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      2009, 15(4):0-2.

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    • A Review of the Study on Regional Imbalanced Effects of Monetary Policy

      2009, 15(4):1-5.

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      Abstract:To some extent, most of the economies are not optimum currency areas. The economic activities in different regions of a country respond to monetary policy actions differently in terms of the response magnitude and timing. While there exists considerable heterogeneity across the regional economies in China and each region responds to monetary shocks with great difference, the literature on the studying the regional imbalanced effects of monetary policy is fairly limited. Reviewing the latest foreign literature in detail has a positive significance for the monetary policy development and regional economic development.The authors review the development course of the research methodology on regional imbalanced effects of monetary policy and evaluate the contribution made by these methods to studying of regional imbalanced effects of monetary policy. Comparison and analysis of the formation mechanisms of regional imbalanced effects of monetary policy are made in such perspectives as monetary policy transmission channels, financial and economic structures, the behaviors of economic entities and so on. The latest research trends in this field are summarized and concluded, which suggests that the study will focus on the combination of aggregate level research in the future. Finally, the authors evaluate the significance of research on regional imbalanced effects of monetary policy and suggest further research needed in China.

    • Promote Headquarters Economy in Chongqing to Build West Triangle Growth in China

      2009, 15(4):6-11.

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      Abstract:In recent years, the headquarters of the economy as a measure of the level of an international city an important symbol, a lot of big cities in China have developed rapidly, its good economic and social benefits have been apparent. Headquarters can promote economic development in Chongqing towards internationalization, globalization, the Chinese at the same time to create the West Delta economic circle of growth of this new power. In this paper, the authors analyze the connotation of the economic characteristics of the headquarters, the functions and role of the headquarters in economic development of modern city, and analyze the development of the headquarters of Chongqing’s economic conditions and advantages, and then, propose measures to develop Chongqing’s economy headquarters and lead “West Triangle ”Preliminary economic circle.

    • Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development in Sichuan Province

      2009, 15(4):12-16.

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      Abstract:With the development of reform and openingup and the entry into WTO, foreign direct investment has already become the important strength of promoting the economic growth of China. Sichuan Province is located in west and inner of China, which should use FDI to promote the industrial upgrading ,then boost the economic growth. Using the data from 1990 to 2007 of Sichuan, the researchers get a conclusion that FDI has certain positive influence on promoting the economic growth, foreign trade and industrial upgrading of Sichuan, but the effort if not remarkable. Finally, the necessary policies of how to absorb foreign capitals and raise foreign investments quality to promote Sichuan economy are suggested.

    • New Rural Cooperative Medical System in West Region of Sustainable Development

      2009, 15(4):17-22.

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      Abstract:On the basis of research materials and archives community information, and the cases of the new rural cooperative medical system of Sichuan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region,from the capital raising, management style and so on, the author and anlyzes China’s traditional rural cooperative medical system, expounds the major factors impacting rural cooperative medical care system’s continuous running to run of the western region. The researcher shows that the important reasons are the Chinese goverament’s innovation in the rural cooperative medical system and the strong support and participation in financing and managemeat. It suggests that from the laws and regulations and perspective of social equity to improve the new rural cooperative medical care system, to ensure the new rural cooperative medical system and policy’s authority and continuity.

    • Law, Financial Development and Economic Growth:An Empirical Study Based on Chinese Provincial Panel Data

      2009, 15(4):23-30.

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      Abstract:By Chinese provincial panel data during 1997-2005, and panel analysis technology, the author investigates the relationship among legal system, financial development and economic growth from national and regional views. The results indicate that Chinese legal system has significantly effect on financial development and economic growth, but because of the difference of economic basis, social environment and law enforcement in every region, and there are significant regional characteristics.

    • Industrial Transferring, Related Investment and Industrial Cluster Mechanism: Experience Data from South Korean Enterprises in Shandong

      2009, 15(4):31-36.

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      Abstract:Foreign investment plays an important role in forming industrial cluster of China, and large number of international industrial transferring further accelerates its formation. During the processes of industrial transferring, related investment in turn strengthens the industrial cluster. Through the experienced research, the authors find that industrial transferring, related investment, enterprises’ own characteristic factor as well as the host government factor together decide the formation of foreigninvestmenttype industrial cluster. Based on above kinds of factors, setting up corresponding variables, using microresearch data to estimate the parameters, the authors get results revel that related investment, operating period, profit status as well as the host government factor have significant influence on industrial cluster formation.

    • Analysis of Capital Requirement and Financial Security

      2009, 15(4):37-41.

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      Abstract:Capital is a cushion of risk. It assures risk, absorbs loss, and protects bank from outside shocks. So it is the bottle line of bank security. Capital requirement is a pivotal tool of financial security. Through building a model, the authors analyze the capital requirement in financial sector from a perspective of financial security, and conclude reasonable results, and lay foundation for practice. This paper not only contributes to the literature, but also suggests some policies.

