Journal of Chongqing University (Social Science Edition)
  • Supervised by: the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
  • Run by: Chongqing University
  • Editor-in-Chief: Zhao Xiuyu
  • Edited and published by: the editorial office of Journal of Chongqing University (Social Science Edition)
  • Website:
  • Post Subscription Code:78-129
  • International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 1008-5831
  • China Standard Serial Number: CN 50-1023/C


Journal of Chongqing University (Social Science Edition), a comprehensive academic journal on social science (bimonthly) supervised by the Ministry of Education and run by Chongqing University, was initiated in 1995 and started its official publication in 1998. It has established mainly such columns as Regional Development, Innovation and Development, Humanities Forum, Social Science Researches and Evaluations, Jurisprudential Studies, Political Development and Social Governance, Educational Studies, etc.

Backed by Chong University in science and engineer as well as in humanities and social science, Journal of Chongqing University (Social Science Edition) covers a wide range of disciplines on science and liberal arts. By optimizing columns and soliciting excellent contributors on hot issues about politics, economy, culture and education of the state and specific areas, the journal enjoys a development in both soft and hard science. It weighs equally both theories and practices, follows strictly the state strategies and keeps close pace with regional social development. Of the publications published by the journal, articles supported by scientific funds have made up over 80%. Contributors come from about 100 universities and research institutes both at home and abroad. As far as various academic indicators are concerned, Journal of Chongqing University (Social Science Edition) ranks among the best of all comprehensive social science journals in China.

Art present Chongqing University (Social Science Edition) serves as the source journal of CSSCI and has been included by GCJC. It is rated as a core journal (Class A) by AMI comprehensive evaluations of Chinese journals on humanities and social science and voted by RCCSE Chinese Authoritative Academic Journal. Also it has been listed by Renmin University of China among the important source journals for reprinting materials and included as a core Chinese journal on humanities and social science. In addition, it is the winner of Top 10 Journal of Chongqing and Chongqing’s Class A Journal. In 2015, it was voted China’s Top 100 Journal by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the PRC; in 2011, the column Regional Development was listed among the Outstanding Columns of College and University Journal on Philosophy and Social Science organized by the Ministry of Education; during the first session the Ministry of Education Outstanding Column Appraisal 2016, the journal won Fruitful Achievement Award for Establishing Outstanding Column, Excellent Paper Award on Establishing Outstanding Column, Award for Excellent Chief Editor in Establishing Outstanding Column and Award for Excellent Executive Editor in Establishing Outstanding Column. In addition, it is a winner, many times, of Chinese University High Quality Journal on Social Science, China’s Top 100 University Journal on Social Science, Outstanding Column of Chinese Social Science Journals, the first prize winner of China’s Online Excellent Journal for Scientific Papers, and the winner of Excellent Social Science Journal of Chinese Universities of Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine. Moreover, it is voted Chongqing’s Excellent Column of Social Science Journal, Outstanding Journal of Chongqing and Chongqing’s Excellent University Journal Collective.