factors on the transmission error are analyzed, the results show that the cumulative pitch error has the greatest influence on the transmission error; the influence of cycloidal profile error and assembly error is the second; the influence of pin radius error and the pin position radius error is the smallest.

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    • Analysis of seepage characteristics and stability of Xigeda Formation slope under heavy rainfall

      yangshihao, sulijun, zhangchonglei, licheng, hubingli

      Xigeda Formation is distributed in southwest of China, and its engineering properties are very poor. In order to analyze seepage characteristics and stability of silty sand slope of Xigeda Formation overlying Quaternary residual slope sediments under heavy rainfall conditions, Based on Mojiagang landslide in Shimian County, seepage law of slope is studied by numerical simulation; Morgenstern-Price method is used to calculate safety factor of landslide and to analyze their variation laws. The results show that: rainwater infiltrates into slope layer by layer, and seepage process will continue after rainfall. As the existence of soil layer interface, seepage characteristics are different from homogeneous slope; during the rainfall process, the range of pore water pressure growth accelerates near the interface, and the Quaternary residual slope sediments near the interface is still in a near-saturated state after the rainfall; rainfall infiltration leads to reduce safety factor of the slope, and stability has a lag in response to rainfall. This study can provide reference for prevention of Xigeda Formation landslide.

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    • Coagulation treatment of micro-polluted water and study of floc size

      xia wei, zhang rui, wu genyu, ma jiangya

      Treatment of micro-polluted water is considered to be a vital issue and has attracted more and more attentions around the world. The turbidity and humus affect the quality of drinking water. As a widely used type of water treatment technology, flocculation is known for safety, practical and high-efficiency, and has been considered as a prospective technology for micro-polluted water. Flocculants are the core of flocculation technology and choosing a suitable flocculant to achieve high flocculation efficiency in the treatment process is crucial. Different kinds of flocculants, flocculants containing aluminum such as aluminum sulfate(AS) and polyaluminum chloride(PAC), flocculants containing ferric such as ferric chloride and polyferric chloride(PFC) were applied, and then followed by compound of flocculants-aid polyacrylamide(PAM) and activated silicic acid(ASI)respectively. These flocculants-aid possess good adsorption bridging ability and can improve the flocculation efficiency greatly to a certain extent. And in this work, turbidity, UV254 and floc size were investigated to indicate the flocculation efficiency. The optimum flocculation conditions are determined as follows: AS dosage of 22mg/L, PAC dosage of 18mg/L, FeCl3 dosage of 16mg/L, and PFC dosage of 8mg/L when used alone. PAM dosage of 0.1, 0.1, 0.05, 0.2mg/L respectively when compounded with PAM. ASI dosage of 0.5, 1.5, 1.0, 1.0mg/L respectively when compounded with ASI. In general, large amounts of humic acid are produced by the degradation of organic matter for aquatic organisms, and as a result, the water quality are seriously endangered. Thus, the removal of humic acid from wastewater has become imperative. In the passage, two common flocculants, PAC and PAM were applied in the treatment of humic acid wastewater, and PAC compounded with PAM was explored too. Same as before, the flocculation effect was determined by the measure of turbidity and floc size. The result shows that the optimal flocculation efficiency is achieved with PAM dosage of 8mg/L, PAC dosage of 100mg/L respectively when used alone. PAM dosage of 0.8mg/L when compounded with PAC. The result shows that the compound can effectively enhance the flocculation effect at low dosage.

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    • Experimental study of effect of nutrient concentration on physico-mechanical properties and microstructure of cemented remolded mudstone

      WANG Xu-min, cuirui, WANG Cheng

      Microbial induced calcium carbonate precipitation (MICP) cemented remolded mudstone samples prepared by different concentrations (0.3, 0.5, 0.7mol/L) of nutrient salt were prepared by one-time soaking solution. The cemented samples were tested based on direct shearing, consolidation, calcium carbonate pickling and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The effects of nutrient concentration on the mechanical properties, calcium carbonate content and microstructure of the cemented samples were analyzed. The results show that under the same reaction conditions (same time, volume), the shear strength and pore ratio increase first and then decrease with the increase of nutrient concentration. When the nutrient salt concentration reached 0.5mol/L, the shear strength and void ratio were the largest. At this time, the cohesive force and internal friction angle of the sample were 15.5kPa and 18.83 °, respectively. The content of calcium carbonate increased with the increase of nutrient concentration. When the concentration of nutrient salt reached 0.7mol/L, the average calcium carbonate content of the sample increased less. The uniformity of calcium carbonate crystal distribution changes in a convex shape with the change of nutrient salt concentration from low to high. The strength of the cemented sample depends on the amount of CaCO3 crystals formed and their distribution. The resulting calcite-type calcium carbonate crystals are mainly deposited at the contact of the particles to form accumulated crystals or filled in the pores to form a "bonding bridge", which produces a cementation effect and enhances the mechanical properties of the sample.