    • Commitment Profile:Research Progress of Multibasis Organizational Commitment and Its Internal Functionary Mechanism

      2009, 15(4):42-47.

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      Abstract:In recent years, discussions on the internal functionary mechanism of multibasis organizational commitment become the hot topic of organizational commitment studies. The authors briefly review the evolvement course of the organizational commitment from single to multidimension concept firstly, then give emphasis to the current research progress of the interactive effect of threedimension basis of the organizational commitment and its adaptability in Chinese background. Finally, the appropriateness to consider “commitment profile” as the theoretical generalization and research methods for the study the internal functionary mechanism of multibasis organizational commitment is analyzed and the possible direction for future research is suggested.

    • Research for the Transformation of “Typical Unit System” Community Based on the View of Institutional Change

      2009, 15(4):48-52.

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      Abstract:Due to the longterm influence of environment dependence and path dependence, the transformation of “Typical Unit System” community represented by some monopoly enterprise had been obstructed by the following factors: the dependency of old system, the limitation of resources, and the lacking of community’s self-help capability. The author proposes four advices to solve these problems: firstly, the transformation of “Typical Unit System” community should take a gradual ways and set a reasonable object system; secondly, the administrative system of enterprise and local government should dominate the process of transformation; thirdly, the participation of nongovernmental organization should be encouraged; lastly, a platform for interest argument is necessarily required.

    • A Study on the Mechanism Design of Optimizing the Allocation of HEIs’ Resources Based on Total Budget Management

      2009, 15(4):53-58.

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      Abstract:The allocation process of HEIs’(Higher Education Institutes) resources is divided into macro, mid and microlevel. Regarding the government’s resources and the social resources as the external environment factors, and taking the allocation of the resources of school subordinate units and departments for the important aspect of the allocation of the whole resources, it is studied that the allocation the financial and material resources, especially the financial resources, of HEIs’ resources at mid and microlevel from the point of school view. Under the direction of scientific development view, it is proposed that the guiding ideology, basic principle and certain significant relations, which need to be well dealt, the mechanism and the specific ways: total budget management, as well as the corresponding security measures for optimizing the allocation of HEIs’ resources.

    • CEO Compensation and Performance in Banking Industry

      2009, 15(4):59-64.

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      Abstract:Existing literatures have little concern on the special governance in the banking industry when studying the relationship between CEO compensation and performance. And they most ignore the effect of banking governance structure. The authors analyze the relationship between compensation and performance from external supervision and high debt ratio in banking by empirical study. They find that banks have higher payperformance sensitivity than common firms and CEO compensation has a loose relationship with relative performance in the bank. The result also shows that the bank and the common firms have the same concern on the shareholders.They argue that the effect of governance is not optimistic in banking industry, although they have more perfect governance structure than the common firms.

    • The Impact on the Undergraduates’ Career Motivation Given by Family Factors

      2009, 15(4):65-68.

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      Abstract:By compiling of questionnaire of career motivation of undergraduates, which involved 2755 undergraduates from 15 universities in 7 provinces in China, the impact on the undergraduates’ career motivation given by family factors are revealed. Furthermore, based on the result of comparison relating to the differences among gender, major, grade and family background, the countermeasures in education are proposed.

    • Post Settign Orientation in the Teachers Appointment

      2009, 15(4):69-73.

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      Abstract:Based on the implementation of China’s colleges and universities against the background of the appointment of teachers, combining with the practical experience of the evaluation system reform of professional and technical positions in Nanjing University since 2003, the author analyzes the positive role of Post Setting Orientation in the appointment of taechers in strengthening disciplines construction, improving personnel level and fully mobilizing teachers, but also reveals the urgent problems need to solve in the post settings, and further puts forward some ideas to improve the post setting teachers appointment.

    • On Ranking of Multidisciplinary Academic Journals by Weighted Multiindicators

      2009, 15(4):74-82.

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      Abstract:Journal impact factor is one of indicators of evaluation of academic journals.There is much different among impact factors of journals of different disciplines. Proportions of papers of each discipline among Multidisciplinary academic journals are different. It is more difficult for evaluation of Multidisciplinary academic journals. For more just and impartial, on basis of test of various sets of indicators, the set of impact factor exclusive of cited by itself, titles that cited the journal, and the halflife of cited time weighted separately by coefficient of 0.85,0.1 and 0.05 is more reasonable.

    • The Plural and International Standard for the Evaluation of Humanities and Social Sciences

      2009, 15(4):83-89.

