Light & Lighting
  • Supervised by: Chongqing Association for Science and Technology
  • Run by: Chongqing Lighting Association
  • Editor-in-Chief: Yang Chunyu
  • Edited and published by: the editorial office of Light & Lighting
  • Post Subscription Number: 78-46
  • International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 1008-5521
  • China Standard Serial Number: CN 50-1063/TB


Light & Lighting, a professional academic journal (quarterly) initiated in 1977, is supervised by Chongqing Association for Science and Technology, run by Chongqing Lighting Association, and edited and published by Chongqing University which serves as a president unit of Chongqing Lighting Association.

A publication intended for the conferences by Chongqing Lighting Association and Electric Light Source Committee, China Illuminating Engineering Society, Light & Lighting publishes mainly ideas, know-how and living examples on illuminating engineering as well as research findings on the application and development of new lighting devices and light source both at home and abroad. A professional journal headquartered in west China, Light & Lighting highly values preciseness, practicability and information capacity, and has had its authoritative influence established within the light source and illumination industry across China. It is the platform for professionals from the light source and illumination industry to communicate with each other and get informed of the latest industry development both at home and abroad. An ideal media for new light sources, new technologies, new devices, new materials and new products, it functions as a professional platform to disseminate examples on illuminating engineering and urban lighting projects both at home and abroad.

Voted by RCCSE an absolutely core Chinese academic journal, Light & Lighting has been included by China Core Journal Alternative Database, CAJCED, China Journal Net, China Science Periodical Database (CD), and Database of Chinese Sci-Tech Periodicals.