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    • Experimental study on seismic behavior of steel fiber concrete beam-column exterior joints with HRB600 reinforcement bars

      zhang jian xin, Zhang Biao, Ding Chuanlin

      In order to reduce the bond degradation of beam reinforcement bars in beam-column exterior joints with HRB600 reinforcement bars, the beam-column exterior joints with overall or local steel fiber concrete were designed. The low-cycle loading tests were carried out on two ordinary concrete beam-column exterior joint with HRB600/HRB400 reinforcement bars, and two steel fiber concrete beam-column exterior joints with overall or local steel fiber concrete and HRB600 reinforcement bars. The failure modes, hysteresis curves, energy dissipation, ductility, shear deformation in the core zone and bond degradation of beam reinforcement bars were analyzed. The research results showed that the joints with HRB600 reinforcement bars exhibited higher bearing capacity, energy dissipation capacity and ductility under low-cycle loading, but the bond degradation between HRB600 reinforcement bar and ordinary concrete degraded too quickly. The exterior joint reinforced by overall or local steel fiber concrete exhibited slower bond degradation of HRB600 beam reinforcement bars, slighter failure mode, smaller shear deformation in the joint core area, and larger energy dissipation capacity. The beam-column exterior joint with overall steel fiber concrete had higher ductility and energy dissipation capacity compared with the beam-column exterior joint with local steel fiber concrete, and the bond degradation of HRB600 beam bars was slower.

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    • Analysis of normal section bending bearing capacity of inverted U-Shaped steel-encased concrete composite beam

      yanqiwu, zhangzheng

      In order to study the normal section bending capacity and structural requirements of a new type of inverted U-shaped steel-encased concrete composite beam, nonlinear finite element models of the composite continuous beams have been stablished with the reference of the existing U-shaped steel-encased concrete composite continuous test beams, and the load-mid-span deflection curves of the finite element models of the composite continuous beams have been simulated and compared with the related test results. The rationality and effectiveness of the modeling method and parameter selection of the composite beam finite element models are verified. Based on the finite element model of composite continuous beams, the main influencing parameters of bending capacity of inverted steel-encased concrete composite beams are analyzed. Based on the test and simulation results of normal section bending capacity of inverted U-shaped steel-encased concrete composite continuous beams, a simplified plastic theory is proposed to calculate the normal section bending capacity of composite beam, but the plastic theoretical calculation value of the normal section bending capacity of the composite beam should be multiplied by the modified coefficient of 0.96. The comparison between the plastic theoretical calculation value of the normal section bending capacity of the composite beam and the simulation value of the finite element model of the composite beam shows that the two values are very safe and close, and the modified simplified plastic theory calculation value of the normal section bending capacity of the composite beam is accurate and reliable enough.

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    • Equivalent model of bi-periodic trapezoidal corrugated plate based on variational asymptotic method

      DENG Bing, ZHONG Yifeng, XI Senbiao, YU Liao

      The bi-periodic trapezoidal corrugated plate is a new type of lightweight structure with periodic trapezoidal corrugated changes along two plane directions. At present, there is little research on the relationship between its mechanical properties and structural parameters, limiting the popularization and application of this structure. Based on the fact that the period of the corrugated shape is much smaller than the size of the whole plate structure, a numerical model of the represent element (or called unit cell) is established by using the variational asymptotic method to calculate the equivalent stiffness. Then, the bi-periodic trapezoidal corrugated plate is converted to orthotropic plate with the same stiffness characteristics by homogenization technology. Based on this method, the equivalent stiffness and deformation response of different structural parameters are calculated, and the accuracy of the equivalent model is verified by comparing with the three-dimensional finite element simulation results. The results show that the equivalent stiffness of the bi-periodic trapezoidal corrugated plate is lower than that of the plate due to the change of the shape, and the bending stiffness is increased. With the increase of interval length and the decrease of plate height, the projection characteristics of plate become less obvious, which is more similar to the ordinary plate, resulting in the gradual increase of tensile stiffness and the gradual decrease of bending stiffness. While with the increase of plate thickness, the bending stiffness shows an upward trend.

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    • Shear-lag Coefficient Study of Π shaped Composite Girder in Construction Stages of Cable stayed Bridge

      Zhou Shijun, ZHOU SHIJUN

      The shear lag effect of cable stayed bridge with Π shaped composite girder in cantilever construction process has not been analyzed systematically. For considering the variation of load and boundary conditions in construction process, a beam element with two shear-lag degrees of freedom at each node is established to take the coupling effect of shear lag and bending deformation of composite girder into account. In the formula derivation, it is assumed that the longitudinal displacements of the concrete slab are described by a third-power parabolic function, and the steel flange share the same displacements with concrete slab at the same abscissa. The shear-lag effects of Π shaped composite girder in a cable-stayed bridge during the construction process is analyzed by using the proposed met