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      Abstract:The rapid development of contemporary Chinese economy has enabled China to function as a political and economic power in the world. More and more foreigners, especially intellectuals in the West, have become interested in Chinese culture. But unfortunately, the voices of Chinese scholars of humanities and social sciences are so weak on international forum that they are thought to suffer from “aphasia”. Although the author does not agree with this idea, he cannot but recognize the fact that it is no easy to find Chinese scholars’ articles published in international authoritative journals of humanities and social sciences. It is true that the factors of ideology and linguistic and cultural hegemony should be taken into consideration, but we Chinese scholars have not made enough efforts in this aspect. It is certainly demanding to realize the importance of the internationalization of China’s humanities and social sciences. To the author, it is necessary to adopt a plural standard to evaluate the research in humanities and social sciences, that is, apart from articles listed in SSCI and A&HCI, monographs or edited volumes published by international prestigious presses should also be taken into account. It is not the number of published journal articles but their factual impact that should be more evaluated. At the moment, it is necessary to make the following three efforts to realize the internationalization of China’s humanities and social sciences: (1) To organize excellent scholars to write excellent works to publish in some international prestigious journals and presses; (2) To train a group of high-leveled academic translators so as to translate the best humanities and social sciences works by Chinese scholars into English so that they could be published internationally; (3) To create a number of journals and presses of good international reputation and recommend as many as 100 humanities and social sciences journals to be listed in SSCI or A&HCI.

    • Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Evaluation on the Basis of SSM Analysis

      2009, 15(4):90-96.

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      Abstract:The philosophy and social sciences evaluation system may be regarded as the multiobjectives and multilevel complex systems. The authory use the soft system methodology (SSM) to analyze the construction process of the philosophy and social sciences research evaluation system. On the basis of analysis, they construct the science research evaluation system.

    • The Academic Evaluation System of Hamanities and Social Sciences in the Current Situation

      2009, 15(4):97-100.

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      Abstract:The appearance of new characteristics of the social science of the humanities research confronts its academic evaluation mechanism with new challenges. The new characteristics include the blending and further subdivision of the disciplines as well as the abundant adoption of empirical research methodology. A consummate and scientific academic evaluation mechanism can improve the quality if the social science of the humanities research effectively while an unscientific and nonnormative academic evaluation mechanism will obstruct the development of the social science of the humanities research. In the process of academic evaluation, the citation, acceptation and feasibility of achievement transformation should become the main basis of the evaluation and the adoption of the “magnum opus” system will improve the quality if the social science of the humanities research effectively as well.

    • The Deep Level Structure Reason of the Financial Crisis in Theory and the Legal Countermeasures Perfection

      2009, 15(4):101-114.

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      Abstract:The law adjusts to control to the macro view with a result for producing, is one of the deep level structure reason of the international financial crisis.To reply the international financial crisis, China’s the law’s ability to reply the international financial crisis should be further promoted. It should insist in adopting the judicial and social measure together to solve the dispute, enhancing the safe protection in financial legal right, perfecting laws to mainten economic and financial safe, paying more attention to the coordinated development of virtual economy and real economy, normalizing the wealth increase and society fair, taking charge of the mechanism to try hard against the risk, promoting the finantical legislation being more scientific and prospective, establishing the sound laws“the changes to discard”of long effect with creative mechanism.

    • Discussion on Confusion and Correction for the Concept of Extended Producer Responsibility Regime

      2009, 15(4):115-119.

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      Abstract:It makes the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regime confusing that Extended Producer Responsibility is used to express not only EPR idea (thought), EPR strategy, EPR principle, but also EPR policy. EPR regime originates from the term “Extended Producer Responsibility” which was first used and defined by Thomas Lindhquist who was working for Lund University in 1988, it should be the definition of EPR from the view of regime. The concept of EPR regime is based on both the basic concept of EPR and regime, which is the combination of the basic concept of EPR and regime. EPR regime is a series of legal regulations that guide, promote and force producers to assume responsibility in order to solve the waste products problems. EPR regime includes two meanings: 1) Extended responsibility of producer, 2) Regulation Mechanism of EPR regime.

    • The Scientific Concept of Development in the Special Theory of Vision System and Its Innovative Outreach

      2009, 15(4):120-123.

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      Abstract:The scientific concept of development is the thought of guidance, to promote the comprehensive development of China’s economiy and society provides a theoretical foundation for the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, popularization and scientific development. Innovative outreach methods of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, is to expand , the coverage of influence and attraction, to promote the popularization of the contemporary Chinese Marxism. Vision in the scientific concept of development should further identify entry points and match points, to establish new ideas and add new content, use new methods to enhance the effectiveness, in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

    • Reflection on the PostWenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction Planning

      2009, 15(4):124-129.

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      Abstract:By learning a lesson from the painful experience in the postWenchuan Earthquake reconstruction planning of disasterstriken towns, such problems should be taken into consideration: effectively solving the problem of vast population and limited land in mountainous towns, settling the contradiction between shortterm emergency reconstruction and longterm planning, and coordinating the conflict between public interests and personal benefits. The reconstruction planning of disasterstriken towns is a gigantic systematic project, involving work on regional economy, natural ecology, humanity history and engineering technology, etc.. To provide reference for the postdisaster reconstruction planning, the authors make a preliminary study on the basic method and strategy of the reconstruction planning from such aspects as optimization of the spatial layout of towns, the coordinated development of nature and town, protection of history and culture and creation of town characteristics, and disaster prevention and reduction planning,etc..

    • Research on the Development Tendency of Leisure Sports of China in New Century

      2009, 15(4):130-132.

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      Abstract:The starting point and the finishing point or the new century development of the society are to improve the standard and quality of people’s life, which puts forward new requirements to the form, content, structure and function of sports and it makes tendency of turning sports into entertainment, that becomes the object of research. The authors adopt the method of literature and logic analysis,start with the status quo and trend of the development of sports both in domestic and overseas area, objectively analyzes the status quo and problems of entertainment sports, accordingly bring the measures and incorporates the entertainment sports into the goal of enhancing the quality of people’s life.

    • A Review and Prospect of Translation Achievements in China in 30 Years’ Reform and Openingup

      2009, 15(4):133-137.

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      Abstract:The authors give a brief review of translation achievements in China in 30 years’ Reform and Openingup and clarify the basic skeleton of development of translation theories. They also point out the optimistic situation of translation undertaking and that plenty of poorquality works are flooded in the translation book markets, which are caused by multiple factors. Then the problems of translator’s position, translators’ training and publishing of translation works are discussed here. At last some solutions to these problems and suggestions are presented.

    • On Research Methods in Translation Studies

      2009, 15(4):138-142.

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      Abstract:Research method is a key part in a research, and it is very important for reseachers to do a research under the guidance of scientific method. As an independent discipline, translation studies should have its own methodology and emphasize that the translation studies should be guided by scientific methodology. To help translation researchers have a clearer and more systematic understanding of research methods in translation studies, the author sums and analyzes the research methods of the two main kinds of research in translation studies, that is, theoretical research and empirical research.

    • “Subjective Construal” in Translation:Rethinking Meaning in Traditional Chinese Translation Theories

      2009, 15(4):143-147.

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      Abstract:Based on the theories of construal and subjectivity/subjectification, the author rethinks meaning in traditional Chinese translation theories, then points out that construal is, in fact, a kind of “subjective construal” which can be used to understand the real meaning of the source text and evaluate the target text more objectively instead of experiential evaluation.

    • On Cultural Values of the Multiple Expression in Japanese

      2009, 15(4):148-151.

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      Abstract:In the process of human civilization, the exchange of ideas and feelings is achieved through language. Language is the carrier as well as the expression of culture. Language enriches culture, and sometimes overdrawn culture. Japanese expression, full of modest, patience and respect, reflects the character of Japanese culture: inclusion, calm and introvert, and pursuit of benefits. The author attempts to study the overdraft phenomenon, local characteristics, and new trends of the Japanese language to explore the value of Japanese culture. Also, the researcher analyzes the various expressions in Japanese, the development of Japanese language and culture to grasp the characteristics and content of Japanese language and culture, with a view to promote the SinoJapanese cultural exchanges and communication.

    • An Empirical Research on the Higher Education and Economic Growth of Chongqing:Base on the Point of Higher Education Scale

      2009, 15(4):152-156.

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      Abstract:Higher education and economic growth can promote each other under some conditions. The authors establish the new production function model with higher education development variable on the base of the CobbDouglas production function. Using the times series data from 1985 to 2006, making use of Granger Causality Test, theyempirically study the effect of higher education development on Chongqing’s economic growth. The result shows that higher education development can promote Chongqing’s economic growth in the shortterm, but the longterm effect is not significant. The positive effect that economic growth has on higher education is very limited. In the end, they makes some relevant suggestions on establishing good circle between higher education and economic growth in Chongqing.

    • Theoretical Paradigm of University Development: the Dialectics Based on the Public Nature and Autonomy of University

      2009, 15(4):157-160.

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      Abstract:The development of university follows its own discipline, while the goal is to achieve the harmonious development through a balance of interests in the interior. It may be the foundation to discuss the relationship between the public nature and autonomy of university. The definition of this relevance is a prerequisite to analyze the reality of university education in China. And it’s also the author’s logic of this research.

    • Standard of “Teaching Evaluation Based on Learning” in the View of Developmental Evaluation

      2009, 15(4):161-164.

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      Abstract:Developmental evaluation is a kind of process evaluation which based on suitability and diagnostic. Ground on the theory of developmental evaluation, “teaching evaluation based on learning” activities which aim to construct affection standard system place extra emphasis on teacher’s teaching affinity, teaching objective achieving degree, teaching process involvement degree, issue design activation degree and teaching content extension degree.

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